15 Fatigue Fighters for the Tirelessly Tired   

15-Fatigue-Fighters-for-the-Tirelessly-TiredDo you constantly feel tired? Is it a real challenge for you to get out of bed in the morning? Do you find yourself drifting off to sleep at random times throughout the day? Let’s face it–- this happens with most of us. Tiredness is a widespread and pretty common problem that is affecting more and more people nowadays. All around the world, an increasing number of people are heading to their doctor to seek help with fatigue. Tiredness is usually due to some form of stress, be it physical or mental. Maybe you have a job that involves physical labor or you have simply been working out too hard. Possibly, your family life is weighing you down and playing havoc with your emotions. Whatever the cause of your fatigue, this is a problem that can ruin lives. If you are too tired to enjoy things and spend time with family and friends, you can soon end up feeling depressed and lose connections with the people you care about. If you are struggling with tiredness, it’s necessary to act quickly. Don’t let this problem destroy your life and make you miserable. Fortunately, a few simple changes in your lifestyle can end your troubles and rejuvenate your life. Nevertheless, if you have been suffering from severe tiredness for several weeks and months then you should consult a medical professional.

1. Put a Spring in Your Step with a Nice Walk

Believe it or not, doing a bit of simple exercise can actually help to wake you up and prevent fatigue. There is nothing simpler than a walk. Studies show that 15 minutes of walking is enough to calm a person’s mind and give them a little boost of energy.l The fantastic thing is that you can walk at any time of day and you will still experience beneficial results. The almighty has not designed the human body to sit around for hours doing nothing. Your mind and muscles actually respond positively when they are stimulated through physical activity. If you are not a particularly active person, then feel free to start things off with a gentle walk around your local area. Many people struggle with foot pain and other aches that prevent them from walking regularly, but this is all about buying the right footwear and taking things gradually. You can take things further as you increase your fitness levels. Either way, be sure to wear a good pair of shoes that prevent plenty of stability and balance to your body. In addition, you will want to try to keep your back straight and concentrate on each step to prevent any muscle problems.

2. Stretch Your Muscles to Keep Them Active

super yoga poseIf your muscles don’t have any physical stimulation then you can easily feel tired throughout the day. To keep your body fatigue-free you need to remember to stretch your limbs and body regularly. A simple way to do this is with the use of a super yoga pose known as the “Standing Stretch.” For this movement, stand up straight with your legs slightly apart and your toes pointing forwards, then:
  • Balance your weight equally across both feet.
  • Join your hands together and stretch them up above your head, keeping your arms alongside your ears.
  • Feel the stretch pull all of the muscles throughout your arms.
  • At the same time, start to stretch your back upwards, as if you are trying to make yourself as tall as possible.
  • While you perform this move, you should control your breathing. Inhale and exhale slowly as you concentrate on the stretch.
  • To complete the pose, lower your arms slowly down in front of you and lean your body forwards and down to follow your arms.
Eventually, your head will hang above the ground. This actually helps blood to flow quickly into the brain, giving your mind a big boost and helping you to wake up. Hold this position for about a minute and then gently return to a standing position. You can repeat the stretch a few times for best results.

3. Start Breathing Properly

Unbelievably, most people aren’t breathing the right way. Everyone is so busy nowadays that their breathing is too fast and shallow. When you breathe, you should inhale all the way down to your abdomen to get the maximum benefits. Try the follow simple exercise to start breathing properly:
  • Free your mind of any problems, and focus on your body.
  • Inhale slowly and feel the air flow all the way down to your stomach.
  • After a moment, slowly exhale and feel the air flowing out as your muscles.
  • Now, relax.
  • Do this for a few minutes each day to get your breathing back on track.

4. Go for a Professional Thyroid Checkup

ThyroidThe thyroid is a gland located in the base of the neck. It plays an important role in many bodily processes. If your thyroid levels are low, then you will suffer from a lack of energy. Thyroid problems can also interfere with the body in various other ways, so you should go for regular checkups. If your thyroid levels are low, you can start taking some prescription medication to feel better.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Blood Sugar Levels

A normal blood sugar level keeps you energetic and active throughout the day. An imbalance in blood sugar can easily lead to fatigue, along with many other problems. If your cells aren’t getting the sugar they need then tiredness can quickly take over. You should get your blood sugar checked and corrected. It’s also necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy foods and plenty of physical activity.

6. Get Your Daily Dose of Iron

Anemia is a condition that occurs when your body is lacking in iron. This means that your blood cells cannot transport sufficient amounts of oxygen to your cells and muscles, which consequently causes a feeling of fatigue. anemiaThere can be many causes of anemia, but an iron deficiency is a major cause that needs your special attention. You can find iron in ample of lip-smacking foods like lean meats, beans, cereals, nuts and more. You can also take iron in tablet form to ensure you are getting your daily dose. Whatever method you choose, you should try to keep your iron levels in check to feel your best. Consult a professional to get a blood test to check your iron levels if you think you might be suffering from anemia.

