20 Years in the Making: The Dawn of hGH-CTP 

20-Years-in-the-Making-The-Dawn-of-hGH-CTPHGH stands for human growth hormone, and this hormone is quite beneficial for everyone. As we age, our body’s amount of human growth produced dwindles, and we bear the brunt of the effects. Wrinkles, weight gain, loss of libido, and so many more negative side effects add to the down sides of aging. Yet, HGH offers a silver lining to the aging process. Anyone who has experienced human growth hormone supplementation knows that they see and feel drastic improvements. Truly, supplementation of human growth hormone has proven to be the reality behind the fountain of youth.

Why Would I Want More HGH?

The human growth hormone has a myriad of different benefits. Let’s run through just a few:
  • HGH promotes the production and increased synthesis of new protein tissue. In order for our muscles to recover and repair, they need this new protein tissue and timeThis process helps new muscle build. So, anyone looking to put on more muscle in a quicker fashion should look into human growth hormone supplementation.
  • Scientists are finding thatplacebo HGH helps to provide a good boost to our metabolism. In one of many recent studies, scientists found that growth hormone worked to turn body fat into efficient energy sources. This study used obese participants in an HGH trial, where half of them were given the hormone and the other half was a placebo group. The half taking growth hormone supplements reported more weight lost, more muscle gained, and an immediate curb to their metabolism.
  • Everyone sleeps better on human growth hormone. The hormone works to regulate sleeping patterns in addition to ensuring a great night’s sleep. This works by inhibiting a deep sleep, which in turn makes REM cycles more likely, and thus allows for a fuller sleep cycle. The body is then able to fall into a natural circadian rhythm. This is ideal for anyone looking to become healthier and more full of energy throughout the day.
  • HGH also works to boost energy, kidney functioning, and bone density. The hormone boasts a variety of different health benefits, and the most impressive includes improving sexual drive and performance. Human growth hormone also fights against and even reverses the signs of aging for many who take it.
By now, you must have been impressed with the benefits of HGH. So, let’s talk a bit about how it works.

How Does HGH Work?

So, this hormone is naturally present within our bodies. But, as we have said, our HGH levels decrease as we age. Therefore, if anyone wants to maintain their levels of growth hormones, they must make the conscious effort to consume it. 30-year-old manNaturally, a 20 to 30-year-old man hosts an average rate of five hundred micrograms of HGH within their blood stream. This rate drops 10 percent every decade, so by the age of 60, a man has only 25 percent of his original human growth hormone rate. If you are concerned that your body is not producing as much growth hormone as you would like, then you can consult your doctor for help. Your physician will likely ask you to fast for a certain amount of hours before having a simple blood test done. This blood test can indicate to your doctor whether or not you are producing the normal amount of growth hormone. Most bodybuilders inject human growth hormone into the muscle on a daily basis. There are legal and illegal doses, so let’s just keep it legal for the books’ sake. However, illegal HGH injection appears to be a fad in the bodybuilding world.It is easy to add hormones back into the bloodstream with the help of a doctor prescribing medication. HGH truly is the fountain of youth, and there just might be an easier way to get it without the hassle of a regular injection, pill, or shot.

Say Hello To The New Improved HGH

Whenever a drug or treatment is new on the market, it must seek FDA approval. Currently, this newly improved HGH drug is in phase III of its trials, and NASDAQ is reporting that it is quite the hit as far as investing and stocks are concerned. So what is it exactly? Let’s talk about this newly modified HGH. Experts call hGH-CTP the next-generation human growth hormone. The CTP add on, known as carboxyl terminal peptide, makes it possible for a controlled release injection to be delivered. This means that patients can have a weekly injection, as opposed to a daily one. In turn, human growth hormone injections will become far less cumbersome. Recently, Pfizer pharmaceutical company has just agreed to a deal with OPKO Health Inc. for $275 million. In this agreement, OPKO and Pfizer have settled and they will develop and commercialize this special version of HGH as soon as possible.

How DoeshGH-CTP Work?

