13 Smart and Simple Celebrity Diets and Workouts

13 Smart and Simple Fitness Strategies of the Rich and FamousYou’ve seen it on television, in the magazines, in movies, on billboards and even those pop-up ads from that recently downloaded app from the App Store. Celebrities are getting hotter and hotter these days. It could be because of America’s obesity problem, First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Movecampaign, or the growing number of celebrities who are into fitness and training, but whatever it is, we all want to look just like them. One thing is for sure, even the rich and famous take time to remove their makeup, expensive clothes and heels to exchange them for a pair of sweatpants and a ponytail. Why? Because they want to not just to maintain their figures, but also, they are after fitness and overall health. Don’t worry. You don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars to afford a celebrity trainer. Here is a list of fitness strategies from your favorite people in Tinseltown.

1. Warren Buffet And His Six-Year Old Eating Habits

Warren Buffet is 84 years old and yet, you couldn’t see any signs of slowing down. What’s his secret? It’s Coke and his six-year old eating habits. According to the billionaire himself, six year olds have the lowest death rate, which makes it the safest course he can take. If he’s not indulging himself with Coke, which he owns $16 billion in stocks, he likes eating potato sticks or a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream for breakfast.

2. Cameron Diaz And Being Comfortable On Who She Is

She may be in her 40’s, but Cammy D has never looked better. Admit it. You felt bad for yourself after seeing her in Sex Tape with Jason Segel or in that girl power movie, The Other Woman. Her secret? Being comfortable in her own body. For her, it’s all about exercise, sweating and a piece of cake to complete the equation. Working out is also a commitment, which means putting effort to get up and exercise.
Since she is looking after her body and improving her wellbeing, she decided to quit social media in September 2014to save herself from people who have nothing but bad things to say about her.

3. Michelle Obama And Her Workout Routine

Can you guess how old the First Lady is? In case you don’t know, the wife of the most powerful person in the world is already in her golden years – Born in 1964, she has never looked a day over 18. It’s not just her face that you need to pay attention to. You have to commend Michelle Obama for her great body. What’s behind the fit and healthy body of Mrs. Obama? Aside from her Let’s Move campaign that encourages America towards a healthier lifestyle, she is also into yoga. Heavy cardio will always be a part of her routine, but yoga keeps her balanced and flexible considering her age. In case you’re wondering how the First Lady gets her toned arms.Two words: bicep curls.

4. Jillian Michaels And Her 80/20 Rule

We will always associate Jillian Michaels with fitness and health. Aside from her workout routines, one of the tricks to help her fit and healthy without saying goodbye to everything she loves is by following the 80/20 rule. This means you should allocate 80 percent of your daily food intake for healthy food. This means fruits, vegetables, lean meat, whole grains, Omega 3s and anything healthy and nutritious. As to the remaining 20 percent, make sure to make it fun. It’s up to you now on how you want to go with it.

5. Candice Swanepoel Mixes Things Up In The Gym 

You might recognize Candice as one of the prettiest and sexiest Victoria’s Secret angels. When she’s not busy on the runway, or tired of wearing her wings, you could find her in the gym working out. For her, gym sessions mean adding excitement into it. How does she do it? By mixing things up. The supermodel doesn’t follow a specific routine. For her, it’s all about mixing and switching things up that keeps her motivated to work hard. You might find it contradictory, but she enjoys the jump rope for warm ups, boxing to tone her arms, and core and ballet to elongate her muscles.

6. Jennifer Aniston And The 10-Minute Workout Rule

Admit it. Despite the many benefits of working out and choosing a sport you can be passionate about, there are days where you feel like going to the gym is a chore. Believe it or not, even Jennifer Aniston knows how you feel. The difference between Jennifer and you is that she follows a 10-minute workout rule. This means even if she is not in the mood to work out, she gets on the machine for 10 minutes and lets the endorphins going. Since endorphins make her happy, she suddenly feels great and keeps going until she’s been on the treadmill for far more than 10 minutes.

7. Cheryl Burke Is All About Smaller Portions

Cheryl Burke and Dancing with the Stars are two concepts that go together. While dancing is the biggest contributor for her physique, for Burke, it’s all about controlling food intake. Cheryl Burke lost 15 pounds in 2014 and it’s not just because she has her dancing shoes on. The truth is she doesn’t deprive herself of the foods she wants. Instead, she controls how much she eats, usually half of what she normally consumes. This way, she’ll be able to minimize cravings.

8. Miranda Lambert And Being Creative With Veggies

If she’s not busy on stage and singing a song in front of thousands of people, Miranda Lambert is busy in her kitchen and being creative with her vegetables. Apparently for her, she never outgrew the anger against veggies. However, she knows the importance of adding them into the diet. Her solution: be creative with vegetables. She mixes broccoli with cheese or dips carrots in ranch dressing. She is also fond of green juice, just in case she is not in the mood to chew those vegetables.

9. Kristen Bell Makes It Up With A Friend

How often do you see your friends? If you have a hard time squeezing dinners in your busy schedules, then try doing activities together. In fact, this is what the voice behind Frozen’s Anna does to keep her fit these days. Instead of watching movies on Saturday, she and her friends plan physical activities, such as playing Frisbee, going bike riding or taking a hike with their dogs. It is a good bonding moment that keeps them physical fitness intact.

10. Zoe Saldana And Her Guardians of The Galaxy

She may be green in the movie but admit it. You can’t help but notice how fit Zoe Saldana was in Guardians of the Galaxy. She may be 36, but her hot bod is telling us otherwise. So, how did she do it? Exercise and the right diet, of course. She does a full body workout that emphasizes staying lean and strong. This means a lot of planks, squats and jumping lunges. A balanced diet plays an important role, too. She goes for the gluten-free, no artificial flavorings, no added sugar meal. Her typical meal includes lean protein, vegetables and complex carbohydrates to achieve the perfect balance.

11. Kelly Rowland Gets Creative With food

You already know that Miranda Lambert tries to bring out her creative side to include veggies in her diet. Even the one-third of Destiny’s Child does the same. In fact, this helped her manage her cravings in a healthier way. For instance, she uses butter lettuce leaves instead of flour tortilla for her fish tacos. In case she has a craving for steak, she grills Portobello mushrooms and adds a little goat cheese to achieve balance. If she is craving Reese’s peanut butter cups, she replaces them with a tablespoon of almond butter on half a banana. The point is try to be creative with your food in such a way that you can add the healthy aspect to it.

12. Jenna Dewan And Her After-Pregnancy Workout

Mrs. Channing Tatum could attribute her great bod to dancing. So, what’s keeping this hot mama busy these days? Dancing, of course. A non-stop 30-minute dance warm-up gets her started. Later on, it’s all about kickboxing, shadowboxing, resistance bands and punching. She’s into combination moves as well, which means there is planking, ab workouts and arm-toning exercises in between.

13. Nina Dobrev And Her Combination Workout

She became an It girl when she starred in CW’s The Vampire Diaries. Did you know that before her stint in Hollywood, this Russian beauty was a competitive gymnast? In fact, that’s what kept her fit all these years. Since she’s not into gymnastics anymore, she’s taken up surfing, hot yoga and spinning – all to keep this 24-year old as fit as ever. At the same time, Nina focuses on all-around fitness, such as strength, balance, coordination, endurance and flexibility. If you are wondering about her diet, Nina is into balanced meals. Her diet is not too restrictive, although she prefers the right carbs, less processed foods and more vegetables on her plate. Your favorite celebrity may have the body of a goddess, but she sure works hard for it. If she can do it, so can you. Welcome to the world of fitness.
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