10 Habits for An Older But Healthier And Happier You

Healthier And HappierDo you want your smooth and gorgeous skin back? You know, the type of skin you had when you were younger? Do you want to enjoy those passionate moments with your partner that you once experienced? If you’ve answered yes, then you are in the right place. This article will help you slow down the aging process by adjusting your body clock. Go through these insightful tips to maintain your youthful vigor for a long time to come:

1.  Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Eat HealthyYou are what you eat. It is an old saying that we all have heard a number of times. But, do we really follow this simple, yet effective tip? Proper nutrition and a well-balanced diet keeps you full of energy and vigor. Consuming healthy foods keeps numerous diseases away and also saves you from succumbing to the common signs of aging. The inclusion of nutritious food protects you from ailments such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. These are usually widespread nutrition-related health issues, which occur in old age. Remember to follow the simple 8:2 rule, which recommends you include about eighty percent alkaline foods and twenty percent acidic foods. A diet that is comprised mainly of acidic foods will expose you to all sorts of ailments and diseases. Avoid heavy or processed foods that are rich in sugars, fats or salt, because such unhealthy foods will burden your liver and even damage it. Also, consume cooked and soft foods during old age that are gentle on your tummy and easy to chew. Add calcium to your diet to strengthen your bones.

2. Exercise Regularly, Age Gracefully

Have you ever thought about taking up cycling, swimming, weight training or dancing, only to have thoughts that you are probably too old to enjoy such activities? It’s time that you pull such myths out of your head, since age is just a number when it comes to exercising. exerciseYes, you can exercise at any age. However, most elders believe that their best place is to rock on a chair beside a window once they hit 60, 70 or 80. Preferably, you should have started exercising on a regular basis long before you have silver strands, but if you still haven’t, there’s no better time to start than the present. Put aside at least forty minutes per day for exercising. As you grow older, it becomes difficult to maintain healthy muscles. Physical exercises and weight training retain your muscles health and help to attain longevity and optimal overall health. Regular exercise will improve your general health, boost your metabolism, and detox your body of toxins through sweating. Although exercise is good to remain fit, ensure that you are not over-working your body.

3. Stay Hydrated, Stay Young

As we all know, water is the universal solvent and the substance of healthy living. Water is involved in almost all of our bodily functions, including chemical reactions, flexibility of the blood vessels, nutrient absorption, proper circulation and proper digestion. Water acts as a great medium to eradicate toxic materials and wastes from the body, specifically from your colon. waterIt cleanses your bodily organs and aids your heart in functioning well. Drinking sufficient water will prevent any probability of collecting stones in the kidney and also inhibits urinary problems. Water also imparts a natural glow on your face and keeps you looking young and active. A lack of water is one of the main causes of fatigue and lethargy in elderly people. During old age, the delicate balance between the requirement of water and thirst for water changes. The truth is that the less water the person drinks, the less thirsty they become. This not only puts them at a risk of developing complicated diseases, but also becomes the reason for serious dehydration. Exercising and dry weather also calls for additional water intake to replace fluids that are lost through sweat. Generally, seniors increase their consumption of fiber to prevent constipation and this also increases the need for water. You need to realize that water is integral and you cannot survive without it. Try substituting water with other beverages such as coffee and sodas, and you will see the youthful results.

4. Eliminate Stress, Create Your Fountain of Youth

Old age is characterized by a slow deterioration in numerous psychological functioning, such as cognitive decline. Old people often have a diminished ability to maintain homeostasis during periods of stress. The capability of any individual to function normally is dependent on his ability to cope with stress and to repair damaged cells. Experts believe that it is not the stress that is the culprit, but instead the inefficacy to deal with it. sound night’s sleepSeniors should find ways to cope and to relieve stress. They should get a sound night’s sleep of at least seven hours in order to provide ample rest to their mind, body and soul. Going to bed and waking up early in the morning is essential. This will not only make you feel young, but also reinvigorates you. Maintaining a positive outlook is another key for managing stress.