Prolar Biotech Inc founded the idea for hGH-CTP. The data has clearly indicated that two doses can now replace 30 consecutive doses. This study has reached phase III in adults, and it is currently on phase II for children with growth hormone deficiencies.

What Are The Benefits?

The evidence shows that hGH-CTP is longer lasting than the current human growth hormone treatments. Those who receive daily shots and treatments for human growth hormone could have this burden lessened to once a week. This allows for the patient to be more comfortable, as they are surely going to be happy not having to get injections daily. With these weekly injections instead of daily, there will definitely be a boost in the amount of patients willing to try this option. One of the only downsides is that as the usage increases legally, it might also increase illegally, as well. Remember that many bodybuilders, and those looking to get large quickly without sweating in the gym often resort to HGH for its muscle stacking tendencies. Even though HGH does not have FDA approval, doctors everywhere are recommending it to their patients as an anti-aging solution. There are many who need these HGH injections, but there are also those who are using them for the wrong reasons.

Aren’t There Any Alternatives?

There are some natural ways to help your body increase its production and release of HGH. Here are the four easiesoptions:

So How Do I Increase My GH Levels?

There are a few natural ways to increase your growth hormone concentration.

1. Exercise Often

Individuals who are physically active appear fresher than their peers, and this is mostly because workout helps enhance HGH production in the body. In order to naturally produce and release more growth hormone, you must indulge in proper exercise regimen. Even though physical exercise is the biggest contributor for releasing human growth hormones in the body, you need to be regular with your exercise routine. When you exercise daily for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day, you can activate the pituitary gland that is producing the human growth hormone. Endurance training and Resistance training are two types of effective exercise regimens for increasing the levels of human growth hormones. ExercisingExercising for more than 90 minutes per day actually reduces your body’s hormone production. Taking a rest for at least 45 seconds in between your exercise sets maintain the production of growth hormone. Resting is an important element when you exercise, since it enhances fat loss during exercise and offers the nervous system the recovery time it wants. It is essential that you do your exercises under the direction of a health trainer. Talk to your doctor first before get started on any new exercise routine. This will help you do the best routines for your health needs and body type.

2. Eat Right

A healthy diet and lifestyle is a key in promoting the internal production of HGH. Avoiding foods that are rich in carbohydrates, especially before bed is healthy for your body. Pastas, refined sugary foods, and potatoes are foods with high levels of carbohydrates that can increase the production of insulin in the body. The excessive amounts of insulin in the body stimulate the formation of a chemical, Somatostatin, which, in turnworks to suppress insulin production. Unfortunately, somatostatin also lowers the formation of human growth hormone. Taking it one step further,eating healthy, well-balanced foods and in smaller portions throughout the day can go a long way in escalating the production of human growth hormones. This is because it inhibits raise in the levels of insulin that increase somatostatin.

3. Fasting Helps

Fasting is yet another natural way to increase the production of HGH. A simple 24 hour fast can work to temporarily increase amounts of human growth hormone within the body. When the fast ends the body’s natural reaction is to spike in HGH production.Fasting is highly beneficial for individuals whose diet is rich in saturated fats and processed sugars. However, fasting should be performed on rare occasions Even though fasting is an effective means to increase the production of human growth hormone and give rest to your digestive system, it is not for everyone.  People with medical conditions should consult their doctor before fasting.

4. Proper Supplementation

Undoubtedly, Human growth hormone is the “elixir of life,” because of the miraculous effects it has on the body. However, invasive human growth treatments, including injections and shots should not be an alternative for people because these treatments can be harmful in the long run. Thus, it is important to follow the natural methods of increasing its production in the body. Seniors and people who naturally produce low amounts of hormones can take human growth hormone releasers and benefits from it.There really are not too many HGH supplements on the market, and those that are available are pretty pricey. Companies such as Genf20 are popular for manufacturing natural, safe and effective HGH releasers. GenF20Visit www.GenF20.com to learn more about these types of products. Patients talk of experiencing a lessening and even reversing of all of their aging side effects when taking an HGH releaser. You don’t have to sit back while your body grows older. There is no need for hopelessness. Work with your doctor to find out what HGH supplementation can do to improve your health and your life, too.
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