10 Insane Beauty Routines You Simply Won’t Believe

Beauty RoutinesSome people take their desire for perfection way too far. In the quest for beauty, they fail to realize that there is a fine line between healthy beauty secrets and just plain bodily torture. Here are compiled some of the most ridiculous beauty tips that will leave you in shock and awe.

1. Bird Poop Facials

Have you heard that it’s good luck to be pooped on by a bird? Well, some are taking this old wives’ tale a little further than just lucky. Many believe that bird poop can be combined into a paste-like substance for an excellent facial. The expensive part? This treatment runs approximately $180. That’s right. People are paying hundreds of dollars to have bird poop spread all over their faces. The alternative: Stick to natural facials. Simply visit your local pharmacy, check the facial cleanser aisle and choose a better-smelling, cheaper route. If you really want a holistic-type do-it-yourself mask, then try mixing some raw, local honey with tea tree oil for an all-natural cleanser. Honey works wonders for the skin. You can even add some to your bath. We have to say this probably smells much better than a pile of bird poop.

2. Frostbite Your Fat

weight lossYes, it is legal to purposefully subject yourself to frostbite for the sake of weight loss. During a procedure called cools culpting, a trained professional uses two frozen plates to squeeze fatty areas on the body with the hopes that the fat cells will freeze over. If, for some reason, this sounds like an option you would consider, then think about this-first and foremost, it hurts. Read up on the reviews about frostbite, as one would imagine, really hurts. Also, other versions of this procedure exist, and well they’re not easy, either. One doctor even has patients simply sit in a deep freezer. Isn’t it insane? The alternative: Try an effective old school diet and exercise plan. If you feel like you’re in not progressing fast enough, then switch it up. Try more intensive cardio weights, less fad diets and more diet control. There are many options to examine. If diet and exercise aren’t doing it, try a supplement. Experts recommend including HGH, such as from GenF20, to allow for a healthy boost to your body.

3. Charcoal Mouthwash

Dating as far back as Ancient Rome, it has been a popular belief that charcoal or burnt sticks help reduce stinky breath. While it is completely understandable that bad breath is a no-no, it is hard to fathom why one would opt to chew charcoal instead. Sadly, it is indeed a trend. Even in the 1800s, women were known to chew or suck on lumps of charcoal to improve their breath. consult a physician or dentistThe alternative: Try gum and use some mouthwash. Keep gum or mints on you at all times and you should be just fine. If you feel as though you are suffering from a disease, such as halitosis then consult a physician or dentist. No matter what you do, think before reaching into the barbeque for eliminating bad breath.

4. Curing Baldness With Poison

Yes, you read that correctly; this bizarre beauty trick involves rubbing poison on the scalp to promote hair growth. Dating back to Ancient Rome when Pliny suggested that anyone who was looking to have a head full of hair try mouse or other animal droppings with other ingredients to rub on their scalp. In the 1900’s, it was common to rub liquid methane on the scalp, so long as you stayed away from an open flame. Simple enough, right? The weirdest part about this highly-flammable beauty secret is that it has never been proven to work. The Alternative: There is always over-the-counter Rogaine or another boxed product. The next step would be to purchase HGH supplement such as from GenF20 supplements to promote hair growth and other areas you may wish to improve, such as your sex drive or to diminish wrinkles. Truly, there is nothing to lose with a supplement like this, and we have to say it’s a much better alternative to smearing poop or chemicals on your head.

5. Fighting Acne with Drugs

AcneThere exists an acne treatment called Pokitonoff that suggests you mix Vaseline with Ergotine to rid the face of blemishes. Well, Ergotine is a powerful astringent that includes the acid in LSD. If the acne treatment itself fails to work, at least you’ll be on quite a mind trip. The Alternative: It is recommended to shy away from illicit drug use, as there safer alternatives for clear skin. Apart from trying natural facials, there are some more ways to clear your skin, like over the counter facials and cleansers, supplements, or even dermatologist-approved procedures. HGH supplements, such as from GenF20 help improve a variety of different problems, with acne being one of the many.

6. Skin Bleaching with Arsenic

Perhaps you can thank Hollywood for this beauty fad – clean white skin is making a comeback. Some people are mixing mercury and arsenic to form many creams and lotions that bleach the skin. Experts have found that this harsh treatment is not only irreversible, but dangerous to your overall health, too. The Alternative: Well, the obvious answer would be to stay out of the sun or use a sunscreen product. You could also try some natural alternatives. Make a natural DIY skin whitening cream by mixing plain organic yogurt, lemon juice and a drop of lavender oil. Mix the ingredients together well, apply the mixture to your face, and leave overnight and wash off in the morning and find visibly clear, white skin.

7. Redder Lips with Brain Damage

Dating back to the ancient Egyptians, bromine has been used to help a female in helping the shade of her lips be more attractive. Bromine is naturally red at room temperature, but it is extremely toxic and dangerous to use. Regular exposure to bromine can lead to burning skin, kidney failure and brain damage. But hey, beauty is not easy to maintain, right? The Alternative: This one is super simple ladies. Stick to lipstick. Certain makeup companies are creating longer lasting lip stains that can last you all night.

8. Fish Pedicure

While this one sounds harmless in practice, we can’t help but ignore that the fish used for these pedicures are carnivorous. That’s right, they eat meat and they’re sucking on your feet. Popular mostly in Japan and other areas of Asia, fish are used to eat the flaky bits of dead skin off of the feet in fish spas. The Alternative: This peculiar beauty tip, contrary to some of the others, is actually proven to work and is becoming more popular throughout the world. However, if you’re uncomfortable at the idea of fish eating your feet, which, by the way, is completely normal, then why not stick to a regular pedicure? Pumice stone and other callus removers work just as well as flesh eating fish.

9. Facials from Your Kitchen

facialDYI alternatives tend to have little to no scientific background and tend to be a bit unusual. Some rather odd DYI facial techniques are no exception, and two in particular stand out. The first bizarre facial that can be found in your kitchen is mayonnaise. Many believe that mayonnaise contains ingredients that help cure sun damage and wrinkles, but there is little to no evidence to prove this. The other bizarre beauty secret is rubbing Preparation H under the eyes to reduce bags and puffiness. Not only is this disproved as well, but putting a cream such as this so close to the eyes is very dangerous. The Alternative: It is important that instead of sticking to these strange options, disproved DIY options, try something that you know works. If you are looking for a product to help improve signs of anti-aging or facial imperfections, balancing or improving HGH levels in your body through a supplement will help. Looking for a proven HGH supplement? Experts recommend HGH from GenF20.

10. Break Your Legs

Perhaps the most odd yet is the practice of breaking the legs in order to gain some height. This practice may seem so bizarre that it could not possibly happen in the U.S., but doctors claim many are considering it. Originating from Russia, this surgery is exactly as it sounds. Break the legs and restructure the bones in order to add approximately three inches to the patient’s height. The Alternative: The truth is there is no natural way to make someone taller after a certain age. Thus, it might be more beneficial to suggest that one becomes happy with themselves the way they are. The above procedure is extremely painful, lengthy in duration, and needs time to heal. Relax and be happy with your height.
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