8 Simple Strategies For Kicking Your Blues To The Curb

Kicking Your Blues To The CurbIt’s a fact – Life can wear us down. We may naturally be an optimistic individual, but easily lose our positive outlook if we are surrounded by too much negativity. Often, during tough times, we can feel that our bounciness is exhausting. We are more stressed and less able to jump back to normal and welcome the positive. In order to overcome a period of stress, you may feel that you need some tips on how to become more motivated and optimistic again.
People with a more pessimistic approach may need further support to help look at life in a broader and less personal way. This is because such people have no control over their thoughts and emotional well-being. They feel elated when good things happen and disheartened when things go haywire. stay relaxed and composedSo, what is the magic potion that can keep us positive during negative experiences? What are the secrets for us to stay relaxed and composed, even when our boss is angry at us, or our relationship is just not working? What can stop us from feeling lonely when there is no shoulder to cry on during a rainy day – or month? Every single soul on this planet is in search of happiness and joy. But, only few know of us really how to kick those stubborn blues to the curb. Here are some clues to help you stay happy, even during those really rough days:

1. Be Grateful: It Doesn’t Cost A Penny

It’s easy to get influenced with the things that are just not going right in our lives. So, it is necessary that we regularly remind ourselves of all the sunnier things that have happened to us. Practicing gratitude improves your mood, provides a sound sleep and drastically lowers stress and anxiety levels. To start on with your optimistic journey, jot down at least two things you are thankful for every day. Let me start: Today, I am grateful for having a beaming child, my healthy parents and my loving spouse. See? I even did three. No matter what religious practices you follow, there is a superpower beyond every religion. Be thankful to that power that has bestowed you with so many good things in your life. Be grateful to those who help you to be successful. Be thankful that you are an important part of the world and playing a significant role. A grateful mindset will prevent the negativity from piling up in your mind and soul.

 2. Be Mindful: After All It’s Not So Difficult

The concept of “mindfulness” is not something new. It is a large part of many meditative approaches to attain sound mental health. It has become an important tool in various healing forms, such as psychotherapy. The various practices of mindfulness integrate physical and mental exercises that help prevent stress from becoming a major problem in the first place. In simple words, being mindful means staying in the here and now. Does it sound challenging? Maybe not so much, but it definitely requires some perseverance, patience and practice to stay in the present moment. So, you still think it’s easy to achieve? Okay, stop reading and just take a note of your thoughts and observe them for a few seconds. Try staying in the present moment. You may be successful doing this for a while, but soon you will find yourself drifting with a stream of thoughts that are usually negative. To develop your mindfulness muscle, you need to take things to a higher and spiritual level. Once you are successful in staying in the present moment, you will find you can dramatically decrease your stress. Your happiness will increase tenfold. Mindfulness will provide you bursts of insight that might change your life for better, too. So, start by becoming aware of your thoughts and staying in the now and gradually you will see your life moving to a more optimistic abode.

3. Breathe Slowly: Exhale Stress And Tension

take a deep breathThe advice “take a deep breath” may seem like a hoax, but it holds true when it comes to stress. Some may also argue that breathing is fundamental or elementary; something you don’t have to think about. Well, if it is so, you will master it in just a few sessions. Yogic gurus have found that when you control your breathing correctly, it provides the resource of fresh oxygen that will help you think more clearly and focus on the task at hand. And, when you are fully concentrated on your task, nothing is impossible. The major part of any yogic exercise is breathing exercises, also termed, “pranayama.” You may be amazed to experience the positive effects of breath work on your everyday stress levels. For ages, ancient yogis and monks have been conscious of their breathing during meditation. For an easy, yet effective breathing exercise, sit up on a comfortable couch with your feet firmly placed on the ground and hands on top of your knees. Now, breathe in and out slowly and deeply. Ensure that you are observing the movement of your lungs as they are filled with fresh air. Visualize that you are breathing in oxygenated air that is expelling all the toxins out of your body as you breathe out. While shallow breathing causes tension, deep breathing oxygenates your blood and clears your foggy mind. You can also practice taking slow and deep breaths while you are standing up or stretching gently.

