8 Effective Ways to Lose Your Fat for Good

Lose Your Fat for GoodThose of us lucky enough to lose weight are never completely off the hook. Losing weight is one thing, but keeping the weight off is yet another challenge. We search for countless different ways to lose the weight, but how long does it last? Sometimes we feel as though we have made it. Our weight loss goals have been reached. Only then do we fall back into the monotonous routine of trying to lose weight again. For some, this cycle only occurs a few times before something truly sticks; for others, this vicious cycle is all too familiar. If you are looking for ways to fall out of this cycle and lose weight for good, then you have come to the right place. Follow us as we discuss eight ways to lose the fat for good.

1. Stop Being So Sweet

Eating too much sugarEating too much sugar only leads to a bloated belly. Studies have proven that sugar has detrimental effects on our metabolism, but this negative impact does not show until some time has passed. Therefore, you may think that you are in the clear, but the harmful effects of sugar may not show for a little while. Sugar contains glucose and fructose, and the liver breaks down fructose. When the liver cannot possibly process too much fructose, it becomes overwhelmed it simply turns the fructose into fat. Studies are showing that practically all of the fat produced by the liver ends up in the belly after some time. Even worse, after a large amount of belly and liver fat, insulin resistance begins to pose even more health issues. The only way to ensure that you do not fall victim to this belly busting issue is to limit all sugary drinks and other sugar-infused foods. You can follow the most strict diet and exercise regime in the world, but if you do not kick sugar to the curb, then you will never lose the fat for good.

2. Protein Should Be Your Best Friend

For anyone looking to lose weight long term, protein should become the most important nutrient in their lives. Protein helps to reduce cravings and helps to burn 80 to 100 calories per day.
In addition, those who regularly consume protein tend to consume approximately 400 fewer calories than those who do not. Also, protein has the ability to help keep us from re-gaining weight, as well if any of the regular healthy habits are led astray for a bit. add more protein to your dietAs if this was not enough of a reason to consume more protein, studies also show that those who regularly consume more protein tend to have less belly fat, even if the participants in the study abandoned their diets for a short time. If you are looking to add more protein to your diet, then you can find an abundance of protein in red meat, poultry, dairy, eggs and seafood. Protein is present in other sources other than these foods, as well. There are also many protein supplements that helps to achieve an adequate amount of protein. In addition to eating more protein, you should also consider eating more fiber.

3. Add Some Fiber, Too

Dietary fiber is easily digestible and the key for anyone looking to regularly keep off weight. Studies show that dieters who regularly consume fiber are more likely to have less belly fat and eat healthier throughout the day. However, it is important to recognize that not all fiber is equal. There is dietary fiber and then there is viscous fiber, which can negatively affect weight. Viscous fibers stick with water and turn into a thick gel that becomes stuck in our tummy areas; this type of fiber promotes belly fat. Therefore it is the dietary fiber that you want. Dietary fiber is present in many plants, vegetables, fruits, and oats. Many products now advertise having included fiber, but you must read labels carefully and remember that it is dietary fiber that you want. If you feel as though you are not consuming enough fiber from food, then you can also find it in powder form. While adding protein and fiber to your diet will help you lose weight long term, there are some things you should eliminate from your diet, as well.

4. Say Goodbye to Bad Carbs

whole grains and unprocessed foodsAnyone looking to shed a few pounds and keep them off for good should consider cutting bad carbohydrates. Studies have shown that dieters who cut carbs have two to three more chances of losing weight and keeping it off compared to dieters who regularly eat carbs. However, there is a difference between the good carbs you get from whole grains and unprocessed foods, compared to the bad carbs from highly-processed junk foods. There is also a difference, however, between a low-carb diet and a fad diet. Be sure never to fall for any fad diet, as they tend to restrict calories and leave dieters to feel hungry and craving more food. For example, dieters who eat a low-fat diet tend to feel restricted and hungry versus low-carb dieters who can eat as much as they want so long as they limit their carbs. Completely eradicating carbs can help lose weight, however limiting them and keeping an eye on carb intake can help keep the pounds off for good.

5. Aerobics Can Rock Your Midsection Down

Everyone knows that exercise can help lose weight and keep it off. But did you know that there is one particular exercise that can keep your weight off? It’s true—aerobics help to keep belly fat at bay. Many people assume that performing spot reduction exercises, such as abdominal exercises, will help to lose belly fat. However, in reality it is actually the exact opposite. Performing too many abdominal exercises can make your belly look bloated and full. Instead of overdoing it on the abs, take a great jazzercise class or go for a run. Running, walking, swimming, and other aerobic exercises have proven to help reduce belly fat in numerous cases. These exercises are also effective for ensuring that people do not re-gain the weight. aerobic exercisesThese aerobic exercises also help to reduce inflammation, blood sugar levels, and other effects that are linked to obesity. If you are unsure where to start, then consider a regular exercise regimen. If you do not normally work out, then be sure to start slowly. Start by walking briskly every other night and build up to a jog every now and then. Once you feel comfortable, then you can run more vigorously and take an exercise class.

6. Keep On Track

So this one sounds kind of cliché and self-explanatory, but many people do not follow this step to ensure consistent weight loss. Too many of us lose the weight and then assume that we can resume the lives we were living before, and this is exactly why fad diets never work. Just because you lose the weight does not mean you can’t gain it back. Anyone looking to keep off the pounds long term should keep a diary or log of everything they eat and all of their exercise. This is advisable because we can easily lose track of what we are eating and doing. Keeping track of things will help keep us accountable for our choices, and seeing the visual reminder may keep us more in line.

7. Get a Sound Sleep

When looking to lose belly fat and weight for good, it is pertinent to sleep an adequate amount regularly. Sometimes life gets in the way of our healthy lifestyle and it becomes easy to lose hours of sleep. However, these deficits are added to our sleep debt, and this sleep debt causes us to increase belly fat. Sleep helps keep the pounds off for multiple different reasons. For starters, if you are going to bed early then this naturally cuts down on the late-night snacks. If you are awake, then you are more than likely to snack on some unhealthy foods. In fact, studies show that sleep-restricted dieters at approximately five hundred calories while the other group was sound asleep. Sleep also helps burn calories. Our bodies burn calories even when we are not moving, and those who sleep longer tend to burn at least five percent more than those who do not. Also, this calorie burning lasts all day long; study participants on average burned twenty percent more calories after their first meal when compared to people who have not slept as long. In addition, sleep also helps promote fat loss. It has been proven that if two people eat the same amount of calories, and one person sleeps more than the other, then the person who sleeps the most will burn more fat than the other person. Last but not least, it is known that someone who is exhausted will crave unhealthy foods. Truly, sleep is one of the most important factors for anyone looking to lose weight and keep it off.

8. Find The Right Supplement

supplements such as fish oilThere is no shame in finding a little extra support in your weight loss. In fact, one common trend among those who live consistent, fit lifestyles is that they all take the proper supplements. A daily multivitamin as well as some other supplements such as fish oil and HGH are recommended. Scientists are beginning to research more and more into the health benefits of HGH. Human growth hormone helps fight the aging process, promote muscle growth, and weight loss. HGH is truly the fountain of youth. The secret is finding a reputable distributor for your HGH supplement. We highly recommend www.GenF20.com because of the raving reviews. GenF20 offers an affordable, effective HGH supplement in either the form of a pill or spray.
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