7 Reasons That Belly Fat Won’t Go Away

Belly FatOur tummy areas cause such grief. Anyone trying to lose weight knows that the stomach area tends to cause the most issues. Anyone first realizing they would like to lose weight probably noticed because of their expanding tummy region. It’s one of the first bulges that we notice. Our tummies may hang over our jeans, or out pants may be tight. Once this happens, we become motivated to lose the belly flab. However, there are a few things that may stand in the way of you and your belly. Some reasons are controllable and others are not, but educating yourself as far as the reasons why it may be more difficult can help you work your way around the obstacles faced.
Let’s discuss seven reasons why it may be difficult for you to lose that tummy fat. In addition, we will also provide you with some simply, yet effective ways to go about losing the fat.

1. Blame It on Your Age

unwanted fat around our tummiesUnfortunately, age is a common reason why we all gain some unwanted fat around our tummies. As we age, our bodies naturally experience a change in metabolic rate. Both men and women go through this. The body slows down in the way that it burns calories. After this time in a person’s life, they have to work twice as hard to get rid of the flab. Also, the production, or lack thereof, of various hormones can also make it difficult to lose belly fat. Even though we will all face these challenges at one point, there are still plenty of ways to lose the weight. We just need to try a little harder, that’s all. There are, however, some factors that are in our control. Let’s read on to start to learn about them.

2. Failing to Strike an Exercise Balance

Exercise is pivotal for losing weight, regardless of the bodily area. Yet, sometimes exercise can be our downfall if we are not doing it right. Chances are that if you are steadily working out and still have some belly fat, then you are doing it all wrong. You might wonder how exercise can possibly be detrimental. Well, the problem arises when there is no change or switching up your workout routine. There must be a mixture of cardiovascular training and weight lifting. If a person only sticks to one form of workout, then they are guaranteed not to lose the belly fat. Anyone who solely sticks to cardio should really reconsider strength training. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so anyone with more muscle, like someone who strength trains, will burn more calories and therefore be fit. lifted weightsIf you have never lifted weights before, then be sure to seek help from a professional and start out slow. You are sure to hurt yourself if you rush it. Start by lifting lighter weights than needed to work on your form first. Also, target one or two areas per workout. A full-body workout will probably be too much if you have never lifted before. While on the topic of exercise, you can also be doing something else wrong while working out.

3. Not Challenging Yourself

Exercise means nothing to our weight loss goals if we are not physically pushing ourselves. Even if you have the balance between strength and cardio, like we just mentioned, it can potentially do nothing for you if you are not pushing yourself. Studies prove that people who perform high-intensity training sessions lose more belly fat than those who follow a low-intensity plan. High intensity means that you are pushed to your body’s limits, but for a short amount of time. Think about it this way – it is better to sweat it out quickly on the treadmill, instead of consistently running a few miles, at least if you want to lose your belly fat. There is a positive to this. Your workouts could take less time. If you are working out using high intensity exercises, then belly fat will no longer be an issue; we are sure of it. Exercise is not the only thing that we can do incorrectly; diet is also another factor in our belly fat battle.

4. Eating All That Junk Food

greasy cheeseburgersSometimes our concept of junk food is what causes us to have some belly flab. We may think we know what constitutes as bad food: pizza, fast food, greasy cheeseburgers, and of course the desserts are all bad for us. But do you know about the other foods that we should stay away from? There are many products that market themselves as healthy, but in fact, they are only hindering our weight loss efforts. These foods lurk in the aisle at the grocery store, and you may not even realize you are eating them. Refined grains, such as crackers, chips and white bread, all include sugar that will eventually turn to fat and linger in your stomach. You should also avoid eating processed foods if trying to lose belly fat. Processed foods includes anything that has been altered before being sold, including frozen meals and pizzas, some cereals and anything with food dye. These foods could cause belly fat, and no one wants that. Eating has to be the primary issue when examining what we are doing to cause belly fat. Are you aware of the other things you may be eating that contribute to your belly fat?

5. Not Eating Enough Good Fat And Too Much Bad Fat

It is true that our bodies need the appropriate balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to be healthy. However, this does not give anyone the green light to binge on ice cream, fast food and pizza. When dieticians preach about fat, they are referring to the healthy kind of fat. Believe us when we say that there is a battle waged between good and bad fat. Saturated fats are the bad kind. Mostly anything fried or processed includes saturated fats, so be sure to check the nutritional label. Monosaturated fats, on the other hand, are the healthy kind. Monosaturated fats are present in olive oil and avocados. sunflower seedsPolyunsaturated fats are the other type of fat, and some of them can be healthy. Specifically omega-3s, which are present in walnuts, sunflower seeds and salmon, are all wonderful for the body. Regardless of whether it is a good or bad fat, you should eat fats in moderation. Too much of any fat can never be a good thing. In order to lose that stubborn belly fat, make sure that you have a balance among your carbs, protein and fats.

6. Letting Your Stress Create a Mess

All of the stressors of our lives can add on to the belly fat. Whether it is the kids, bills or work, our stress unfortunately affects us physically, as well as mentally and emotionally. Stress can affect our belly fat for a few different reasons. Some of us are emotional eaters. When we face stress, we grab for some food. Typically, the food an emotional eater reaches for is not healthy, so the junk food naturally contributes to gaining that belly fat. In addition to the eating, stress also causes the hormone, cortisol, to increase. Studies have proven that higher levels of cortisol lead to more visceral fat within our bodies. Where is the first place in our bodies that fat lands? You guessed it: the belly. Stress can also cause us to lose sleep, which is our last reason why you may not be losing your belly fat.

7. Denying Yourself A Good Sleep Every Night

Sleeping fewer than six hours a night causes us to gain weight. Studies have proven that people who sleep fewer than five hours are at least 30 percent more likely to gain up to 30 pounds over those who sleep more than seven hours. Try to sleep more, even if you are stressed. We ensure that you will see a difference in your waistline.

What You Can Do to Lose That Belly Fat

Now that you are aware of where you are going wrong, let’s talk about some things that you can do to help lose the unwanted tummy troubles.
  • Mix Up Your Workouts: Remember to have the appropriate balance of cardio and strength training. Even if the strength training consists of buying a workout DVD and working out to it. You do not necessarily need to become the biggest person in the gym; however, having an understanding of muscle and how to gain it will help you lose the weight.
  • Eat the Right Foods: Examine your diet and re-evaluate your choices. We discussed the differences between good and bad fats, so make sure you are only consuming the good kinds. Omega 3 fatty acids are great for the body in moderation, and saturated fats should definitely be avoided.
  • Get Extra Help: Having a little extra help is nothing to be ashamed of, for sure. Professional athletes know that supplements can help greatly, and there is no reason why you can’t have a supplement as well.
GenF20Supplements to consider include fish oil and HGH. HGH, or human growth hormone, is a great, new supplement that scientists are beginning to research. So far, studies prove that HGH possesses the power similar to a fountain of youth. Companies such as www.GenF20.com promote their pill and spray forms, and clients are nothing but happy. HGH supplements, especially from Genf20, help to lose weight and fight anti-aging effects such as wrinkles. Now, it’s easy. You can lose the stubborn belly fat with the right attitude and approach. With a little effort and some know-how, you can finally beat the battle of the belly bulge.
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