9 Age-Defying Celebrity Grandparents

Celebrities are in the public eye all the time, and for this purpose, they need to look good. Some celebrities, however, seem to have learned the secret to stopping time. Growing old is inevitable, but aging in style takes great care and effort.Please follow and like us:

10 Bad Cooking Habits that are Making You Fat

We choose to eat healthy for a lot of important reasons, and one of these reasons is the desire to lose weight or to maintain our weight. We are all conscious of the type and the quantity of foods we eat. We consume the right foods at the right portion needed by our body to

Top 7 Ways to Melt Away 20 Pounds  

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10 Common Nutrition Myths Science Has Debunked

When it comes to nutrition, there has been a tangled web of myths that have been passed down from generation to generation. With all the hearsay that people hear, no one really knows what nutrition myths are true and which ones are just false information.Please follow and like us:

8 Effective Ways to Lose Your Fat for Good

Those of us lucky enough to lose weight are never completely off the hook. Losing weight is one thing, but keeping the weight off is yet another challenge. We search for countless different ways to lose the weight, but how long does it last? Please follow and like us: