The Top 16 Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Tricks Revealed

The 16 Top Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Tricks RevealedMost bodybuilders all around the globe wonder what Arnold did to get one of the most recognizable bodies in the world. If you are also one of the die-hard fans of the legend, and looking forward to apply his techniques to your exercise routine, you are at the right place. Go through this article to learn more about Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding methods and techniques. Don’t miss our last section that deals with the significance of choosing healthy foods for a better body. Now, let’s dive into the techniques you are longing to learn more about.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout Tip Number One: Find the Right Exercises for Growth

It is worth noting that hard training is equally essential as smart training. In order to get big muscles, you need to be strong. If you are a beginner or an intermediate bodybuilder, you should focus on development instead of refinement. With this significant point for consideration, you should concentrate less on isolation exercises, also known as single joint movements, as compared to multijoint ones. A few of the examples of multi-joint exercises include the squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, power clean and bent-over-row. These exercises involve the coordination of numerous muscle groups. Multi-joint exercises should form the basis of your training plan. Even though single-joint exercises are easy to master, they don’t help to target muscle groups. According to Arnold, the single most crucial trick of developing growth and size is challenging yourself with heavy weights.

2. Choose a Heavy Load and Low Reps

Arnold also stresses on the significance of selecting the right load when doing reps. He believes that taking eight reps of squats with 365 pounds of weight is much effective than using 95 pounds for 40 reps. If you are uncomfortable starting with heavy weights just at the beginning, begin by using smaller weights first, and then gradually increase the weight and decrease the reps.  Arnold wants you to feel the weight while training and also he wants to ensure that the load causes muscle failure at a target range. Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding workout tricks suggest that you should not do less than six repetitions and more than 12 reps per set with high movements. And, this number applies to all of your body parts, including the calves.

3. Be Creative with Your Routine: Make Regular Changes

It is a fact that, when you do the same routine for a few weeks in a row, your body gets used to it and its significance and benefits reduce. This is the time when every bodybuilder finds that there is no major improvement in results. To counteract this, change your exercise routine within a stipulated time. Shock your muscles by challenging them with a tougher exercise routine. In order to ensure that you are constantly changing your routine, do some planning. Add innovative and beneficial exercises to your regimen. If you find that a particular exercise is not providing you with any added benefit, change it to another one. Don’t be in a doubt when beginning a new exercise routine or other training techniques, Arnold used to search for new tips and tricks to become better and bigger.

4. Embrace Advance Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Exercise Techniques

exerciseArnold realized that using new and advances tips to exercise helps to strengthen a weak body part. Make use of numerous advanced techniques to find out what works best for you. With the method of test and trial, you will be able to identify exercises and routine that works best for your body type. The advanced tricks that you can include in your exercise regimen are drop-sets, forced reps, partials, rest-pause and negatives. Don’t forget to identify how you and your body feel after trying these exercises. It is also essential that you don’t take every set beyond muscle failure. If you are unsure of how to do any particular exercise, you should consider finding Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding videos on the internet.

5. Are Your Overtraining?

Some bodybuilders are in such a haste to build strong muscle groups that they over-train themselves. Arnold suggests that this method might backfire on you. There are often a few instances when certain body parts lag behind because you are overtraining them constantly and they have no time to rest, recover and develop.
In order to gain the maximum benefits from your training program, you should allow your muscles to rest and recuperate. The most significance that you should remember is that too much, as well as too little, can be harmful for your bodybuilding training program. Click on this link to read the full Arnold Schwarzenegger biography.

6. Balance and Strength: Tips to Build Your Shoulder Muscles

workoutsWe have already discussed the significance of multijoint movements. Movements such as upright rows and presses are extremely effective for your shoulders. You should try to do such movements rigorously and in the initial time of your workouts when your energy levels are at their peak. You should also consider doing presses both in front and behind your head for complete and balanced muscle growth.

7. Same Exercise, Different Ways: Surprise Your Muscles

When you do the same movement with slight modifications, you allow for effective overall performance. Arnold did small differences in the regular exercises in order to bring noticeable change.  For instance, he used dumbbell rather than barbell for overhead presses.

8. Build Baseball Biceps with Standing Barbell Curls

In order to gain effective mass-building moves, Arnold worked on exercises that help him push heavy loads. These exercises made him attain a complete range of movement. This is how he was able to create huge biceps. Arnold maintained his exercise regimen in order to keep the rhythm going. His determination allows him to perform extra repetitions to further develop the muscle. Arnold suggests performing at least one dumbbell exercise in his regimen. Even though he was used to most bicep movements for six to eight reps, there were some other muscle building movements that he performs for sets of eight to 12 reps. The main trick was to squeeze and contract the muscle and clench the major contraction for a long time. A few of the effective exercises for biceps include alternating dumbbell curls, concentration curls and preacher curls.

