Aging Gracefully

11 After-50 Fitness Fixes for Silver FoxesGetting older doesn’t mean you stop living. There are simple little things we can do in order to enrich our lives and help the aging process to move along smoothly. Use this article to evaluate your lifestyle, and see if you need to make certain adjustments to continue living life to the fullest. Here are our top 30 tips to age gracefully and appear to grow younger as you grow older, an added benefit. And surprisingly, they’re not hard to do at all. 1. Exercise Regularly, Age Gracefully If you notice, most of the people over the age of 50 and above who still look young have one thing in common. They stay active physically and they move around a lot. This is the first rule that you should follow if you want to stay fit as you get older. exercise The secret to making sure that your body parts still function properly is to give them a test run every now and then. Even better if you use them regularly. Think of your body as a car. If you are well oiled, you can run smoothly, right? It’s the same thing for the body. If you are stagnant, your joints and muscles will become stagnant as well. Preferably, you should have started exercising on a regular basis long before you have silver strands, but if you still haven’t, there’s no better time to start than the present. Put aside at least forty minutes per day for exercising. As you grow older, it becomes difficult to maintain healthy muscles. Although exercise is good to remain fit, ensure that you are not over-working your body. Why Should I Exercise to Remain Young? Exercise is also essential for remaining young during the inevitable aging process. While aging is still a relative mystery for scientists, there is one thing that they do know. Exercise helps to fight aging. Physical exercises and weight training retain your muscles health and help to attain longevity and optimal overall health. Regular exercise will improve your general health, boost your metabolism, and detox your body of toxins through sweating. exerciseOf course, it’s not easy to reverse shrinking muscle mass and strength with age, but the effects those who are active versus those who are inactive face in terms of aging vary drastically. Follow us as we discuss some different types of exercise that can help you to look and feel young again. In order to be safe, make sure to clear any exercises you do with your doctor before attempting to do them. If you feel any pain at all, stop immediately.

2. Try Tai Chi On For Size

Tai Chi is proving to be an excellent exercise of choice for many elderly individuals. It is a low-impact type of workout that the elderly can easily perform without getting hurt or straining themselves. Tai chi movements put less pressure on muscles and joints, as you do them slowly and gracefully. Gentle postures of Tai Chi usually look like a beautifully-synced dance. Tai Chi is a Chinese ancient form of martial arts, which is not only good for your physical health, but for your mental well-being, too. It offers a better flow of chi or qi in a body. Chi or Qi is the energy of life that works to keep your body fit and your mind relaxed. Thus, anyone looking to feel and look younger can take advantage of this ancient exercise. The benefits of this Chinese exercise form are numerous. Studies are proving that Tai Chi works to help reduce the likelihood of breast cancer, arthritis, various heart diseases, stroke, insomnia and Parkinson’s disease. As if this is not enough of a benefit of Tai Chi, it also is the ideal exercise in order to achieve muscle strength, suppleness, and aerobic conditioning. Tai Chi is the best exerciseTai Chi is the best exercise for anti-aging effects.Seniors are susceptible to falling because of their age.So, doing the type of workout that can improve their balance is extremely beneficial for them. Tai Chi works to promote steadiness and overall well being. Tai Chi provides flexibility to the body. This is again essential for golden ager, because the older you get you lose some flexibility and the body stiffens up easier. Tai chi works to loosen these tightened areas. Similar to yoga, Tai Chi can be relaxing and help you sleep better at night. This in turns helps you to get through your day better. Moreover, you are able to deal with your daily anxieties more effectively. Therefore, if an elder, or anyone at any age, for that matter, is having difficulty sleeping, they need to try out this ancient form of exercise. Tai chi is a social activity,as well. It is a good way for the seniors to get along with other people of the same age. The elders are sometimes too home bound and isolated, so become stressed as a result. Besides, this is not a expensive activity to partake in, either. There is no need to purchase any equipment to do it. You can take some Tai Chi classes at your local gym, YMCA or community center. If you cannot make a class, then perhaps you can look up some basic Tai Chi moves to practice at home. In addition to Tai Chi, there are a few other exercises that will help you feel and look more youthful.

