11 Amazing Reasons Life Only Gets Better With Age

Life Only Gets BetterDoes life gets better with age? We think it is a resounding yes! Here are 11 reasons why life gets better when you grow older, just like the finest wine gets better with age.

1. The Longer You Live, The More Enemies Die

heart attackDespite the utter morbidity of this statement, it is complete truth. The longer you live, the more of an opportunity you have to see those who have wronged you die off. Truly, what goes around comes around and if you’re older then you’ve got a front row seat to watch karma come back around. Ever had that teacher that told you you’d amount to nothing? Well, when you hear the news that she suffered a brutal heart attack and plunged to a slow, painful death. You’ll feel a bit justified for her evil words, right? Let’s ignore the evilness of this for a second, and just realize that you’ll be witness to the old adage- you reap what you sow!

2. You Learn Your Strengths From Your Weaknesses

This one is of the utmost importance; analyzing your own strengths and weaknesses is key to being successful in anything you accomplish in life. Everyone is out there to be a critic. One employer may tell you you’re the worst leader they’ve ever seen in their lives and another may tell you you’re a natural. But in reality, what do they know? If you are comfortable enough with yourself then you let these comments roll off as quickly as they come in. You learn to shrug off the nasty comments and instead focus on your areas that need improvement.

3. You Ditch the Acquaintance

colleaguesWhen you’re in your teenage years and early twenties you’re surrounded by a large gang. These are the community of brothers, the teammates, the colleagues, they’re just always there. You’re expected to hang out with this large mob and attend the same gatherings as them. But, hey! When you are older, they magically disappear. You may keep in touch, but it becomes easier to say no to that random Wednesday night baseball game, you know, mostly because you have work tomorrow. Once you hit 30, you can surround yourself with those you want around, such as your family, friends, and a significant other. It really becomes easier to spend time with the ones that you want around you.

4. Despite Older Age, No One Knows What They’re Doing

Despite aging, there are people who hardly anyone know what they are doing. It seems to be acceptable when you are young and still figuring your life out, but the bittersweet truth is that many people just never get wise with aging. If you are truly effective and successful at your job that does not confirm that you are growing wiser and sensible. It’s easy for most people fake their way through some jobs on a day-to-day basis without knowing what they are doing. Have confidence in the fact that those surrounding you are no smarter than you are. Remember you may grow older, but you can’t grow wiser.

5. Happiness Peaks in Old Age

happiness improves and reaches a peak heightScientists have proven that around age 69, our happiness improves and reaches a peak height. When analyzing age groups in their late teens, these participants were notably less happy than those in their late sixties. Think about it. By the late sixties you’ve realized who you are, you probably have a lifelong partner, you’ve learned a lot about yourself and you can reflect on your accomplishments. Being old doesn’t sound too bad, now does it? Another study surveyed a group of thirty year olds and seventy year olds. While both groups seemed to believe that thirty year olds should be happier, the seventy year olds actually test higher in happiness.

6. Becoming Happier With the Little Things

Researchers are proving that psychologically we tend to appreciate ordinary, everyday pleasures as we age. As we realize that our time is precious, we begin to appreciate what we have. Whereas younger people tend to value extraordinary adventures, elder more sophisticated individuals appreciate everything, and we can only assume this is why they’re happier in general.

7. Looking Back and Appreciating Goals

ambitionIt makes sense to assume that it is much nicer to reminisce on the hard times of achieving a goal as opposed to the moments of struggle and strife. So it makes sense that once we lower our ambitions and stress level, we in turn become happier. Ambition can be a great thing, but ambition virtually is nonexistent simultaneously with happiness. Ambition induces stress and makes it impossible to be completely happy while striving to attain the world. Instead, the older individuals who realize they have been ambitious already can sit back and relax; dwell on their accomplishments and take a deep breath of relief.

8. Aging Promotes Acceptance

 Acceptance in general becomes more evident in older people: acceptance of oneself, one’s surroundings and environment, peace with reality, all of this is possible once we age. According to Buddha, acceptance of the inevitability to change everything determines satisfaction, and science proves this. Once we find peace with ourselves, we can in turn become happier beings.

9. Stability

stability in the jobIt’s no secret that as we age we become more stable. If the thought of settling down with a spouse and family scares you, there are other aspects of stability that should feel pretty great. On average, older adults have more stability in the job force than the younger generations. The fact is that as we age, we settle in job security and a future. Ignore the other factors if you will, but job security is pretty awesome. And don’t get me wrong, family and spouses are too.

10. People Ask You for Advice

It sounds silly, but for some reason people really value your opinion. Perhaps it’s the abundance of life experiences that you have had, or the more sophisticated way that you carry yourself – hopefully. However, regardless of the reason people seem to gravitate towards older adults for advice. Relish in it, enjoy it, and be yourself.

11. Older Adults Treat You Differently

As you age, elderly adults tend to respect you more. You’re not just the young coworker anymore. Rather you’re invited to dinners and sophisticated parties. You blend in with them, regardless of age gaps now, because you’re seen as a peer. GenF20Still not sold on the benefits of getting old? If you’re bothered by the not-so-flattering aging characteristics like wrinkles, sagging or a drop in energy, why not try a supplement to help you rejuvenate? Doctors promote healthy HGH balances, so opt for a HGH supplement like from GenF20. You have nothing to lose, and remember, you are more experienced in life as you age. And that’s a good thing.
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