12 Minor Moves for Keeping Major Diseases Away as You Age

12-Minor-Moves-for-Keeping-Major-Diseases-Away-as-You-AgeTo grow old is a natural process of life. However, for some people, growing old means preparing yourself for the diseases that are coming your way, especially the diseases that will spring from your lifestyle choices. This is why it is easy for society to stereotype aging people as sickly, because most sickness and diseases start showing when you start aging. You actually have a choice – prepare yourself for the diseases that are sure to come if you continue with your unhealthy lifestyle, or prepare yourself to be healthy and active, even as you age. It’s not a hard choice. After all, who would want to live an unhealthy and disease-ridden life? This is why you need to work on keeping yourself healthy and warding off diseases. It’s not that hard to do. Here are 12 minor and easy moves for keeping major diseases away as you age:

1. Lose Weight

pants waist sizeYour weight plays a big role in your health, especially when you age. Just because you are not frail and thin, does not mean you are truly healthy. Think about this – the term, “overweight,” does not only mean that you have outgrown your normal pants waist size. You can still be of the same body build, but your weight is pass the accepted level. To stay healthy, it is important that you keep your weight to a healthy number. The weight that you need to have depends on your age, height and other health factors that your doctor can further advise you of. Basically, your weight speaks a lot about your health. Therefore, good weight means good health.

2. Stay Active

As you have probably heard many times, staying active will help keep your body healthy and strong. That is because an active lifestyle keeps your body healthy and strong. It will also help with fending away diseases and sicknesses that are prone to people who are inactive. Although staying active may not be as “active” as you once were when you were younger, just as long as you get up and keep moving so that your joints and muscles are well used, you are good to go.

3. Take Your Vitamins

Many people might take this little habit for granted. May be because they consider themselves healthy enough to not be taking vitamins. First off, vitamins are not made to cure sicknesses, but rather to prevent them. vitaminsThat means if you take your vitamins, you are not curing whatever disease or body aches you have. Vitamins boost your cells and body systems to help keep your body strong. Vitamins help in keeping your cells and blood distribution healthy. When you have a healthy cells and healthy blood, this can prevent diseases from starting in the first place. Take your daily dose of vitamins to stay healthy and stay away from sickness.

4. Eat Healthy

You know what they say: “You are what you eat.” It’s actually true. Not literally, but the choices of food that you eat will always reflect on your health. For instance, if you love eating cholesterol-ridden and oily foods, you will notice that your body weight will increase faster than those who avoid cholesterol. If you eat lean and healthy foods, you do not only contribute to a lasting health that you will be the first to benefit from, but you also fight away the diseases and sickness that are threatening to enter the barrier that is your immune system.

5. Sleep Well

Sleeping is a basic necessity for survival. Sleep allows you to replenish your energy. Sleep also allows you to rest your mind and body, and rejuvenate your cells, for a fresher look. Aside from the well-rested and fresh feeling that you will get from sleeping, it can help you fight away diseases, too. headacheFor one, having enough rest will make you able to fight away feelings of fatigue and headache, which can spring from a lack of sleep. Through sleeping, your hormones and red blood cells rejuvenate to form a new batch that will be distributed throughout your body. This means every time you wake up, you also have fresh blood running through your veins.

6. Avoid Cholesterol

Bad cholesterol, good cholesterol – it is never good for the body. Common cholesterol-rich foods that you should avoid are anything rich in unhealthy fats or deep fried, and any other form of junk food. Cholesterol is bad for the body and this is one type of substance that can do a big harm to your body. Look for healthy alternatives to your favorite fatty foods. If you love ice cream, opt for frozen yogurt. If you love fries, opt for baked fries. Try turkey or portabella mushroom burgers, instead of beef burgers. If you must eat a beef burger, choose a high-protein mixture from the market. Too much cholesterol can lead to heart disease, blood clots, strokes and even death. It targets the blood vessels which is our main life source. Avoid eating too much cholesterol.

7. Quit Smoking

Smoking, as everyone knows, is bad for your health. Never in the history of smoking cigarettes has it proven to have a good side effect to the human body. Smoking can lead to lung problems, cancer and even death. Some smokers have been smoking for more than half of their lives, and for some reason, this has been their source of energy. Do not be deceived. If you continue smoking, eventually the effects of this unhealthy vice will show. Ask your doctor for some resources to help you quit, and don’t give up. Most people have to quit a dozen times before they are successful.

8. Minimize Alcohol Intake

Alcohol has always been the first go-to person of most people, especially after a tiring day, a tiring week or if a new crisis arises. Truth is alcohol can be a healthy balance to you physically and mentally. But there’s a catch – you should not abuse it. Drinking should only be done occasionally. Not every day, not regularly – occasionally. That means only when you celebrate with friends or family and as much as possible, stick to that exemption only. Alcoholism is bad news for you. Not only will it have many negative side effects to you physically – which involves impotence, heart, kidney, colon problems and many more – it could also affect you mentally, which is also a dangerous condition.

9. Chew Your Food Well

Sometimes, it all starts with regular, small habits, like how your chew your food. When you eat, you take the vitamins and minerals from the food, and ingest them into your body. take small bitesIf you do not digest the food well, you will not get the full scoop of healthy nutrients from the food. Plus, there’s also the possibility of indigestion, which when it becomes a regular condition, can lead to colon problems. Chew your food well and take small bites, if you can help it. This small habit can go a long way for your overall wellbeing.

10. Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Visiting your doctor regularly does not mean that you are sickly. If anything, it means that you are concerned for your health enough to make you want to know the full status of it regularly. Especially now that you are aging, there are some health conditions that may not show symptoms until the late stages. Therefore, it would be a great help for you to have your general check up regularly. This is one good way to avoid and prevent diseases from happening.

11. Avoid Too Much Sun Exposure

Yes, the sun is supposed to give you vitamin D; however, it is only safe to go out under the sun without sunblock at limited times of the day – like in the early mornings and late afternoons, for instance. Between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., the sun can emit harmful radiation that can do more harm than good to your skin and your body. umbrellaToo much exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun can result in sunburns, which can be painful. It can also lead to heat strokes and even skin cancer. Avoid going out in the sun unless it is absolutely necessary. When you can’t avoid it, put on sunscreen or cover yourself with an umbrella to stay hidden from the harmful UV rays.

12. Feel Good About Yourself

It all starts with you. Sometimes, the one best way to avoid disease and sickness is to not think about it, remove all the negativity in life and focus on the good things. Positive energy can be a great help to maintain your positive aura, which can trigger happy hormones in your brain. Happy hormones are healthy hormones. That means if you stay happy and worry-free, you are helping your body to ward off sickness. While it’s true that you will reap what you sow, it is never too late to change your ways and go the healthy route. You may have had your fun when you were younger, but fun is a different thing as you grow older. Fun may mean being healthy enough to still go out and hang out with family and friends. It means being able to do funactivities, too. You can only do that if you stay healthy and keep away from diseases.
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