3. Yoga To Stay Youthful

Yoga is quite similar to Tai Chi since it also works to balance the body. However, yoga involves a bit more meditation than Tai Chi does. It is one of the best ways to remain in shape using a low-impact exercise. Yoga is extremely gentle and easy on your bones, as well as your joints. Thus, it is effective for those senior citizens who seem to be suffering from joint pain and stiffness. It works to reduce depression, as well because it tends to lift the spirits and helps a person stay young in the mind and body at the same time. Yoga can strengthen and stretch the body practically anywhere. While many people start practicing yoga to relieve stress, they stay with it because of the youthful appearance and feeling they get from the exercise. Yoga combines balance with flexibility and strength along with meditative techniques. Those who partake in yoga claim that it cleanses, relaxes, and restores their body. It is also able to lower your blood pressure and relieve arthritis symptoms as well. In fact, there are particular poses that are especially beneficial. All you will need for each pose is a comfortable, quiet space with a hard, but forgiving floor.
  • The Warrior II
Stand with your feed widely spread apart with your right foot stretched to the side and your left food turned so that it is perpendicular to the other foot. Now, keep your torso facing forward. Let out a breath and bend the right knee. Next, inhale a deep breath and raise both of your arms up from your side so that they are parallel to the floor. Now face your head to your right and hold this position for up to thirty seconds. You can even transition into another pose by stretching your right arm down onto your right thigh, and in turn taking the left arm and stretching it up over your head. Now, hold this position for up to thirty seconds and then transition back into the original Warrior II pose.
  • The Tree Pose
strengthen your balanceThis pose works to strengthen your balance and improve the muscle strength in your feet, butt, and abs. To work into this position, stand with your feet together with your toes pointing in front of you. Move the sole of your right foot onto the inside of your left thigh, calf, or ankle depending on what is most comfortable for you. Move your hands into a prayer position at chest level, and look directly in front of you. Maintain this pose for about fifteen seconds, and then work your leg down back to the ground and switch to the other leg.
  • Meditate
Getting your mind to a calm place is one of the greatest forms of stress relief. Studies show that people who are too preoccupied for a little quiet time have much more health issues. It is a great idea to get a few minutes of meditation each day.

Meditation is linked to higher quality of life.

It’s not that hard to do either. Simply so to a quiet place, cut all noise and distractions, close your eyes, and focus of your breath as you slowly breathe in and out.

4. Join In For A Jog

We all know that the heart is a delicate organ – not only in the emotional aspects, but physically too. As you age, the heart may also grow weaker. This is why most heart problems sprout up in the later stages in life. Now, what you need to do is to keep your heart sound and healthy. How do you do that? By doing cardio exercises. Jogging is an ideal way to get in a good cardio workout. Research shows that a frequent jog can help elderly people maintain fitness despite aging muscles and joints. When studied,participants helped prove that those who jog at least 30 minutes for at least three days a week are less likely to experience physical ailments. In addition, those who regularly jog have no pain walking, unlike their inactive counterparts. Jogging is a great alternative to simply going for a run, as it is less harsh on the joints. It exactly is a leap somewhere between a run and a walk.Running can be bad for the knees. But, jogging poses little to hardly any harmful effects. When planning to jog, try to find a smooth surface, watch your grip and your posture to avoid injuries. You can also alternate jogging with walking. Jog until you start to get winded, then slow down to a walk. Once you recover, jog another short distance. If running or jogging are not viable options, then perhaps this next exercise might work.

5. Keep Calm And Walk On

walking can be pretty powerfulIt might not seem like it, but walking can be pretty powerful for those looking to fight anti-aging effects. At the end of the day, any exercise is better than no exercise. Walking has been proven in numerous studies to decrease the risk of disability and increase overall physical fitness for anyone, especially the elderly. These studies indicated that walking specifically helps improve aerobic capacity, physical function, and disability risk. The disability risk was such a drastic number, showing that those who regularly walk are at almost a 50 percent less chance of an injury causing disability. Walking can practically cut that risk in half. If you are not accustomed to walking regularly, then slowly build up to it. Walk for ten minutes about three or four times a week. Every week, add five minutes to your walk. Before you know it you will be up to 40 or 50 minutes and enjoying a healthy, new you. Walking or going for a stroll is especially important for anyone who is in the hospital. Whether elderly or not, studies have proven that those who walk while in the hospital lessen their time admitted. Simply ask your nurse if you can go for a stroll around your wing. Chances are that they will say yes, even if someone has to accompany you. You will get some exercise and a change of scenery.

