10 Quick Energy Boosts to Kick Start Your Day

Energy BoostsOne of the toughest hours during your day is trying to find the energy to get yourself up in the morning. Let’s face it, it isn’t easy to find that urge to just sit up from your comfy, warm and tantalizing bed and start the day ahead of you. It isn’t fun at all, at least that’s for most individuals who aren’t exactly morning people. You aren’t alone in the whole “having the hardest time trying to get up in the morning” thing, because millions of people are also struggling with the same issue. What you really need is to learn about ways on how you can jumpstart your morning without putting in too much effort and time.
That may sound fairly easy depending on what time it is right now as you are reading this article. However, in the morning, all the ideas and ways that you have suddenly goes down the drain, because all you want to do is sleep in. So it really isn’t that easy at all. What you need is dedication and practice to learn the master of finding energy to get yourself up in the morning. Read on to find out some quick and easy ideas to kick start your morning and have you feeling positive and energized to take charge of the rest of your day.

#10 Start Your Morning With Your Favorite Jams

traditional alarm clockInstead of buying yourself that annoying and loud traditional alarm clock, try investing in an alarm that plays the radio or your favorite dance songs. Want to know why? Of course, so you can start your morning dancing your heart out. This may take practice, but it is highly effective in boosting up your energy. Another positive benefit of dancing in the morning is you’ll get to fit in some much needed cardio. Better yet, create a “Dance my butt off playlist,” and you’re good to go. Get in some motivational R & B and hip-hop jams, while mixing in a few old school jams. Just make sure you aren’t stuck in the dance scene for too long and actually remember that you still have to go to school or work, though.

#9 Have Yourself A Chocolate Boost

Who doesn’t love munching on some chocolate throughout the busy day? Having a piece of chocolate to start your morning with a sweet boost of energy and flavor. Yes, a piece or two, not a whole chocolate bar. Chocolate contains endorphins, and another name for this hormone are “happy hormones.” Try to focus on eating dark chocolate, since it has a bit more caffeine and could also contribute with your heart’s health. Make sure you eat this in moderation of course, especially if you’re trying to lose some pounds. Just a balance of dark chocolate one or twice a day is a healthy choice. Just don’t be a slob and scarf down all that milk chocolate in the vending machines at work or hidden in your kitchen cabinets.

#8 Choose To Wear Brighter Colors

clothes that are brighterBesides trying to wake themselves up in the morning, another struggle people face is the question, “What am I going to wear for today?” If you’re into wearing dark colors, such as blacks, navy blues and dark browns, go ahead and do some shopping and buy yourself clothes that are brighter. This is a great way to trick your mood. If you want to feel better throughout the day, it makes sense to wear colors that represent positivity and brightness. If you wear happy and bright tones, you’ll get that attitude projected towards you, which will in turn boost you own energy levels and mood.

#7 Flirt For Some Energy

This tip is easier if you live with your special someone. Get in some much needed flirting minutes with your sweetheart to get your heart and blood pumping. We don’t mean that you have to have morning sex every day, but a few times a week could be healthy. Just make sure you don’t make yourself late for school or work, though. If you both don’t have time for sex, cuddle and flirt in the morning to boost your energy and endorphins.

#6 Set Your Alarm For The Same Time

Try to train your body clock to wake up the same time every morning, and yes this includes the weekends. Getting enough sleep and training your body for an early wakeup call could help you maintain a healthy energy level throughout the day. The key is to go to bed the same time every night and try to get in at least six to eight hours of sleep daily.

#5 Drink Lots Of Water

You could keep a glass of water on your night table, so that when you get up in the morning, you could guzzle down that glass a soon as you wake up. Dehydration is a sinister reason why people feel fatigued. Try to drink up to eight cups of water on a daily basis. Remember, the more water, the better. You could even try buying yourself some human growth hormone supplements to add to your morning vitamin ritual. These hormones can help people feel energized and younger, because they decline in amounts in our bodies as we age.

#4 Get In Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin C

Getting your daily dose of this essential vitamin could do wonders for your body and not only for your  energy levels. Citrus fruits in the morning, such as orange juice and grape fruit sections could help you get more nutrients and also help in lessen your fatigued feelings. Like mentioned, combining vitamins and human growth hormone supplements could boost up your energy compared to not taking any supplements.

#3 Splash Some Cool Water On Your Face

splash cool water on your faceThis is a trick that many people use to help them wake up in the morning. The only struggle is to actually convince yourself to walk to the sink. It will take practice, but once you get used to it, you’ll do it automatically. Once your alarm clock goes off, don’t hit the snooze button like you always do, instead sit up and run to the bathroom to splash cool water on your face. Better yet, instead of a warm bath that could relax you and make you feel sleepier, take a bath in some cool water. It may be hard in the beginning, getting used to the temperature and all, but this type of shower could stimulate your circulatory system and metabolism. This in turn could help you feel more energetic for the rest of the day.

#2 Stand Up, Stretch And Take Deep Breaths

Once your morning alarm sounds, sit up, stand up, do some light stretches and take deep breaths. Stretch your neck, arms, back and legs, Breathe slowly, trying to control your inhales and exhales every time. Try to hold eat stretch for at least 10 to 20 seconds. This could help wake you up, enhance morning circulation and also contribute to feeling energized so you could start your morning with a bang. Try to free your mind from problems, pressures, tension and stress. Let yourself go even for a couple minutes and think about how blessed you are for getting the chance to wake up to another beautiful morning. That alone should give you the energy to live your life.

#1 Eat A Breakfast Fit For The Royals

eat breakfastOne of the key tips in feeling energized in the morning is to eat breakfast. That’s why it is dubbed as the “most important meal of the day.” Once you skip breakfast, your whole day could end up dull and lifeless. Make sure you take the time to enjoy your breakfast. Go for high protein, high fiber and high natural sugar content foods. This means eating fruits, whole grain breads, ham and veggie omelets and smoothies. You could also do research on energy-boosting breakfast meals, so that you could have a wide variety of meals to have during the most important meal of the day.  If you’re rushing to go to school or the office, it doesn’t mean that you have to skip breakfast. You could grab yourself a whole wheat bagel, some whipped cream cheese, fruits and a smoothie and eat that on the go. Just make sure you don’t miss out on your first meal. No matter what tips you use to start your morning, make sure that you stick to it. Make it a habit, so that it is your second nature to have high energy levels in the morning. Once you get used to these activities, waking up in the morning will be a breeze. All it takes is practice, dedication and the urge to have more energy. Always remember that it is always your choice on how you want to start and end your day. Start your day with positive thoughts and energy, so that your day ends in the same mood and attitude. Mix up some of these methods so that you have a variety of energy-boosting activities to get your day started.
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