9. Tricks to Tone Your Triceps

Two of the strongest parts of Arnold’s body are his chest and triceps. Thus, his strategy is different for training them. He recommends doing 20 per set in order to further grow the muscles. According to Arnold, it is important that one should know the part of the triceps they are targeting. In order to identify the precise location, you should perform 20 sets of a particular triceps exercise and then do nothing for that part. Now, identify the area where the soreness was more concentrated later in the day. Arnold also performs advanced techniques, such as partial reps for triceps.

10. Work Out Your Calves

Arnold was long-legged and his thighs were small. These are a few of the shortcomings that Arnold faced during his career. Arnold wrote that it was challenging for him to build up his legs because he had long legs and muscles. In order to fight his weakness, he added a large number of exercises in his lower-body routine. He used to include other movements until he found the ones that make his legs respond best. Click on this link to find more bodybuilding stats. Arnold also made changes to his routine so that muscles were constantly under pressure to develop. He tried different types of squats and squat machines in order to use varying foot placements and aim every part of his legs. Hamstring exercises helps to reduce the risk of knee injuries, which can happen during the regimen. So, Arnold did exercises that directly target this area.

11. Make Your Abs Stronger with Heavy, Multi-joint Free Motions

Abs StrongerArnold never made his abs training regimen complicated. He keeps it simple and does some of his particular movements for high repetitions. Arnold also considers keeping his abs regimen simple since he worked hard with his core and back and leg workouts.

12. Build Strength to Develop a Big Chest

Arnold found that it was easy for him to build his chest and strength training exercises. He used to perform simple multi-joint movements in his exercise routine to hit his chest from various angles. His routine was simple, yet intense. A few of the effective chest exercises include decline, flat and incline benches. Arnold used to perform pumping sets at the end of his exercise routine.

13. Rigorous Training to Promote Growth

The special thing about Arnold exercise routine is the frequency and volume through which he strengthens his every body part. His usual chest strengthening routine includes around 26 working sets and he trained for three times a week. Arnold usually distributed his back training into two types of movements, such as rows for overall thickness and pull-downs for width.

14. Believe in Your Strength

Arnold says that it is significant to be physically and mentally strong to reach the heights you want. Believing in yourself and strength is equally essential. No matter what others say about you, you should be determined to reach your goal.

15. Team Up

Teaming upTeaming up with a capable assistant is always beneficial. In the early days, Arnold knew that a knowledgeable partner would help him work harder. He, therefore, suggests bodybuilders find a capable person to assist them and motivate them whenever needed.

16. Be in a Positive Environment

A seed only grows into a healthy plant in a fertile land. Arnold chooses a healthy environment amidst his fellows to perform training. When positive and motivated people surround you, you easily find success. You should not pay attention to people who say you cannot do it. If you think your motivation is dipping, you can hang Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding pictures in your gym area to surge your confidence. These are a few of the top Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding tricks that can help you build the body you have always wanted. Apart from performing your workouts regularly, you should also include healthy eating in your schedule. Below, we have listed some effective diet tips approved by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Exclusive Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Diet Tips