6. Pick Up Heavy Things

grabbing a pair of dumbbellsThat is right. You’re never too old to work out. If you are willing and able, then grabbing a pair of dumbbells or hitting the gym can work wonders for your body’s aging process. There are even some exercises that you can do at home. Just start slowly and build up over time, with your doctor’s permission, of course. Let’s run through a few of the best anti-aging exercises.
  • Squats
Stand with your feet shoulder length apart with your toes facing forward. Now, bend your knees as if you were about to sit on a chair. Make sure that your knees do not collapse over your ankles. Ideally you want them to be directly above the ankle.
  • Arm Circles
One of the dreaded areas that we all cringe at as we age would be our under arm area. No one likes the droopy, saggy feeling of the underarm, so fight it off with some arm exercises. Arm circles are particularly effective for this cause. Simply hold weights in both of your hands, and make certain to select a weight that you are comfortable with. Now, move your arms away from your sides so that you are now holding the weight parallel to the floor. Move both of your arms clockwise 10 full times. Then, rotate your arms in the counter clockwise motion.
  • Cardio
aerobic exerciseWe have already discussed running and jogging, but cardiovascular exercises in general cannot be stressed enough. Experts are stating that in order to achieve optimal cardiovascular health, close to 250 minutes of aerobic exercise a week should be a part of your routine, but your doctor should be your final word on that.

7. Just Keep Swimming

Swimming offers the best of both worlds when it comes to exercises to fight aging. This cardio exercise is kind on the joints, is resistant strength training, and works to target particular muscle sets all while burning calories. Swimming also helps to fight arthritis, knee pain, and excess weight. In fact, swimming is the best activity for anyone who is elderly and looking to fight the aging process. The exercise is relaxing, relatively easy to do, and offers wonderful results. This exercise helps to improve cardiovascular health, skin, digestive functioning, and it can also improve mental health, as well. The water can help to make you feel weightless and positive. The calm, quiet sound of the water as you stroke through your lane is unmatchable. We guarantee that swimming is the go-to exercise for anyone who is hesitant about any of our other options. In summary, doing cardio exercises will help keep your heart strong and beat normally. It is, after all, a muscle. Muscles can develop in a good way when they are exercised frequently.  Choose a cardio workout that you are comfortable with, it will be good for you to start doing it.

8. Watch What You Eat

Eat HealthyYou are what you eat. It is an old saying that we all have heard a number of times. But, do we really follow this simple, yet effective tip? Proper nutrition and a well-balanced diet keeps you full of energy and vigor. Consuming healthy foods keeps numerous diseases away and also saves you from succumbing to the common signs of aging. The inclusion of nutritious food protects you from ailments such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. These are usually widespread nutrition-related health issues, which occur in old age. Remember to follow the simple 8:2 rule, which recommends you include about eighty percent alkaline foods and twenty percent acidic foods. A diet that is comprised mainly of acidic foods will expose you to all sorts of ailments and diseases. Avoid heavy or processed foods that are rich in sugars, fats or salt, because such unhealthy foods will burden your liver and even damage it. Also, consume cooked and soft foods during old age that are gentle on your tummy and easy to chew. Add calcium to your diet to strengthen your bones.

9. Chew Your Food Well

Sometimes, it all starts with regular, small habits, like how your chew your food. When you eat, you take the vitamins and minerals from the food, and ingest them into your body. take small bitesIf you do not digest the food well, you will not get the full scoop of healthy nutrients from the food. Plus, there’s also the possibility of indigestion, which when it becomes a regular condition, can lead to colon problems. Chew your food well and take small bites, if you can help it. This small habit can go a long way for your overall wellbeing.

10. Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetablesFruits and vegetables provide your body a great deal of vitamins and nutrients that can keep your health in check and make you fit. Fruits and vegetables alone are complete with the needed vitamins for your body. If you eat these regularly, you won’t need as many supplements as you see other people in their 50’s take. The lesser the artificial supplements you take, the better. The more natural you become, the better for your health and fitness. Instead of eating processed foods that are filled with preservatives, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, so that you can get the full nutrients.

11. Choose Protein Rich Foods

You need energy and power to keep moving and being active. Your road to fitness is only limited to the amount of energy that you can exert. This means you need the help of the types of food that can keep you strong and energetic. Protein rich foods are known to make the bones, muscles and body strong and filled with energy. If you want to stay fit and have the energy to work out and stay active always, you need to have power. Protein will be your source of power, which is why it will be good to have protein in your meals.

12. Take Your Vitamins

Many people might take this little habit for granted. May be because they consider themselves healthy enough to not be taking vitamins. First off, vitamins are not made to cure sicknesses, but rather to prevent them. vitaminsThat means if you take your vitamins, you are not curing whatever disease or body aches you have. Vitamins boost your cells and body systems to help keep your body strong. Vitamins help in keeping your cells and blood distribution healthy. When you have a healthy cells and healthy blood, this can prevent diseases from starting in the first place. Take your daily dose of vitamins to stay healthy and stay away from sickness.

13. Avoid Cholesterol

Cholesterol-rich foods that you should avoid are anything rich in unhealthy fats or deep fried, and any other form of junk food. Cholesterol is bad for the body and this is one type of substance that can do a big harm to your body. Look for healthy alternatives to your favorite foods with high cholesterol. If you love ice cream, opt for frozen yogurt. If you love fries, opt for baked fries. Try turkey or portabella mushroom burgers, instead of beef burgers. If you must eat a beef burger, choose a high-protein mixture from the market. Too much cholesterol can lead to heart disease, blood clots, strokes and even death. It targets the blood vessels which is our main life source. Avoid eating too much cholesterol.

14. Minimize Alcohol Intake

Alcohol has always been the first go-to person of most people, especially after a tiring day, a tiring week or if a new crisis arises. Truth is alcohol can be a healthy balance to you physically and mentally. But there’s a catch – you should not abuse it. Drinking should only be done occasionally. Not every day, not regularly – occasionally. That means only when you celebrate with friends or family and as much as possible, stick to that exemption only. Alcoholism is bad news for you. Not only will it have many negative side effects to you physically – which involves impotence, heart, kidney, colon problems and many more – it could also affect you mentally, which is also a dangerous condition.

15. Drink Water, Stay Hydrated

As we all know, water is the universal solvent and the substance of healthy living. Water is involved in almost all of our bodily functions, including chemical reactions, flexibility of the blood vessels, nutrient absorption, proper circulation and proper digestion. Water acts as a great medium to eradicate toxic materials and wastes from the body, specifically from your colon. waterIt cleanses your bodily organs and aids your heart in functioning well. Drinking sufficient water will prevent any probability of collecting stones in the kidney and also inhibits urinary problems. Water also imparts a natural glow on your face and keeps you looking young and active. A lack of water is one of the main causes of fatigue and lethargy in elderly people. During old age, the delicate balance between the requirement of water and thirst for water changes. The truth is that the less water the person drinks, the less thirsty they become. This not only puts them at a risk of developing complicated diseases, but also becomes the reason for serious dehydration. Exercising and dry weather also calls for additional water intake to replace fluids that are lost through sweat. Generally, seniors increase their consumption of fiber to prevent constipation and this also increases the need for water. You need to realize that water is integral and you cannot survive without it. Try substituting water with other beverages such as coffee and sodas, and you will see the youthful results.

16. Don’t Skip Your Meals

Another thing that you should strictly follow when you are in your 50’s and above to stay fit and healthy is your meal schedule. It would be best to eat every four to five hours during the day, which means breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unlike when you were younger, skipping meals is not a good idea. Well, it never is a good idea at any age. You should always eat at the right time and avoid skipping meals. This is because if your stomach will not have any food to digest, it could lead to stomach problems or even worse, health problems.

17. Stop Going On Diets

dietsWhen we say diets, we mean those strict, no breakfast, fixed lunch, no dinner or cutting out nutritious foods kind of diets. Seriously, it is time to stop these things. It may have been good during your younger years and it may have even been effective. But you body needs all the natural nutrients that it can get now if you want to stay fit and healthy. Here’s a secret diet for your golden years: eat healthy and do not go on restrictive diets anymore.

18. Stop Investing In Weight Loss Products

First of all, weight loss products have no approved therapeutic claims. They may work for a time, but the other implications of taking such unnecessary food supplements can be bad. Let’s just put it plainly and simply: some weight loss products are not good for your body. To be fair, it is also not good even to the young ones, either. Taking too much weight loss products can be bad for the kidneys. You are not even fully sure if they even work. It can disrupt your eating habits greatly which, in turn, will affect your health and fitness. So really, you are not doing yourself any good if you continue to use those products for weight loss with high levels of caffeine and other substances.

19. Get Enough Sleep

There’s this funny joke that says when you were young, your parents would always tell you to sleep. As you grew older, your parents would get mad if you always slept. But kidding aside, sleep is a very important part of your life. In your 50’s, rest and sleep are even more valuable. Your body, although you choose to stay healthy and active, will not be as fit as it is when you were younger. That means your body will need rest more often as compared to when you were in your 20’s or 30’s.

20. Quit Smoking

Smoking, as everyone knows, is bad for your health. Never in the history of smoking cigarettes has it proven to have a good side effect to the human body. Smoking can lead to lung problems, cancer and even death. Some smokers have been smoking for more than half of their lives, and for some reason, this has been their source of energy. Do not be deceived. If you continue smoking, eventually the effects of this unhealthy vice will show. Ask your doctor for some resources to help you quit, and don’t give up. Most people have to quit a dozen times before they are successful.

21. Avoid Too Much Sun Exposure

Yes, the sun is supposed to give you vitamin D; however, it is only safe to go out under the sun without sunblock at limited times of the day – like in the early mornings and late afternoons, for instance. Between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., the sun can emit harmful radiation that can do more harm than good to your skin and your body. umbrellaToo much exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun can result in sunburns, which can be painful. It can also lead to heat strokes and even skin cancer. Avoid going out in the sun unless it is absolutely necessary. When you can’t avoid it, put on sunscreen or cover yourself with an umbrella to stay hidden from the harmful UV rays.

22. Stay Positive: Don’t Let Your Mind Mess With Your Body

growing older gracefullyAccording to many scientists, the mind could have everything to do with growing older gracefully. Through our conscious choices and attitudes, we shape our own body’s ability to age well. For example, those who claim that they suffer the same ailments as their ancestors might be putting themselves at a disadvantage. This negative train of thought allows for the body to follow suit. If, instead, one changes their internal dialogue, then the body begins to counteract aging. It all starts with you. Sometimes, the one best way to avoid disease and sickness is to not think about it, remove all the negativity in life and focus on the good things. Be positive. Positivity affects the body in more ways than one. In fact, a recent study looked into this phenomenon. Elderly participants were encouraged to think of themselves as being physically capable, even if they did not originally think they were in decent shape. The study found that men who thought positively and believed in their physical ability were able to improve the speed of their movements, their memories and their dexterity. This positive thinking also soothed arthritis, lowered blood pressure, and improved eyesight and hearing. Positive energy can be a great help to maintain your positive aura, which can trigger happy hormones in your brain. Happy hormones are healthy hormones. That means if you stay happy and worry-free, you are helping your body to ward off sickness.

23. Eliminate Stress, Create Your Fountain of Youth

Old age is characterized by a slow deterioration in numerous psychological functioning, such as cognitive decline. Old people often have a diminished ability to maintain homeostasis during periods of stress. The capability of any individual to function normally is dependent on his ability to cope with stress and to repair damaged cells. Experts believe that it is not the stress that is the culprit, but instead the inefficacy to deal with it. Seniors should find ways to cope and to relieve stress. Maintaining a positive outlook is another key for managing stress.

