9 Age-Defying Celebrity Grandparents

GrandparentsCelebrities are in the public eye all the time, and for this purpose, they need to look good. Some celebrities, however, seem to have learned the secret to stopping time. Growing old is inevitable, but aging in style takes great care and effort. Here is the list of some hot grandmas and grandpas which may inspire older readers to strive for beauty, because as they say, “It’s never too late”.

1. The Golden Voiced Singer, Mr. Harry Belafonte

It is hard to believe that this golden-voiced singer, actor, and social activist is 85. Harold George Bellanfanti, better known as Harry Belafonte, may have retired from the spotlight that helped him rise to fame in the 50’s, but this multi-talented man does not rest. He is still active on the humanitarian and social justice circuits, including being the current ambassador for UNICEF goodwill. What is his secret to his youthful ways? Well, a combination of an active lifestyle and early morning meditation, for starters. And of course, there is always the fool proof and simple method of getting lots of beauty sleep.

2. The Lively and Gorgeous Jane Fonda

At the age of 75, Jane Fonda is as lively and beautiful as the day she rose to fame with her 1982 exercise video, “Jane Fonda’s Workout.” The video’s immense popularity eventually led to numerous books, videos, audio programs and the rise of belted leotards. Although the Fonda hype faded in the 1990’s and 2000’s, she did make a comeback with a new series of workout videos targeting seniors and baby boomers. Jane believes that it is important to look the way you feel and she takes great care to stay in shape.
Thanks to healthy eating, connecting to her spiritual side, and having a nip and tuck here and there – something she now claims to regret having done – Jane Fonda has not only aged with grace, but has also managed to maintain an active lifestyle.  It’s sure that Jane has left her mark as a cultural and health icon.

3. The Dashing James Bond Actor, Sean Connery

sean conneryThe dashingly suave and charming James Bond actor, Sean Connery, has managed to maintain the aura credited to the 007 agents, even at the age of 81. In 1999, People named him as the sexiest man of the century. Mr. Connery has certainly done a good job of living up to the title, even today. The secrets to his well-preserved looks are his love for golf, and of course his genes. Moreover, we believe the secret of his youthfulness is a lifestyle lacking in his usual activities as James Bond: drinking, gambling, smoking, morning martinis and death defying stunts.

4. The Stunning Dancer, Tina Turner

The beautiful 72 year old singer and dancer, Tina Turner, credits her youth to dance. Her moves not only provided her with plenty of intense workouts over the last 40 years, but kept her active and fierce, as well. Her face still looks gorgeous and smooth, and her figure is as impressive as ever. She maintains her youthful looks with healthy eating such as a low-carb diet, a controlled intake of sweets and fats, and getting plenty of sleep and water. She regularly consumes chicken, legumes, nuts and fish. Studies show that proteins help you feel fuller for longer periods than carbs. Tina chooses healthy fats, such as omega-3 fats, to make her skin and hair healthy. Her weight remains constant since she does not eat after 6 p.m. Tina also makes sure that she consumes several glasses of water a day and keeps active. She now lives in Switzerland and is a practicing Buddhist. It’s no surprise that her spiritual side is helping her look and feel peaceful, as well.

5. The Believer, Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood’s age-defying ways are a direct result of his positive outlook on how people should feel despite being old. Clint thinks everyone should enjoy getting older. And that’s definitely one of the most important factors for his youthful vigor. His hair may be greying, but at the age of 81, he remains as energetic as ever. Clint won his first Academy Award at the age of 62 for Unforgiven. This simply shows that he is the perfect example of the fact that age is not an obstacle, but merely an opportunity to grow. He has, and has since gone on to work on a number of critically acclaimed films such as Gran Torino, The Changeling and Million Dollar Baby. His non-smoking lifestyle and dedication to his daily fitness routine keep him looking and feeling healthy and being active, despite his old age. Clint still has the ability to stay productive, active and energetic at such a late age.

6. The Enthusiast, Paul McCartney

Despite having experimented with all kinds of substances in his earlier days, the baby-faced music icon and animal rights activist seems to have been stuck in time for several decades now. He still looks youthful and is as active and enthusiastic as someone half his age. The secret to his lasting youth lies in his lifestyle choices, such as being a strict vegetarian, and the practice of transcendental yoga, as well as eye yoga. Being a staunch vegetarian, he has even urged the Dalai Lama to give up meat for good and to look for other protein sources. He does, however, have his own share of health problems. Mr. McCartney had to undergo a coronary angioplasty in 2007 due to chest pains. This was during his divorce from his second wife and could be the result of higher stress levels at that time.

7. The Elegant Animal Lover, Betty White

Betty White looks fabulous, even at the age of 90. Like Helen Mirren, she also believes that looking and feeling young is attributed to the way you approach age. A positive outlook on life, being socially active and healthy living are a few of the essential factors that keep her moving, and in a right direction. Betty is interested in lots of things other than her passion for animals and show business. She is interested in what is current in the world, and loves keeping up to date. She loves solving mental exercises, like crossword puzzles to keep her mind sharp. She is not the sort of person who just sits and ponders on the past or worries about the future. What’s more surprising is that she is a foodie, and even loves to indulge in junk food.  And when asked for her exercise tips, Betty said, “I have a two-storey house and a bad memory.” No doubt, humour is her anti-aging serum.

8. The Stunner, Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren attributes her timeless beauty to good sleep, plenty of water and a healthy diet. She also takes the right vitamins and exercises regularly to maintain her healthy lifestyle and remain active. One of the greatest secrets to staying young is to not fight old age and instead to embrace it. Helen reveals that her stripper shoes and her habit of holding her tummy in are a few of the tricks that make her feel and look good. Helen does not blatantly reject surgery as a viable choice for others, even though she claims to never have gone under the knife herself. She claims the important thing to remain young is to be happy with who you are.

9. The Timelessly Talented Abe Vigoda

Abe VigodaAbe Vigoda, the 90 year old actor known for playing bad-tempered old men characterized by his hunched frame, sunken eyes and hoarse voice, has aged amazingly well. It seems he hasn’t aged a day since he hit 75. A diet consisting mainly of fish and the right supplements are really doing wonders for him. Age is just a number, but sometimes that age can show its true colors. Some people are blessed with youthful genes. They continue to look amazing, even in their golden days. On the other hand, some people look much older than they really are. Although heredity may play a role in this, lifestyle also has a big effect on how we age. Experts recommend eating healthy and living a stress-free life to enjoy vitality, even during old age. Adding the necessary vitamins and minerals to your diet is equally important. Apart from these, the consumption of high quality HGH releasers from www.GenF20.com is also an effective means to fight the tolls of aging. These HGH supplements are known to enhance your energy levels, slow aging, improve your immune system, lower cholesterol, and strengthen your memory power. Remember, you just need to have the will and courage to keep going. Do things you love doing and live the life the way you want to. We are sure this list of famous and amazing celebrities will motivate you to live your life in an awesome way. Once you get started, you will be rewarded with a life that will defy whatever age you are and help to keep you happy and active.
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