10 Signs You Need To Take Better Care Of Yourself

Take Better Care Of YourselfAre you worried that your health or a loved one’s health is slowly deteriorating? The thought of illness is petrifying, so what exactly are the symptoms of not taking care of yourself? Here are compiled a list of ten symptoms and signs that indicate that you need to take better care of yourself!

1. Poor Memory

dementiaThere are many different causes of memory loss such as new medications, alcohol, drug, or tobacco use, depression and stress, sleep deprivation, dementia or stroke, and head injury are all common causes of poor memory. If you find that you are experiencing memory loss, then examine if any of these factors have recently afflicted you. If the memory loss is recurring or worsening after examining and attempting to fix the above-mentioned causes, then we suggest that you visit your primary physician. More than likely a neurological exam will be performed and possibly a magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI).

2. Weight Gain

Inarguably, severe weight gain is never welcomed, but the cause of this unintentional weight gain could be more serious than you think. On the surface, unintentional weight gain could simply be the result of poor diet and exercise. If you are examining your diet and not finding any issues, then maybe you should consider some of the other causes for excessive weight gain. Unintentional weight gain can be an indicator of pregnancy and serious diseases such as AIDs, cancer and various psychological diseases.
If you have recently gained some unwanted pounds, then it is suggested that you immediately adjust your diet and exercise plan. weight gainDo not wait to see if the unwanted weight gain ceases. This is a serious indicator that you need to take better care of yourself. On the surface, weight gain can cause other conditions; however, on a deeper level unwanted weight gain can be a serious indicator that there is already a disease or condition present. Not only will shedding off the excess pounds improve your physical health, you will be emotionally healthier as well!

3. Inability to Handle Stress

If you are unable to handle stress well, then you really must consider how this can affect your health. The inability to handle stress appropriately can heighten the likelihood of becoming ill, with illnesses ranging from the flu to a cardiovascular or infectious disease. As your immune system weakens, you become more susceptible to autoimmune diseases and HIV/AIDS. If you find that you are not coping well with stress then you really must reassess what can be done to better your situation. Yoga, counseling, or even just temporary escapes may help you handle your stress, and it is in the best interest of your health that you do so!

4. Inability to Concentrate

ADHDAre you noticing a lack of focus? Then it is time to examine why and understand what this may indicate for your health. On the surface, the inability to focus may be a result of adult ADHD. If, however, you find yourself suffering from other symptoms or recently took a blow to the head, then you should realize that the inability to concentrate can also indicate a traumatic brain injury, anxiety, or even diseases such as delirium or AIDS.

5. Vision Problems

While on the surface eye troubles may seem like a simple fix, you need to realize that vision problems can be indicators of other serious diseases.Eye problems can be indicators of AIDS, high blood pressure or a brain tumor or even an aneurysm. More than likely if you are having vision problems, then a visit to your ophthalmologist should be on your to-do list. However, you need to understand that vision problems are definitely symptomatic of other ailments, so you must be honest with your doctor and consult further help if recommended.

6. Diminished Motor Skills

This sign might be more blatant than others. If you are having any type of decrease in motor ability, then it is appropriate that you receive help right away. Diminished motor skills can be an immediate symptom of stroke, or a long-term symptom of arthritis or even an early symptom of multiple sclerosis. If you experience any loss of fine motor skill then you must seek attention from a physician right away.

7. Mood Swings

On the surface, mood swings can be explained by a hormonal imbalance as seen during PMS or just a bad day. However, when mood swings are recurrent then it is time to analyze what may be causing them as mood swings can be indicators of serious diseases or illnesses. There are many psychiatric causes of mood swings such as bipolar disorder and depression, but there are other life-threatening causes as well: traumatic brain injury, stroke, meningitis, and alcohol poisoning are all causes of mood swings.

8. Inability to Eat

The loss of appetite is a difficult symptom to deal with. If you find that you have the inability to eat, then you should make yourself aware of the following causes such as an eating disorder, depression, a peptic ulcer, or even cancer. Clearly, there are serious disorders associated with the loss of appetite, so if you find yourself suffering from this symptom then you must examine your other symptoms immediately.

9. High Blood Pressure

As a symptom alone, high blood pressure is reason enough to eat better and exercise since it can lead to many different cardiovascular diseases. But did you know that high blood pressure can also be an indicator of other medical conditions? High Blood pressure can be a symptom of heart attack or failure, stroke, kidney failure, eye damage or peripheral arterial disease. If you learn that you have high blood pressure then it is recommended that you first and foremost assess your diet and exercise plan. With the proper medication and diet, high blood pressure can be managed and maybe even fixed. However, you must be aware of the dangers high blood pressure can pose. You also must realize that high blood pressure can be a symptom of something larger and potentially even more dangerous. So, beware and take charge of your health as soon as you notice going through unusual symptoms.

10. Lethargy

Lethargy can be symptomatic of many different ailments. Tiredness can oftentimes be associated with other ailments such as lack of attentiveness, concentration, so it is of the utmost importance that you find the root of your lethargy. If you find that you are over exhausted frequently, then you must examine other factors in your lifestyle. Perhaps you are working out more regularly than normal, so you are simply more tired or fatigued. Or, maybe you are simply not sleeping as much as you normally do. But what if you cannot locate any one particular difference in your lifestyle? Since tiredness or lethargy is a common symptom for many various diseases and conditions, it is suggested you contact your primary physician if this symptom is paired with several severe symptoms. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, then it is definitely time to prioritize your health. Many of these symptoms can be soothed by fixing your diet, adding exercise, and consuming the proper nutrients and supplements. If you are looking for an effective, proven supplement to add to your diet then experts highly recommend HGH supplement from GenF20. The right amount of HGH will help you lose weight, attain firmer skin, lowered cholesterol, and let you have better sleep! If you’re experiencing many of the symptoms mentioned above, then undoubtedly HGH supplement from GenF20 will help you.
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