12 Natural Energy Boosters for Unnatural Feelings of Fatigue

12-Natural-Energy-Boosters-for-Unnatural-Feelings-of-FatigueAre there days when you feel so tired and fatigued that you could just slump on the bed and snore for 12 hours straight? Many of us have days that like that, too. It’s a normal case, since we use up our energy to work every day. Even if you just sit on your desk all day yet you use your brain to work, it can be awfully draining. It’s days like that when you will also feel almost weak and drained out. You would opt to just stay in, even if it is still light out, rather than go out with friends and socialize. Again, this is a normal case. What’s not normal is when it becomes habitual and regular, so that your body becomes attuned to this feeling. You need to change that habit and become active again to fight away the fatigue. You might ask how you are going to do anything if you are already tired out. The good news is that there are simple, less-effort ways to fight away the drained out feelings you have. Here are 12 natural energy boosters for unnatural feelings of fatigue. 1. Drink a Tall, Cool Glass of Water. Most feeling of fatigue and tiredness start from dehydration, or a lack of water intake for most part of the day. With a busy schedule, it’s easy to forget to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. However, the lack of hydration can diminish the lubrication of your joints and muscles, which will also be hard to move them smoothly. When it does, you will have to double your effort to use your organs and systems, which will constitute to more energy used and will end up in fatigue. If you feel slumped, drink a glass of water to replenish that lost energy. Drink in small gulps to even out the distribution of water in your body. 2. Take a Deep Breath. Sometimes, too much tension can put a burden on your shoulders, and this alone can cause fatigue. The tension in your body will not leave unless you let go of what is causing your stress. Whatever the situation is, if it is not solvable as of yet, it would be best to just not think about it for now. Let go of the heaviness and take a deep breath. Deep breaths can lead to better oxygenation in the body which can loosen up your muscles and relax your body from the tension. Take a break and take a breath from all your work. 3. Move and Be Active. It could be contradicting to say that if you feel tired, you should move and be active to not feel tired. Surprisingly, it will work. There are instances when fatigue happens due to lack of movement or your body and muscles has become accustomed to the lack of action. Sweating it out can be your ticket to removing all that fatigue. When you feel energy-slumped and too tired, move around the house or do something that would occupy your mind. You can cook, clean up or even go jogging to get your body going and remove all the tension on your body that is causing the fatigue. 4. Listen to Good Music. Studies show that music can activate neuro transmitters in the brain that can help in relaxation or trigger feelings of happiness, enjoyment and other feelings based on the type of genre that you listen to. musicWe may have different tastes in music. Therefore, you can select the type of genre that best suits your relaxation. Commonly, classical or instrumental music is used for relaxation. This is because music that doesn’t have lyrics will make your mind focus on the melody alone, and trigger relaxation in the body. 5. Eat Iron-rich Foods. Do you remember how Popeyeate his spinach and became this strong person who could take on even the big and mean Brutus? The idea was not all that far off, especially the part about eating spinach. Actually, spinach is not the only type of food that could give you an energy boost. Any type of food that is rich in iron can be an energy booster when you are feeling unnaturally-fatigued. Fatigue can be caused by a low blood count or weak blood distribution in the body. Thus, you need to boost your blood health to boost your energy, too. You can do that by eating iron-rich foods. 6. Chew Your Food Well. You will notice at times that the feelings of fatigue start from after you eat a heavy meal. You will also wonder why that is so, since eating is supposed to be a source of energy. This can be caused by indigestion or heavy food that you may not have chewed properly before swallowing. Chew your food well before you swallow. This will help in extracting the natural vitamins and minerals from the food you eat. This will also prevent heaviness in the stomach, which can lead to fatigue and tiredness.
7. Drink Natural Juices. When you feel unnaturally tired, artificial energy boosting drinks, such as energy drinks with artificial sugars or even coffee will only put a band aid on your fatigue. Sure, it may remove the tiredness for a while, but you can guarantee that it will be back soon enough. Instead of drinking these artificial drinks, go for natural fruit juices, like fresh orange or pineapple juice. These citrus juices are rich in vitamin C which is a natural energy booster. It will be good for your health and it can boost your energy naturally. do not smoke8. Do Not Smoke. Some people who smoke think that smoking is the answer to fight away the fatigue. This explains why you may see some people smoking if they are stressed or tensed, especially from work. Sad to say, smoking can only lead to more stress and fatigue. When you smoke, the amount of oxygen intake becomes restricted, which leads to lesser oxygenation in your body. Lack of oxygen can cause fatigue that can only be addressed by inhaling oxygen again. Therefore, smoking is not the answer. 9. Clear Your Mind. You will agree that most of your fatigue springs from the activities in your mind and all the thoughts that you carry around all day – or even all night. There are times when you have to accomplish many tasks in one day and the thought of your to-do list alone makes you feel tired or stressed. When this happens, simply clear your mind for a few minutes. Do not think of anything else, and just free your mind. This will allow you to plan out and strategize your day by managing your tasks by level of priority. 10. Sit Up Straight. Researchers discovered that incorrect posture and sitting position can lead to body tension and fatigue. This is especially common for those who work in front of a computer all day, or those who rarely leave their desks. Sitting up straight can remove the tensed feeling. If you feel tired and stressed, sit up and straighten your back. This can relax you back and help out with easing the fatigue. 11. Laugh Out Loud. Just like taking a deep breath, laughing out loud can help in relieving the tension and releasing the stress that may be plaguing you all day and causing the fatigue that you feel. laugh out loudOf course, you can’t just laugh out loud over nothing, which can be weird. Find a good and funny movie to watch or a good book to read. Sit back and relax. Laugh your heart out to remove the stress and tension from your body. This can help you in relieving the fatigue and relaxing your mind. 12. Take a Nap. Lastly, when the tiredness and tension makes you feel slumped and frail, do the easiest and quickest way to relieve fatigue. Take a nap. All these – fatigue, stress and tension – start mainly from a lack of rest and sleep, accompanied by a stressful day or an activity-filled day. Sometimes, all you need is a quick nap. Sleeping will relax your mind and replenish your energy. When you are tired, you don’t need to go on a full on sleep for eight hours. That’s why there are these things we call “power nap”. You can take a quick nap to boost your energy again. Oftentimes, the fatigue you are feeling is more in your head than in your body. Your brain mainly dictates what you feel and what you do. That means you have full control of your physical feelings, too. So, if you want to take away the feeling of stress and fatigue, all you need to do is clear your mind, relax, take a deep breath and take a break from all your responsibilities. You can easily fight away fatigue through these quick and effortless strategies.
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