7 Smart Ways to Fight Your Fatigue

FatigueAt one point or another, we have all felt fatigued. Fatigue is defined as severe tiredness, and it knows no age. Anyone, man or woman of all ages, can be affected by fatigue. Sure, fatigue has its targeted age group, but people of all backgrounds find themselves feeling victim to this incessant lethargy. Anyone who has felt fatigued before knows the feeling. It is as if you have sunken into quick sand and there is absolutely no way out. Fatigue drains you from head to toe, and you feel physically inadequate. You may look at those around you and wonder how they have so much energy. Other people seem to deal with the winter blues, stresses, and other reasons why we may feel so tired, so why can’t we? We are here to list seven ways that you can combat this feeling of fatigue. If you follow these helpful steps and tips, you will no longer wonder at other energetic people around you. Instead, you will become bursting with energy; you will be an even better version of yourself.

1. Rule Out Something Medical

medical doctorFirst and foremost, you should definitely seek the guidance of a licensed professional before trying other ways to help your fatigue. The treatment for being unusually tired may seem simple: get more sleep, have a better diet, and so on, but believe it or not, you may need the help of a medical doctor. Fatigue is a symptom of many serious diagnoses. Diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, anemia, and thyroid disease, all of these illnesses have one commonality: fatigue as a common symptom. Therefore, you want to rule out something more severe before diagnosing fatigue. Be sure that nothing more serious is going on before addressing your energy levels. It is also important to go see your doctor, because they will re-evaluate if you are currently on any medication. A common side effect of many leading prescriptions is fatigue. The side effect could be due to a combination of other medications you are taking, or perhaps the doctor wants to test you for something they did not before. The doctor will reassure you if there is nothing more pressing going on. If they are concerned, then they may run some tests or ask to see you back soon. More than likely, they will tell you to follow one of the following nine steps.

2. Move It, Shake It

We know, it sounds completely contradictory. However, exercise is actually something that will help your fatigue, believe it or not. Experts recommend that you begin a workout routine in order to improve your overall energy. Studies have proven that exercise is directly related to energy levels, vigor and quality of life. Those who lead active lifestyles have stronger and more effective lungs, hearts and muscles. Therefore, those with stronger hearts, lungs, and muscles have an easier time exercising and thus, they have more energy. run marathonsSo if you want to feel more energetic then get into a workout routine. Not sure where to start? We highly recommend that you don’t rush it. Don’t go out there and try to run marathons, sign up for weight lifting competitions, or follow some ludicrous workout plan you found online. Instead, ease into it. Go for a walk around the block a few nights in a row. Start jogging on the treadmill. Any exercise is better than what you were doing, and if you are starting exercising for the first time then you do not want to push it and hurt yourself. Not really the cardio type? Try this next step, and we are sure that you will feel rejuvenated.

3. Get Down with Downward Dog

You may have always scoffed at the thought of yoga, shirking it off as “not a real workout.” However, we highly encourage you to reconsider yoga and its vast benefits for your health, specifically your energy levels. Through countless studies, it has been proved that yoga have the effect of improving confidence, thought and energy. Participants who take at least one yoga class a week for at least a month and a half claim to have a clearer thought process, better self-awareness and self-image, and improved energy. So, maybe you are convinced of the benefits of Yoga, but you are too nervous to take a class. After all, no one wants to make a fool of themselves, right? Sign up for a beginner yoga class. Try going through your local recreation department or gym first. These yoga classes will more than likely be a little less intense than at a yoga studio. yogaStill too nervous? Try looking up some beginner yoga videos online or look for an app on your iPad, tablet or smartphone. There are many to help you get started. Once you feel more confident, you can take a class feeling more comfortable in your ability. Regardless of your physical activity, make sure to bring your water bottle and stay hydrated.

4. Drink Up, Buttercup

Dehydration is the leading cause for daytime fatigue. You may not have realized this, but dehydration affects physical performance. For example, scientists studied athletes and their physical abilities in the gym.Scientists noted those who were adequately hydrated and those who were not, and the statistics were astonishing. The ability during a weight lifting workout was highly affected by the hydration levels of the various athletes. Proper hydration also affects concentration and alertness. You can even have headaches from dehydration. Truly, proper water intake is very important to physical and mental well-being. There are two different ways to ensure that you are drinking enough water, with one being a little grosser than the other. So, one option is to examine your urine, yes, you heard that correctly, examine your pee. Urine should be a pale yellow color. If your urine is any darker than that, then you need to drink more water. waterIf you do not really feel like examining your toilet, then you can also do some mathematics. The equation is simple. Take your body weight in pounds and multiply that by .5 ounces. The number you receive is the daily amount of water in ounces that you will need to consume to be properly hydrated. Next, take that number and divide it by eight to figure out how many cups of fluid you need. For example: If you are a female who weighs 120 pounds, then you should drink sixty ounces of water, which is approximately seven cups. Drinking more water is a simple solution, but this next step might be more difficult for the busy adult.

5. Count Some Sheep and Get to Sleep

Other than dehydration, lack of sleep is a leading cause of fatigue, as well. It just makes sense, doesn’t it? Our bodies need the proper amount of rest to feel refreshed and energetic. Studies have proven that those who were given the option to sleep as long as they wanted, compared to those who set a timer were filled with more vigor and less fatigue. However, it is just not reasonable for many of us to not set an alarm clock in the morning, so the best way to ensure adequate amounts of sleep is to get to bed earlier. Scientists say that if you find that you just can’t sleep some nights, then a nap can do the trick and provide you with some temporary energy. An ideal naptime is anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. Any nap over 30 minutes will leave you feeling more lethargic than before. So nap for about 15 to 30 minutes, and then, scientists claim, drink a cup of coffee to jumpstart your alertness. So, the next question is exactly how many hours of sleep do we need to feel energized in the morning? The answer is not simple. According to the National Sleep Foundation, our sleep needs are indicative of our lifestyle. A more active, demanding lifestyle will require more sleep, whereas a sedentary lifestyle of a younger person will not need as much. The general rule of thumb for adults, or anyone over 18 years old, is seven to nine hours per night. Everyone has their own needs, because we all are uniquely different. That is why this next tip is so important.

6. Pay Attention to Your Own Particular Body Clock

Some of us are morning people, and some of us are night owls; the times in which we feel the most energetic vary amongst us all. These characteristics are determined through genetics and daily energy patterns and routines, so it is not easy, if not impossible, to change them. Instead, it is advisable to work around them. If you know you are a morning person, then, whenever you have the ability to make your own schedule, make sure the most cognitively demanding activities are in the morning. If, instead, you know that you are a night owl, then work around that and schedule your most challenging activities around your energy peaks. Paying attention to your own circadian rhythms may be the fix you need if you are just naturally a morning or nighttime person. We do, however, have one more change that just might do the trick.

7. Find a Supplement that Works

Everyone can benefit from the proper supplements. Even athletes know that supplements are necessary for optimal performance. GenF20Fish oil and other omega-3 oils help to boost alertness, so taking a fish oil supplement or including more omega-3 oils in your diet can help you feel more energetic. Also, scientists are beginning to look into the benefits of HGH, human growth hormone. HGH has many effective benefits, and now it is being offered in easy pill and spray forms. The trick is to find a reputable brand, such as www.GenF20.com to purchase your HGH supplement from. We guarantee that with the proper sleep, water intake, exercise, and supplementation, you will be feeling energetic and rejuvenated in no time at all.
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