4. Yoga: Posing Your Way To Fitness

yogaWith stress, anxiety and anger up-surging in the United States, it’s no surprise that yoga is levitating in popularity over the last decade. Large portions of people are practicing soothing yogic asana to benefit their physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. If you haven’t tried yoga for anxiety and stress, then you should seriously consider it. During yoga, you focus solely on your breath and your body, which in turn encourages you to terminate thoughts that are the root evil of your negative thoughts. When you practice yogic asana, you feel each sensation fully and get in-tune with everything your body is undergoing. Much of the physical postures performed in yoga are meant to help you get ready for a meaningful meditation practice. The abilities to concentrate on your breath and to take away the focus from your bodily pain are essential for both yoga and meditation.

5. Meditation: The Gateway To The Soul

Meditation is a pure, clean and simple technique to make you aware of who you are beyond this world using your mind and body. Today’s hectic lifestyle is keeping us away from the peace we really deserve. Meditation is an amazing practice to put stress that crops up in our daily lives at bay. Even science has evidence to support the incredible effects of meditation in lowering your blood pressure and reducing your stress levels. Isn’t this mindful-technique much safer and effective than popping pills for maintaining healthy living? strengthens your spiritualRegular meditation practice strengthens your spiritual awareness and keeps you connected to that higher superpower, which is the sole nourishment for peaceful living. When you become aware of your surroundings and nature, you start to see them in a different light. Simply speaking, when you start to meditate regularly, you start to feel rejuvenated.

6. Follow Your Passion: There’s More To Life Than Working

The more you follow your passion and your heart’s deepest yearning, the more you will be able to stay in the now. Try working on your passion and you will notice that you are enjoying every second of every minute of that precious time. Your heart rings with joy and you’ll feel marvelous. Pursuing your passion will undoubtedly help you improve your life. It will fill you with enthusiasm, liveliness and energy. But, in the hustle and bustle of our lives, most of us have already forgotten about our desires. So, it’s time you find your passion and go after it, or revisit a favorite hobby of yesteryear.

7. Smile: It’s Free, Easy And Contagious

smileSomebody once said that smiling is addictive. Not only that, it’s contagious, too. When you smile, the world smiles with you. It is nearly impossible to be sad when you have that broad smile on your face. No matter what ups and downs you are facing in your life, your smile can light up even the gloomiest environment and hearts of your loved ones. A smile can make your world a bit happier and a bit brighter, for sure. You exude confidence when you smile, which will definitely erase most of the stress of others. So, go and face this restless world with a smile, and you will create a peaceful and happy life for yourself.

8. Practice Acceptance: Live Happily Ever After

It’s not you who created what you are – if you are religious, you can say it was God. If you aren’t, you can say it was your parents or Mother Nature or the universe. No matter what you believe, practice acceptance from now on. Embrace yourself as you are. Once you accept your good points, as well as your flaws and blemishes, you can stop criticizing and judging yourself. Your tendency to criticize yourself is there for a reason. They are markers directing to the portions of your life that need your responsiveness. chronic stressIf you are a typical worry-wart, you need to start observing whenever you begin worrying about the future. Stay in the now, observe your thoughts, and breathe deeply. These three things can change your life for the better. Too often, we believe chronic stress is a fact of life. Unfortunately, when left unchecked, stress can cause innumerable health problems, ranging from sleeplessness and cancer, to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. By using the simple methods of breathing, smiling and gratefulness, you can discharge the pressures and stress of the world and enjoy total bliss. While most of the strategies listed above provide effective relief, there are also many lifestyle changes that can be more beneficial in the long run. Experts have found that there is a direct link between the levels of HGH in the body and your ability to handle stress. Human growth hormone or HGH has been shown to enhance your ability to concentrate and deal with stress more effectively. GenF20But, unfortunately, as you age, the amounts of HGH in your body start to decline and become the cause of many ailments. The safe HGH alternative from GenF20 offers an affordable and convenient option for individuals who want to help lessen the effects of stress and achieve all the benefits that improved levels of human growth hormone can deliver.
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