Mindful Eating: 12 Things Your Body is Trying to Tell You

Eating is fun, period. Over the years, it has become an anxiety-inducing activity, which makes food a mortal enemy. Blame it on the obesity problem around the world, or the Barbie and Victoria’s Secret phenomenon that the media has cultivated to make women who belong on the bigger scale feel bad about themselves.Please follow and

7 Ways to Grow Younger as You Grow Older  

The fountain of youth may not be a real place, but the concept is not too far from reality. Aging gracefully is no longer a foreign phenomenon in this modern day and age. In 2015, we have people over the age of 50 who appear as though they are still in their 30’s or 40’s.

6 Hormones Women Lose But Really Can Use as They Age

It’s no secret that our bodies change as we age. Unfortunately, this change is for the worse. Our bodies become saggy, worn and tired. Sure, some people work really hard to keep up with their workouts and eating right, and for them this defies, or at least prolongs, the negative effects of aging.Please follow and

Top 10 Slimming Secrets of European Women   

If you take a stroll in any of the major cities of Europe, you will rarely find anyone looking unfit or flabby. This is specifically true for European women. You also can’t ignore the healthy glow they all display. For sure, they are not starving themselves to achieve those zero figures.Please follow and like us: