7 Ways to Drop Those Final Five Pounds

Drop Those Final Five PoundsLosing weight is never easy. We diet, work out, and push ourselves well beyond the limits we thought were impossible. Once you begin to lose weight, it feels so wonderful; the feeling is addicting, and truly nothing feels better than being healthy. In turn, however, nothing feels worse than being shy of your goal. We all do it. We set an amount of pounds that we want to lose by the time we are finished with our weight loss journey. So what happens when you are so close to this goal, but all seems to fail? Some people give up and settle with the weight that they have already lost. After all, it is still an accomplishment, even if you are short by five pounds. However, there are some of us that can’t settle for five more pounds. After losing 10, 20, or even much more, what is another five?
Trying to get rid of those remaining five pounds seems to be the most arduous task, but we are here to make it a little easier. Follow us as we guide you through some ways to drop those final five pounds.

1. Try Cutting Carbs

change to your dietA simple way to effectively cut down on some last minute pounds is to re-evaluate your diet. If it is the last five pounds you really want to lose, then a day or two per week of an extreme change to your diet can help you lose the few pounds you are after. One popular suggestion is to cut carbohydrates out of your diet. While this is only a temporary solution, it will inarguably help you lose that pesky weight that is still lingering. Carbohydrates weigh our bodies down and turn to fat easily. Our bodies only need approximately 40 grams of carbs per day, so cutting down to this extreme amount for a few days will help your weight considerably. Be careful, though. Carbohydrates exist in many foods that you may not even realize. Carbohydrates are not just in bread-type products like bread, pasta, and cereal. For example, carbohydrates are present in many fruits, and some vegetables, too. If you are looking to start a low carb diet, then consume mostly vegetables and proteins such as fish, red meat, and poultry. You want to ensure that you have a decent balance between the two; too much protein can also be detrimental.

2. Take a Closer Look At Your Diet

Re-evaluating what you have been eating is pivotal if you are trying to lose the last five pounds that you have left to go towards your goal. Chances are that you have been working diligently towards your goal, and if you are close then you may have slacked and not even realized it. no excusesFor example, are you as strict with your diet as you were in the beginning? Often times, when we begin to see a loss in weight we start to allow ourselves more “cheats” and create more excuses. Find your way back to the old mindset of “no excuses” and strict diet control. Evaluate some of the dietary choices you are making; are you drinking soda or fruit juices? Are you consuming alcohol in excess or more than you were when you first started dieting? Sugar can prove to be extremely detrimental to your weight loss, regardless of how thin you already are. Ridding your diet of sugar is a guaranteed way to help you lose those pesky pounds that you have left. Our livers process sugar, and when there is an abundance of fructose, a key ingredient in sugar, built up in the liver, then it automatically reverts to fat. This fat is then transferred directly to our midsections. In addition to re-evaluating your diet, you should also re-evaluate your workout plan as well.

3. Change Up Your Work Out

If you have lost a significant amount of weight, then you have probably done your share of exercise. However, if you perform the same amount of exercise or the same type of exercise repeatedly, then it starts to lose its effect. Whenever you work out becomes boring and redundant, it is time for a change. Ensure that you are providing your mind and body with a physical challenge during your workout. Be careful not to hurt yourself, but make sure there is a challenge there. If you work out enough, then certain exercises become easier; this means it is time to move on to more weight, longer distance, or a faster pace. playing tennisWe all have our go-to workouts. Whether it is running, lifting weights or playing tennis, we all prefer one physical activity to another. So, take a break from the usual and partake in a physical activity that intimidates you. Try running if you never have, or get a friend or professional to help you lift weights. Anytime you are at a loss for a workout, enlist the help of a friend. Having a workout partner will help motivate and push you further. You know that if you see your friend doing it, then you will want to as well. If you don’t, then they will certainly push you into exercising. Pushing yourself physically can help literally melt off the remaining weight. You may have hit a rut in your exercise and not even realize it.

4. Counting Those Calories

Similarly to letting your diet slip, you may have lost the other meticulous habits that you first had when you began your weight loss journey. Think about it: Are you still counting your calories and making sure that you consume the appropriate balance of carbs, protein, and fat, or are you just guessing? Counting calories is extremely important, since it helps you keep track of your diet and hold yourself accountable. Most dieters allow themselves to have a little slack, and you may be providing yourself more than you would like. smartphone’s appEven if counting calories becomes monotonous, just remember that it is helping keep you in line, and as awful as that sounds, it is necessary to be strict when looking to lose the remaining five pounds. If you are unsure of how to count your calories easily, then check out your smartphone’s app store. There are many apps available to make counting calories easy. In fact, most of the foods are already built into the app. Some apps even allow you to simply scan a barcode, and the nutritional information for the food pops up. What could be easier?

5. Stack it Up

In addition to counting calories, there are other things that you can count to make losing those last five pounds a little easier. Specifically speaking, measuring out your food will make weight loss even easier. Over time, our portion sizes become bigger and bigger. Remind yourself of the amount of food that your body needs versus the amount of food that your eyes want to eat. In addition to breaking out the measuring cups and spoons, you can also play tricks on your mind to make portion control seem easier, too. For example, eat on a smaller plate. If you fill a small plate, then your brain will think you definitely have more food than if you were to fill a larger plate. Another trick you can play on your brain is to fulfill your sweet tooth, but with foods that are not necessarily unhealthy. Here is a list of our favorite low calorie and guilt-free snacks:
  • Ice Pops Without Sugar: If you can find these gems, then they are virtually no calories at all. Many companies now manufacture ice pops to include fruits and vegetables, which is a win-win. You can even experiment and make your own.
  • 100 Calorie Snack Packs: Companies now make pre-packaged snacks that equate to exactly a hundred calories. Snack on one of these to appease your sweet tooth, but watch out for processed varieties.

6. Take a Step Back and Look at the Big Picture

As philosophical as it sounds, re-evaluate your weight loss goals. Think about how you created the ultimate number in the first place. Did you consult a physician or nutritionist’s help, or are you estimating based off of popular models? If it is so difficult for you to lose the last five pounds, then think about whether or not your goal is feasible. Perhaps you set the goal too high, and you should be content with all of the progress that you made. No one can really judge this for you; this one is on you. Just be safe and true to yourself. While it is important to push yourself to achieve the things you want, it is also important to never push yourself so far that it becomes dangerous.

7. When All Else Fails

When all else fails, turn to the help of a supplement. Athletes use a little assistance and anyone who is fit and healthy who will utilize a supplement wisely certainly should not be ashamed. Fish oil, HGH, and many other supplements are geared towards weight loss specifically. GenF20Particularly, HGH has been coined the new magic supplement. It is as if HGH is the fountain of youth in a pill. Better yet, www.GenF20.com offers HGH supplements in spray form. Human growth hormone is the hottest supplement right now. Scientists claim it has anti-aging capabilities and provides us with more energy. If you feel like you have truly hit a rut and there is no other viable option, why not try a supplement? When all else fails, look back and recount the weight that you have lost. You should be proud of yourself; be confident that you can lose the remaining five pounds. Once you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.
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