24. Laugh More, Live Longer

Laughing is the best treatment prescribed for seniors to clear away the cobwebs. Have you ever met a single individual who hates humor and laughter? There may be many who pretend by wearing a serious expression, but they also enjoy laughing at times. After all, who really wants to be grumpy all the time? Laughter therapy is definitely great for elders in order to keep them in good spirits as it gets rid of depression, stress and worry. It encourages the formation of happy hormones in your body that promote a healthy physical and emotional you. Nobody can ignore+ the rush of hormones when one laughs, even during illness or one of those melancholy days. Find ways to laugh your heart out until your eyes get teary. Surely, you will enjoy the experience.

25. Revive a Hobby, Relive Your Past

passions and hobbiesOld age may make you forgetful, but not enough that you forget about your old passions and hobbies. Pursuing your hobby is a great way to keep you occupied after you retire from your job. It will definitely bring you back into those old times that you have always cherished and help you enjoy optimistic things as you age. So seniors should take part in social activities and indulge in pursuing their hobbies in their spare time. Making new friends with similar interests is also a good way to keep you active and happy. Besides, staying active and sharp in old age may help you to increase your memory.

26. Great Attitude, Better Outlook

Age is just a number and of no importance, since how you feel about yourself is something that really matters. If you feel young and dynamic, don’t let age interfere. Just forget the number and focus on your feelings. The fact is: you are as old as you feel. I have seen women in their thirties who behave as if they are way too old and women in their fifties who believe they are still lively. There is evidence that states that psychological health is the indicator of your feelings and not how you appear or you biological age. If you think you are too old for dancing, swimming, or exercising, then you are apt to feel old. Once the elderly commit to resting on bed whole day long, their muscles begin to shrink from lack of use and bones get smaller. This may also force them to cut down on physical activities. Avoid this rut by enjoying things that you really like and you will start to feel young-once again!

27. Create Goals For The Future

goals for the futureMostly, elderly people dread to create a list of goals for the future, because they doubt if they will be able to see them fulfilled. Well, it is important to create a list of things to-do regardless of your age. While no one is sure of what is stored for the future, learn to look forward to life in general. You can create a list of goals, hobbies, and interests you want to pursue as you may have enough time in hand during your old age. Read a book that you have always wanted to read, but could not find time when you were occupied with your personal and professional commitments. Plan a trip, learn a new language and try new recipes. Sign up for a class or join a club. These are just some of the many ways to keep you busy and looking forward to the future. Following your goals will keep you feeling young even during your old age.

28. Keep Working, Keep Living

When you imagine yourself in your ripe years, are you enjoying time with your family, chatting with your old friends or still working? For many elders, continuing to work even after retirement makes perfect sense. Remember, you are just retired from your job, but not from your life. If you think it will be difficult to balance your work with other activities, then you are wrong. Resorting to work after retirement gives you yet another opportunity to mingle with new people and breathe in a fresh environment. If a full time job is too strenuous, consider working part-time and change to a less stressful job.

29. Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Visiting your doctor regularly does not mean that you are sickly. If anything, it means that you are concerned for your health enough to make you want to know the full status of it regularly. Especially now that you are aging, there are some health conditions that may not show symptoms until the late stages. Therefore, it would be a great help for you to have your general check up regularly. This is one good way to avoid and prevent diseases from happening.

30. Try GenF20 Plus

Everyone would love a magical pill that can transform an aging, elderly body into its previous youthful self. While that pill might not exist, there are other supplements that can help you slow down aging. According to experts, one of the effective ways to keep aging at bay is by stimulating the secretion of human growth hormone or HGH in the body. GenF20 HGH is found to reduce as people age. An HGH supplement from GenF20 is natural dietary nourishment that produces human growth hormone in the body and brings back its levels fit for people in their twenties and thirties. With regular intake of HGH releaser, one can expect to experience increases libido, strengthen immunity and a more youthful look.

Age Gracefully

Getting older should not be a worry, as there are enough positive ways to age gracefully. To be psychologically young means to have an optimistic approach towards life and to stay physically and mentally active. A healthy attitude improves your desire to live a happy, dynamic and healthy life. Stay happy, stay young. It is as simple as it sounds. Think of it like this: aging is just a number and greying hair is just a symbol of your wisdom. You can still live your life to the fullest, even in your 50’s, 60’s and beyond.
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