5. Laugh More, Live Longer

Laughing is the best treatment prescribed for seniors to clear away the cobwebs. Have you ever met a single individual who hates humor and laughter? There may be many who pretend by wearing a serious expression, but they also enjoy laughing at times. After all, who really wants to be grumpy all the time? Laughter therapy is definitely great for elders in order to keep them in good spirits as it gets rid of depression, stress and worry. It encourages the formation of happy hormones in your body that promote a healthy physical and emotional you. Nobody can ignore+ the rush of hormones when one laughs, even during illness or one of those melancholy days. Find ways to laugh your heart out until your eyes get teary. Surely, you will enjoy the experience.

6. Revive a Hobby, Relive Your Past

passions and hobbiesOld age may make you forgetful, but not enough that you forget about your old passions and hobbies. Pursuing your hobby is a great way to keep you occupied after you retire from your job. It will definitely bring you back into those old times that you have always cherished and help you enjoy optimistic things as you age. So seniors should take part in social activities and indulge in pursuing their hobbies in their spare time. Making new friends with similar interests is also a good way to keep you active and happy. Besides, staying active and sharp in old age may help you to increase your memory.

7. Great Attitude, Better Outlook

Age is just a number and of no importance, since how you feel about yourself is something that really matters. If you feel young and dynamic, don’t let age interfere. Just forget the number and focus on your feelings. The fact is: you are as old as you feel. I have seen women in their thirties who behave as if they are way too old and women in their fifties who believe they are still lively. There is evidence that states that psychological health is the indicator of your feelings and not how you appear or you biological age. If you think you are too old for dancing, swimming, or exercising, then you are apt to feel old. Once the elderly commit to resting on bed whole day long, their muscles begin to shrink from lack of use and bones get smaller. This may also force them to cut down on physical activities. Avoid this rut by enjoying things that you really like and you will start to feel young-once again!

8. Create Goals For The Future

goals for the futureMostly, elderly people dread to create a list of goals for the future, because they doubt if they will be able to see them fulfilled. Well, it is important to create a list of things to-do regardless of your age. While no one is sure of what is stored for the future, learn to look forward to life in general. You can create a list of goals, hobbies, and interests you want to pursue as you may have enough time in hand during your old age. Read a book that you have always wanted to read, but could not find time when you were occupied with your personal and professional commitments. Plan a trip, learn a new language and try new recipes. Sign up for a class or join a club. These are just some of the many ways to keep you busy and looking forward to the future. Following your goals will keep you feeling young even during your old age.

9. Keep Working, Keep Living

When you imagine yourself in your ripe years, are you enjoying time with your family, chatting with your old friends or still working? For many elders, continuing to work even after retirement makes perfect sense. Remember, you are just retired from your job, but not from your life. If you think it will be difficult to balance your work with other activities, then you are wrong. Resorting to work after retirement gives you yet another opportunity to mingle with new people and breathe in a fresh environment. If a full time job is too strenuous, consider working part-time and change to a less stressful job.

10. Take Care, Feel Better

physical examsYour doctor will probably prescribe medications for you, depending on what health issues you have. Be proactive and let your doctor know if you have any side effects. Ask about natural or holistic alternatives. Get regular physical exams and tests Ask your doctor about taking vitamins and supplements like HGH. According to experts, one of the effective ways to keep aging at bay is by stimulating the secretion of human growth hormone or HGH in the body. HGH is found top reduce as people age and thus cause poor physical performance. An HGH supplement from GenF20 is natural dietary nourishment that produces human growth hormone in the body and brings back its levels fit for people in their twenties and thirties. With regular intake of HGH releaser, one can expect to experience increases libido, strengthen immunity, weight loss and a more youthful look. Getting older should not be a worry, as there are enough positive ways to fight aging. To be psychologically young means to have an optimistic approach towards life and to stay physically and mentally active. A healthy attitude improves your desire to live a happy, dynamic and healthy life. Stay happy, stay young. It is as simple as it sounds.
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