9 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days   

9-Ways-to-Lose-10-Pounds-in-30-DaysWho doesn’t want to lose a few extra pounds? Almost everyone has thought about this Many people search for a quick, yet effective ways to shed off some weight in just a month. However, most of the people don’t know the best tips for losing weight that fast. There are quite a few diet plans to get rid of extra weight. Everyone believes that the plan they choose is the right plan for them. Unfortunately, most diet programs hardly work. Although most people will lose weight on them, it comes back with a vengeance, bringing additional pounds with it. You need to understand that you can lose weight regardless of your diet program, as long as you stick with it. If you are ready to learn about a real diet plan, look no further than these effective tips and tricks. Here are nineways to lose 10 pounds in less than a month.

1. Become a Lean, Mean Protein Machine

There are many different reasons why you should consume more protein. Shedding 10 pounds in a month is no easy task, especially if you attempt to do so when you are on a low calorie, low carbohydrate, low fat or other fad diet. These fad diets leave you fatigued and starving. As an alternative, you should look to add more protein into your diet. Protein fuels the fat burning process. Your body cannot possibly burn fat well without energy. This energy must come from either carbohydrates or proteins. As you lose weight, your body loses its muscle and fat. Therefore, the incoming of protein can help the body continue this cycle. Protein also promotes muscle repair and growth. Chances are that you are working out in addition to eating healthy to lose these 10 pounds. Make sure that all of the work you are putting in at the gym accounts for something by aiding with protein consumption. Not to mention, protein helps to keep your stomach feeling full for much longer. You are less likely to make poor food choices if you feel full. If you are opting for the salad or low calorie options, then you are likely to be starving shortly after. Incorporate this tip into your diet by introducing lean meats to various meals and even snacks. Some lean ground meats include ground beef that is over 90 percent lean, roasted chicken breast, and beef sirloin. Remember that protein is not only in meat, too. Protein also includes eggs, yogurt, almonds, and various cheeses, such as parmesan, cottage and cheddar cheese. Cater to your own taste buds, but also include more protein in your diet. While you are looking to add protein, you should eliminate some of these next foods.

2. Eliminate the Disastrous Trio

high calorie foodsSometimes high calorie foods sneak their way into your diet. Perhaps you splurge on an afternoon coffee here and there, or maybe you consume a high calorie breakfast every morning. Either way, you may not know, but you are spending quite a few calories in different places. One way to encourage your loss of 10 pounds in one month is to eliminate three high calorie foods throughout your day. It might be difficult at first, but hold yourself to this number. Over time, you will find that you are making healthier decisions. Instead of eating that entire sandwich at lunch, you realize that you are full and you save it. As opposed to eating an entire bagel for breakfast, you choose to only eat half and fill yourself up on fruit instead. These healthier choices can make all the difference in a diet. Losing three high calorie choices per day will help you naturally make these healthy choices.

3. Make Breakfast a Thing

Too often people skimp on breakfast. It is totally cliché, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Your breakfast has the power to influence your food choices throughout the day. If you choose to start your day off on an unhealthy note, then chances are that your day will follow in suit.
Make the decision to always have breakfast. Studies show that those who consume breakfast tend to consume fewer calories compared to their non-breakfast eating counterparts. start having breakfast regularlyPeople who do not eat breakfast have the tendency to snack throughout the morning until lunch. Also, people who do not eat breakfast tend to overeat at lunch since they are starving. Once you start having breakfast regularly, make the next healthy decision to always have a 300-calorie breakfast. Anything more than this will likely to make you feel bloated and full. So, try to keep it around 300 calories. Some great 300-calorie or less breakfast options include yogurt parfaits, high protein cereal or an egg sandwich.You do not have to sacrifice food in order to lose10 pounds. In fact, you can still snack, as long as you are snacking the smart way.

4. Snack Away

You can still lose 10 pounds by snacking. Certainly, snacks seem counterproductive for someone trying to lose weight. However, there are plenty of healthy snack options. In fact, snacking helps promote weight loss by keeping your metabolism active. So, grab one of these healthy options and snack away. Some healthy snack options include a granola bar, raw vegetables with hummus, air-popped popcorn with light butter, an ounce of low fat cheese, or even an apple. In fact, apples are a fantastic way to fill your stomach on low calories and sugar. Remember that you can snack mid-morning and in the afternoon. In fact, you can fit in snacks wherever you like, so long as they are healthy options. Sometimes eating more helps you lose more pounds.

