6 Ways to Get Motivated to Move Your Body   

Move Your BodyEveryone would love to have an even more active and healthy lifestyle; however, sometimes we find ourselves in a rut. Whether it is the weather or a lifestyle change, there are certain life events that can squander our sporty hopes. Perhaps we find the motivation to make it to the gym, but that motivation burns out quickly. Ideally, we should find the motivation to go and keep working out. Working out once will do nothing for us. Rather; it is the habit that we are looking to establish. So how can one establish a work out habit? If you are looking to find the motivation to work out more regularly, or just plain ‘ol get started, then you have come to the right place. Follow us as we talk about six different ways that you can become motivated to work out.

1. Never Put Your Gym Bag Away

exercise regularlyPerhaps it is the out of sight out of mind thought process here, but keeping the gym bag out and in your face does wonders for establishing a work out habit. People who exercise regularly claim that they never stop thinking about exercising, even when they may want to. Keeping exercise on your brain will help you stay motivated, and specifically keeping a visual reminder for yourself can do wonders. A visual reminder works fabulously because it sends a signal to the brain that reminds us that we need to work out.

So How Can I Make This Work For Me?

Make sure that you have at least one or two visual objects that your brain will associate with working out. So, the first step is to figure out what type of work out you will be doing. Are you running around the block, going to the gym, or taking a yoga class? Running shoes, a gym bag, or a yoga mat should be strategically placed where you will see them multiple times throughout the day. Perhaps they can be placed next to your bed, before the door when you leave, or even in your car. Keeping these objects nearby will help you remember to make the time to work out.

2. Be Creative and Improvise

Sometimes, unfortunately, life gets in the way of our daily schedules. Perhaps something comes up and you cannot find time for the gym today. Work around it. schedule for your workoutsExcuses are always lingering, but only when you eliminate the excuses, is when you can truly work around anything that might stop you from getting into a habit of working out. Think about it: one excuse turns into two, and then you have gone a few days without exercise. Instead, be creative and work around any excuses that may arise. Having a schedule for your workouts is great, but you can always deviate from the plan. Any exercise is better than none.

How to Make This Work for You

One easy way to work around a busy schedule is to see if there is a gym where you would least expect it. Do you have a gym at work? Is there a different gym that you can go to near your job or wherever you may be? For example, perhaps you work out at one gym chain. Well, there may be the same chain in a different town that is closer to where you are. Perhaps you are normally a jogger, and you cannot fit the time in for a jog today. Instead, bring a fanny pack to work with you. If you normally take the subway or a bus, why not jog home? Put everything into the fanny pack and head on home. Or, if you drive into work perhaps you can carpool with someone so that you can run home. You can always stash your stuff at work, or invest in a very lightweight carrying case to place your work clothes for the run home. Remember that there is always an alternative. Even if it is doing a few quick circuit exercises at home, anything is better than nothing.

3. Splurge on Cute Workout Clothes

workout clothesYou know the feeling when you buy new clothes? You love purchasing them, you can’t wait to wear them, and when you finally you just feel fantastic. Everyone knows this phenomenon, and it surprisingly works with workout clothes, as well. Nowadays, there are so many different options for cute workout clothes, and the experts advise that you start buying them. The truth is in the pudding: when you look good, you feel good; and when you feel good about how you look, working out becomes a bonus.

How to Make This Work for You

Stop waiting around and buy some awesome work out gear. Start with a decent pair of shoes, because no matter the activity, you need the appropriate footwear. There is so much fashionable footwear to choose from, so go shopping. Not in the place to splurge? That’s okay. There are plenty of affordable options, as well. Visit your local thrift shop, such as Savers, or sign up to join a Freecycle group. There are many affordable options in your area, so check your local newspaper or search online to find them. Just because we advise that you purchase some new workout clothes does not necessarily mean you need to spend a lot of money. You could even take some clothes that you already have and make them appropriate for working out. For example: take an old T-shirt that you love, but have not really worn in a long time, and cut it up to become a cool work out shirt. There are plenty of do-it-yourself instructions online.

4. Keep a Diary

establish a routineIt may sound juvenile, but keeping a workout diary or log will help you establish a routine. Inarguably, after you get over that first workout, you will feel great. Set goals and track your progress towards achieving them. In addition, emotional problems and stressors can affect your desire to work out, so by keeping a journal to sort out your problems, you will clear your mind. This will help you be ready and able to enjoy your workouts more. Many experts claim that keeping a public log helps even more. You don’t necessarily need to become that person who posts on all of your social media about your workouts, but there are social platforms aimed at working out. They provide exercise tips, motivation and logs, in particular. Find your favorite and get started right away. We guarantee that you find some cyber cheerleaders who will become excellent motivation for you.

How to Make This Work for You

Figure out the technology that works best for you. If you have an iPhone, Windows or Android smartphone or other device, there are online stores where you can purchase apps, even for free, that will help you join an on-line workout or fitness community. Not really technologically savvy? There’s also the old fashioned way. Join a gym and start taking some classes. If you fall into a routine of taking the same class every week, then you are sure to make friends. You will eventually establish a routine of seeing the same people and enjoying the work out together. You will get to the point where you don’t want to miss a work out with your friends.

5. Work Out For a Cause

shirk our own goalsIt sounds ideal to say that you have a goal in mind and that you will do anything to work towards it; however, it is quite simple to shirk our own goals. We push them to the side, we ignore them or we prolong the time in-between workouts. It’s Human Nature, Right? However, if something is on the line, then you are more likely to stay motivated. The experts recommend making it something you would hate to lose. Holding yourself accountable in a way you can’t ignore or alter makes it a competition, and what is more motivating than a little competition?

How to Make This Work for You

What works better than a little financial motivation? Websites, such as Stickk, ask you to create a goal. If you don’t reach it, you have to make a monetary donation to a person or cause. The cause could be your favorite charity, or you could donate money to your worst enemy. This way, losing money hurts a little bit. We are sure that if you watch an enemy’s pockets becoming fuller on your account, then you will do everything in your power to ensure that it does not happen. If this sounds a bit too extreme, try this idea. Every time you work out, put a little cash aside in a piggy bank or savings account, or make a mark on your calendar. After you’ve worked out 10 times, reward yourself somehow. You can buy a new outfit or jewelry. You could go for a haircut or manicure. Are you strapped for cash? You can still reward yourself after 10 workouts by going to the library to borrow a few new books. Some libraries even rent DVDs or music CDs. You could also treat yourself to a bubble bath or manicure. Use your imagination, but be sure to make it something you’ll look forward to for the next 10 workouts.

6. Enlist The Help Of a Quality Supplement

quality supplementsMany motivated athletes will tell you that it is easier to stay fit and in shape with the help of quality supplements. Staying consistent with your daily vitamins and nutrients will help you feel great, and when you feel great then working out becomes second nature. Enlisting the help of some additional supplements can help keep you motivated as well. For example, scientists are beginning to explore the health benefits of HGH. Human growth hormone is proving to help many feel healthier, more energetic, and happier in a safe yet effective way.

How to Make This Work for You

Visit a reputable distributer, such as www.GenF20.com, to find a quality human growth hormone supplement. They even offer pill or spray forms. Purchasing additional supplements can be easy and affordable with the right company. Working out should never be a chore. There are ways to fall into a routine that will become a fun and essential part of your life. Figure out what exercises work best for you and your lifestyle, and the motivation will follow.
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