10 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Worn and Old

Not a single woman on this planet would intentionally wear something that makes her look out-modish and old. However, you would be astounded to learn that there are many women who unknowingly, just in order to look younger, wear styles that leave them looking far more mature.Please follow and like us:

10 Common Aging Myths You Should Ignore

Life is too short to think about tomorrow. All we have is today. Therefore, we shouldn’t spend time thinking about do’s and don’ts of a certain age. We humans can be the most unthankful creatures to exist on this face of earth. This is because we tend to forget how lucky we are to have

10 Awesome Aging Athletes

Practicing a sport is the best way to keep a human body young forever. It requires a lot of energy, consistency and willpower to maintain the lifestyle of an athlete. You can’t be forced into adopting such a lifestyle. It has to be innate, because an athlete’s body requires a great deal of dedication and