5. Eat More to Lose More

vegetablesOkay, this logic might sound perplexing, but experts have shown that it works. The more fiber you eat, the more you are likely to lose. Fiber aids digestion and helps keep the stomach feel fill. This is because fiber is indigestible, so it hangs around in the stomach much longer than the other components in fruits, nuts, whole grains and vegetables. Fiber leaves you feeling fuller for longer, and this is akey aspect to include in your diet. Fiber is easy to find, too. Be wary of the packages that claim to include a ton of fiber. It can be found naturally in many foods, including chickpeas, pears, raspberries, potatoes and whole grain bread. Eating more of the healthy options is imperative. Likewise, it is significant to eat less in general.

6. Have Some Control

Portion control plays a major role in your weight loss success. If you are trying to lose 10 pounds in a month, then you must keep a close eye on the amount of food you are consuming. Yes, it is favorable to eat healthy foods. However, eating a ton of healthy food will still be counterproductive to your weight loss. Portioning out your food is essential, and sometimes you should even leave some on the plate. Some cultures deem it rude to leave food on the plate, but if you are looking to lose10 pounds, then you might want to consider leaving some leftovers.When you leave some leftovers on your plate, you are saving anywhere from 50 to 75 calories. A general rule is that your protein should be the size of your palm. Your fist size determines your veggie servings. Your cupped hands determine your carb portions. Besides, your thumb size is equals to one tablespoon. And, you can use your fingertip to measure one teaspoon.

7. Burn More Fat

exercise for rapid weight lossIt’s no secret that in order to lose the most stubborn weight you have to combine diet with exercise. High intensity interval training is the best kind of exercise for rapid weight loss. Instead of working on the elliptical for hours, you should try high intensity interval training. It aims to raise your heart rate rapidly for short bursts. These short intervals raise your metabolism and help to burn fat up to 100 more calories in the same amount of time you would spend working out in another way. You can perform interval training with any form of cardio, whether it is walking, running, or even elliptical work. If you are just starting out, then start with a brisk walk. Walk at a moderate pace for a few minutes to warm up, and then speed walk for two minutes. After two minutes, break back down to your moderate walk for three minutes. Alternate between these speeds for 30 minutes, and you will notice the fat melting away. Diet and exercise are both important aspects of any weight loss plan. Sometimes, though, they aren’t enough for the amount you want to lose in the short amount of time.

8. Write About It

One of the most efficient ways to keep yourself on track is to maintain a food journal. As silly as it sounds, writing about what you eat holds you more accountable for what you eat. It also provides you with a visual of what you are putting into your body. If you write down every single thing before or after you eat it, then you are likely to think twice about your food decisions. For example, you are not going to enjoy writing down that you had two pieces of cake when you know you should have had one, if any. keep a food diaryStudies show that those who keep a food diary are twice as likely to reach their weight goals. There are a few tricks to keep a food diary successfully, though. First and foremost, you must ensure that you are honest with yourself. It is easy to simply forget or skip an entry when it does not have the nutritional value you hoped. Also, it is imperative to remember all facets of your food. For example, what condiments or dressings did you add? How much sugar and cream do you put in your morning coffee or tea? Everything counts. You should be consistent and correct in your caloric entry, so make certain to use a reference. There are many apps and trackers available for you to use.

9. Burn It Away With Some Magic Pills

Sometimes these additional tips and tricks are not enough to lose the weight quickly. Supplementing is often necessary. For anyone looking to achieve a healthier, happier life should learn more about HGH releasers from www.GenF20.com. HGH releasers work to increase your body’s metabolism and in turn melt away your extra fat. Even though HGH releasers are highly effective, it is in your best interest to talk to your doctor before consuming them. This becomes more necessary when you are suffering from high blood pressure, heart issues and diabetes. Find the essential tips and tricks that work best for you and your weight loss goals today. Be slim, be healthy.
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