7. Sort Out Your Diet and Eat Healthy

This is an extremely necessary tip if you want to feel invigorated. Stuffing your body of poisonous junk foods and chemical-rich products will bring down your mood and make you sluggish throughout the day.
Skipping meals and indulging in other terrible dietary habits will not help the problem. You need to have a balanced and regular diet. Starting your day with a nutritious breakfast is amazing for your health. The energy you provide to your body in the morning will keep you going throughout the day. Remember to eat a small portion of food every few hours to keep your energy levels up and prevent any fatigue.

8. Balance Out the Carbohydrates in Your Life

Excessive amounts of carbohydrates in your diet can contribute to a feeling of tiredness. Scientifically, this is because carbohydrates encourage the release of a chemical called serotonin in the brain. Serotonin directly affects your emotions, making you feel calmer and more relaxed. eggsNaturally, too much of this chemical will make you feel extra tired. You should, therefore, limit your intake of carbohydrates. You will need them for energy, but you don’t need them in large amounts. Try to balance out your carbohydrate intake of foods like bread, potatoes and pasta with protein, such as lean meat, nuts and eggs.

9. Keep Yourself Hydrated Every Day

A major cause of tiredness is dehydration. Your cells need ample of water each day to perform at their optimal levels. If you don’t have enough water in your body, you won’t be performing to your top capacity and you will begin to feel tired. Muscles can begin aching without sufficient hydration and you will feel sluggish, in general. Experts recommend eight glasses of water per day, but you may need more if you do heavy workouts or live in a hot area.

10. Take Advantage of HGH Releasers to Feel Younger

Studies have shown that people who don’t have enough Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in their bodies will experience tiredness. This hormone is responsible for a lot of processes in the body and essentially keeps you functioning properly. Human growth hormone boosts your metabolism and allows you to burn off fat and build muscles to make you stronger and more resilient as a result. Many people nowadays are choosing to take HGH supplements to give themselves an extra boost in daily life. GenF20You can find some effective supplements like those at www.GenF20.com. These pills encourage the release of your own naturally-produced supply of HGH and help you to regain energy and feel young again. These releasers can be quite helpful, but it’s always essential to check with your doctor before you begin taking any new supplements or pills. Complications can occur, especially in people with preexisting conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

11. Organize Your Life and Stick to Schedules

You can quickly burn out if you are trying to do too much. It might be in the gym, the office, or even just at home. Regardless, you need to organize your life into a manageable schedule. Set yourself limits and times, and then stick to them. Never try to do too much in one day as you will wear yourself out and feel stressed as a result.

12. Free Your Mind of Negative Thoughts

The imbalance of chemicals in the brain causes fatigue. Chemicals like serotonin and dopamine are able to affect your moods, making you feel more relaxed and calm. If you have bizarre levels of these chemicals, you won’t be able to sleep properly and you will feel sluggish in daily life. To keep your brain in check, try to clear your head of any stresses. This can be difficult, initially, but you should work to engage in activities that calm your mind. Yoga or exercise can be wonderful methods to achieve peace and stability. Besides, you could simply consider reading a book, watching a show or going for a walk.

13. Take Some Deep Breaths and Stop Worrying

breathingA mind crowded with worries and concerns is unable to concentrate. If you are an anxious person, you need to spare a few moments each day to calm yourself down. Schedule just five minutes to sit in a quiet room and focus on your breathing, forgetting about the rest of the world and all of your problems. This simple activity frees you from anxiety and helps you get some control in your life. When you are in your own self, you can ponder on the things that matter and recover from fatigue.

14. Get Plenty of Sleep Each Night

This one is obvious. If you are tired, you probably aren’t sleeping enough. This might be for a wide variety of reasons. You need to find out the reason of why you aren’t sleeping. Besides, you need to do your best to get at least eight hours each night. Making other changes to your lifestyle like adopting a healthy diet and using exercise or yoga to de-stress your mind can certainly help to reset your sleeping pattern.

15. Stick to Your Sleep Schedule, Even on Weekends

As mentioned above, you need sound sleep each night. Some people believe that they can sleep four or five hours in the week and then “catch up” at the weekend by sleeping for 10 to 11 hours. This isn’t how it works. Your body has a pretty strict schedule, and it won’t wait for the weekend to perform the processes it needs to perform. You should try to maintain the same sleeping patterns every single day. This means you can’t let yourself stay in bed for extra hours at the weekend or stay out late in the middle of the week. fatiguedBeing constantly tired is a common problem, but that doesn’t make it normal. If you feel fatigued every single day, you need to seek some professional help. Feel free to follow the tips and tricks mentioned above to give yourself a better life, but never be afraid to go and see your doctor for help if the disorder persists. Your doctor can determine the exact problem, and then give you some advice or medication to help the problem disappear even faster.
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