6 Ways You Dress That Make You Look Fatter

Dress That Make You Look FatterWouldn’t it be nice to have an easy alternative to magically appear skinnier? Well, this actually exists. Of course working out and eating right can help you lose weight, but dressing the right way can also help you appear skinnier. It is true—all of the professional stylists will admit that there are certain things you can do to make yourself appear thinner. In contrast, there are certain things you may be doing to add some unwanted weight to your appearance. Clothing should be a means to make you look and feel great. Never let your clothing weigh you down. Whether you realize it or not, there are some mistakes you may be making. Let’s talk about some wardrobe decisions you or a loved one may be making that make you appear fatter.

1. Forgetting You Are a Woman

Wearing men’s clothing has become a trendy new fashion statement. Those blazers, t-shirts and flannels can be very flattering when you wear them correctly. However, wear them the wrong way, and you will look like you are trying to jump the gender ship. One of the most common mistakes is to forget the female shape. Remember, you have hips, thighs and breasts. The male body does not. If you are attempting to wear these ensembles, then you have to find a way to add a womanly touch.

How to Make it Work

If you are opting for a pantsuit or blazer, make sure that it is custom-made to fit you. Sure, it can be a little longer, but having it tailored to meet your waistline or hug your hips will add some femininity to the piece, and in turn help you to look thinner. Men’s t-shirts can be cute, but if you wear one that is too large then you will end of swimming in it. Instead, try tying it back with a hair elastic or rubber band. Tying the t-shirt to the side can look fashionable and take away a few visual pounds, as well. Cinch the waist, add some sparkle – just don’t be afraid to flaunt your femininity.

2. Not Investing in Quality Pieces

ClothingSometimes we forget the motto “quality over quantity,” and we thrive on having as much clothing as possible. Many clothing stores market a target group who is looking to buy on a budget, and this is great. However, this is also where we end up adding some visual pounds on, as well. Clothing that has been cheaply made and manufactured adds visual pounds for a few reasons.Firstly, the clothing is more than likely not tailored to fit your particular body. Perhaps the seams are general, and even the bottom seams tend to flare out on lower quality shirts. This silhouette will clearly add a few pounds onto anyone, even a stick-thin supermodel. Secondly, cheaply-made clothing tends to lack finishing touches and trim. These extra details enhance the visual aesthetic and help to keep us looking thin. Without these bonus features, we will surely be left looking a little more heavy than we would like to be.

How to Make it Work

Arguably, some of us are buying on a budget and cannot afford to shop in high-end stores all of the time. However, what we can do is save up and purchase certain staple items that are durable and last for a long time. For example, everyone needs at least one or two pairs of jeans that make our butts look fantastic. Instead of buying a few pairs of cheap jeans that may not fit correctly, save up and buy one or two that are manufactured to fit better and last longer. Not only will this help you look thinner, but your clothes will remain in your closet for longer than their cheaper counterparts.

3. Dressing for the Wrong Figure

Other times, we buy those expensive fitted outfits, and they still end up making us look larger than we are in reality. This is because we have been tailored for the wrong fit. There are a few telltale signs to look out for when trying to avoid this issue. Firstly, look at how the garment fits the model. Whether on the runway or in a picture, look and see if any of the fabric is not fitting in anyway. Then, consider all of the background work. If the model has to be fitted every time a picture is taken, then how can the outfit look flawless on you all day long? Too often, women purchase suits and other tailored pieces that don’t fit them. Things pop out of the bust, fall in at the shoulder, and bunch up at the armholes. None of these looks are fashionable, and they all contribute towards making us look a little frumpy and overweight.

How to Make it Work

Befriend your local seamstress or tailor. They can help you get to know your shape well. If you do not have one, or you would like to avoid having a tailor, then be aware of your shape. Take your basic measurements, and then research what is most flattering for you. Someone who is larger in the bust will simply not be able to wear some of the things that are catered for smaller busted women, for example.

4. Wearing Clothing That is Too Big

One common issue that allows for us to appear larger is the fact that we buy clothing that is too large. skin-tight clothingPerhaps we are self-conscious and really think that we belong in that size, or maybe the train of thought is that buying a larger size will hide our bulges and rolls; however, the truth is that oversized clothing adds visual pounds. We are not necessarily telling anyone to buy skin-tight clothing; however, you may want to consider buying clothing that actually fits you.

How to Make it Work

Buying clothes that make you appear taller, will in turn help you appear skinnier. Everything you wear should help you appear thinner, and here is one great trick. Instead of wearing larger clothing, wear long articles of clothing to make you appear taller and in turn, thinner. Some great accessories to consider include: long, thick cardigans, scarves, necklaces and long blazers. These items can help you look leaner.

5. That Fabric Just Isn’t Working for You

If it is not the fit that is the issue, then the fabric of the garment is to blame. Anything that is lycra, polyester or another skintight fabric will naturally bring out every imperfection in your body. Shopping around for clothing that not only fits but is also made of a flattering, sturdy fabric can become cumbersome.

How to Make it Work

fabricLook for structured fabrics. This means looking for anything that is crisscrossed or made with detailing visually around the waist. Optimal clothing would be anything that draws an hourglass shape out of your figure, regardless of the fabric. However, typically, clothing that has something around the middle will not be skintight in the first place, so start there. Other styles that accentuate the waist include empire-waist tops and dresses and A-line dresses. These styles help bring the eye to the waistline and visually help us appear thinner.

6. It’s What is Underneath that Counts

At the end of the day, any outfit will look more slimming if you wear the appropriate undergarments. Too many women add visual poundage to their appearance due to the lack of the proper shapewear. Many different companies produce slimming shapewear. You can purchase such items to help thin either your whole body, or just the thigh and tummy region, and they are completely underrated.

How to Make it Work

Anyone looking to dress thinner should buy a dependable pair of slim wear. Investing in a slimming garment that works from the thighs, up to the hips, and even across the stomach, will go a long way. take your measurementsIf you are unsure of the size, then you should take your measurements to the store. Or, buy a size larger, so you can have your shape wear tailored. That is right, you can even get slim wear tailored. This is more advisable as well, because who knows the body better than a tailor? While you’re dressing to look thinner, if you also want to lose weight, here are our quick and effective ways to drop a few pounds:
  • Work It Out: Exercise is extremely effective when looking to lose weight. You do not necessarily need to become a gym rat. Since you can perform all sorts of workout routines at home. All you need is a proper balance between cardio and strength training. Find your favorite cardio routine, and start lifting some light weights at home to a DVD.
We guarantee you see a visible difference in no time. Even simple changes, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking further away from the store can help you drop some pounds.
  • Eat Your Way to a Slimmer You: Diet is also the other integral part of losing weight. Starting slowly is advised, as any major changes can be too much of a shock and therefore short-term. If you want to have a long-term diet change, then gradually work your way into it.
cut out all fast foodsFirst, cut out all fast foods and overly processed items. This would include frozen foods, some processed cereals, and anything with added food coloring. Then, once you feel comfortable without those foods, try to work in more whole foods. Eat vegetables and fruits in their natural state and whole grains every single day.
  • Seek a Little Extra Support: Supplements are nothing to be ashamed of, and they come in natural forms, too. Many different supplements can help various issues. For example, you can take iron supplements to help an iron deficiency. Similarly, there are supplements that are available for losing weight.
While there are plenty of gimmicks out there, reputable supplement manufacturers do exist. We recommend any HGH supplement, such as those found at www.GenF20.com because human growth hormone is the fountain of youth in pill form. HGH supplements fight all anti-aging effects and help us have more energy to lose weight.
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