7 Ways to Drop Those Final Five Pounds

Losing weight is never easy. We diet, work out, and push ourselves well beyond the limits we thought were impossible. Once you begin to lose weight, it feels so wonderful; the feeling is addicting, and truly nothing feels better than being healthy.Please follow and like us:

7 Smart Ways to Fight Your Fatigue

At one point or another, we have all felt fatigued. Fatigue is defined as severe tiredness, and it knows no age. Anyone, man or woman of all ages, can be affected by fatigue. Sure, fatigue has its targeted age group, but people of all backgrounds find themselves feeling victim to this incessant lethargy.Please follow and

7 Reasons That Belly Fat Won’t Go Away

Our tummy areas cause such grief. Anyone trying to lose weight knows that the stomach area tends to cause the most issues. Anyone first realizing they would like to lose weight probably noticed because of their expanding tummy region.Please follow and like us:

7 Reasons Skipping Breakfast to Lose Weight is a No-No

Breakfast can be cumbersome. Many of us hit the snooze button until the last possible minute, rush to get ready in the morning, and leave the house with just enough time to hope we don’t hit traffic and can sneak into work on time. Sometimes, we don’t even have an appetite so early in the