12 Minor Moves for Keeping Major Diseases Away as You Age

To grow old is a natural process of life. However, for some people, growing old means preparing yourself for the diseases that are coming your way, especially the diseases that will spring from your lifestyle choices. This is why it is easy for society to stereotype aging people as sickly, because most sickness and diseases

12 Blunt Brain Saving Boosters for Growing Sharper With Age

Everyone experiences memory blips from time-to-time. Regardless if you are a college student studying for final exams, a working professional preparing for a big presentation in front of the bosses, or a senior who wants to maintain mental sharpness, you will experience some blunders, no matter how hard you prepare. There will always be that

10 Mini Steps to Major Muscle Mass 

You heard it countless times. The best way to add muscle mass to your frame is to lift weights as much as you can. You also heard that strong is the new skinny, which explains why you are paying extra attention to dumbbells than the treadmill. Apparently, bulking on muscles is easier said than done.Please