Arnold has a lot of valuable information for his readers. Below, we have shared some of the healthy nutrition tips that are highly effective in making your bodybuilding session a success:
  • Be More Knowledgeable of Nutrition – Most of the bodybuilders stress more importance on training techniques and tricks, and they usually pay similar attention to nutritional principles. When you don’t include healthy nutrition in your diet, you are not able to show your true potential. bodybuildersArnold stated decades back that the significance of healthy food is extremely useful for a bodybuilder. The most popular and successful bodybuilders are those who know what is good for their body and overall health. There is lot of information about good nutrition out there, but it is essential that you find out what suits your body and exercise regimen. Deep understanding of nutrition will assist you to find out the healthy food for your body type. So, learn and gain knowledge as much as you can about healthy living.
  • Protein is the Basis of Your Training – One cannot ignore the significance of protein for a rigorous training. Every bodybuilder should find out the amount of protein their body needs in order to see noticeable result in their size. Arnold’s diet was usually composed of lots of protein to meet his daily needs. Fish, steak, chicken, dairy and eggs are a few of the food options he preferred during his exercise regimen. All these foods are composed of essential amino acids and are regarded as the best foods for building muscle.
  • Determine Your Protein Consumption – Arnold suggests that you should consume at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight each day. This simple calculation helps you meet your daily protein easily. If you eat adequate protein daily, your body has enough amino acids to repair and build muscles. According to Arnold, you should not minimize your protein intake, but can increase a little more daily in order to maintain your muscles.
  • Don’t Throw Your Yolks Away – Most bodybuilders believe that egg yolk is not good for them, as it contains cholesterol and fats. You should avoid yolk if you are having high levels of LDL or total cholesterol or you wish to lose your stubborn weight. A yolk is composed of the same amounts of protein as that present in the egg white. It also has large numbers of minerals and vitamins. If you are planning to reduce the amount of fat in your diet, consider reducing the consumption of other fatty foods other than throwing the yolk. Eggs are one of the rich sources of high quality protein, which you should surely include in your diet.
  • Fat-Free Diet Forget About a Fat-Free Diet – Until a few years ago, it was a trend to go fat-free because obesity was rising in numbers. At that time, shelves in supermarkets were crammed with fat-free items. Even though they were labeled as fat-free, they were full of sugar. It is true that heavy consumption of dietary fat can be harmful for your body because fat has nine calories per gram; however, limiting you fat consumption to low level can have detrimental effects too. So, don’t go for a fat-free food. Your body needs saturated fat to produce the male hormone, testosterone. This hormone helps to recover your body during exercise regimen, build muscles and enhance fat loss. You should get about 15 percent of your daily calories from healthy fats such as eggs, beef, and dairy.
  • Take Protein Supplements – Arnold used to mix eggs, honey and skimmed milk powder to supplement his protein intake. There was a lack of quality protein supplements decades ago. Nowadays advanced nutrition research, products and techniques have helped bodybuilders with effective protein supplements. Manufacturers isolate whey and break it down into faster-digesting simple parts that help to produce high quality protein powders. These are much superior to what people used a few years back. Protein supplements are a must for bodybuilders, especially those who are unable to prepare healthy meals. Also, protein supplements come in handy if you like to snack multiple times per day.
  • Consider Taking Human Growth Hormone Supplements – Bodybuilding needs your time, effort, patience and energy. Nowadays, many bodybuilders are turning to human growth hormone supplements to boost their body’s growth. HGH supplements from GenF20 work to improve the amount of amino acids and other nutrients that reach the muscles. HGH supplements are not as risky as HGH injections, since they are releasers and work by stimulating the pituitary gland to increase their secretion.
  • Don’t Forget Your Multivitamins – The medical experts have creates recommended dietary allowances or RDA on labels that help people take the right amount of vitamin and minerals. However, these recommendations fit normal individuals. If you are a hard core bodybuilder, you may actually require more minerals and vitamins than the RDA suggests. If you are a hard-worker bodybuilder and eat food that lacks complete vitamins and minerals, you can become deficient in a few essential nutrients. The simplest way to ensure that you are getting the right amount of minerals and vitamins you should take quality multivitamin daily.
  • Abandon Sugar – A few decades ago, there was an intense rise of obesity in the US. The main causes of obesity were a lack of exercise and an excessive consumption of sugar. Arnold suggests that people should generally reduce the consumption of sugary foods such as high-fructose, corn sweetener, corn starch, and sugar from their diet. Unfortunately, manufacturers supply loads of sugar-filled products on the market. These foods are fine when consumed in moderation, but can easily add extra calories to your diet. Besides, they may gradually make you addicted to sugar; thus leading to enhanced weight and dwindling energy levels.
  • Make Healthy Choices – When you are working out in a gym, you may find that a certain movement is better than others. The same thing happens in the kitchen pantry too. Eating healthy and clean foods helps you build your body, as compared to junk and processed foods. According to experts, all your hard work in a gym will go futile if you fill your body with bad foods rather than green and colored ones.
  • Don’t Forget to Drink Your Protein Shake After a Workout – Most bodybuilders prefer eating their meal shortly after weight lifting. However, the most effective option is to drink protein shakes with added carbohydrates right after your exercise regimen, in order to help your body recover. Drinking a tall glass of protein shake just after your gym is a simple, yet effective option as compared to preparing and eating meals. If you are a regular trainer and do training twice a day, it is essential that you get quick nutrient right after the gym. Shakes are digested faster than solid foods and thus give you extra space to eat your solid foods on your regular schedule.
  • Gain Needed Weight – If you are training and need more energy and mass, you should consider adding an extra meal worth 500 calories to your daily eating plan. You can take this added meal in the form of a shake or quick healthy food. Don’t eat more than this recommended amount, as you will end up gaining the wrong kind of fat.
  • Cut Back on Your Portions of Desserts – It is okay to cheat and eat your favorite desserts every now and then, but do stay away from them when you are competing. Instead, eat foods that are full of protein, such as steak. Steaks are effective when you are looking to build mass as they provide natural creatine. The key is to eat big meals, but they should be healthy. Eating protein rich foods is a better option than feeling hungry after a meal and opting for some sweet desserts.
  • Take Note of Your Food Portions – Usually, every bodybuilder jots down every food they eat so they can track the number of calories they are consuming. However, some bodybuilders are unaware of how to find the right portion for their meals. They don’t know exactly what an eight ounce of chicken breast looks like and how much protein it contains. In order to master your healthy eating, you should learn to judge your basic portion sizes so that you know what to eat and how much to eat.
These Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding tips could help you achieve the body you have always wanted to adorn. Arnold has always said that you should visualize yourself as what you would like to see yourself, and then put a goal in place to fulfill it. To keep yourself going ahead with your goals, you should read Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes on bodybuilding.
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