Emotional Breakdown: 15 Ways to Safeguard Your Mental Health

Emotional-Breakdown-15-Ways-to-Safeguard-Your-Mental-HealthSometimes life throws challenges your way that can rattle the foundations of your emotions. Each and every one of us go through some troublesome things that we all have to deal with. There are some situations where everything will just play out and right itself. While other times, you will have to sort it out by yourself. Yes, many people go through tough times. Each one of us has a different way to cope with the challenges. While you remain strong and face anything life throws at you, you are only human and you will have a breaking point, too. This is why, despite how much you say you are fine, you still need to keep your emotional and mental health in check. If you are struggling to do that, here are 15 fast and simple things you can do right now to safeguard your mental health:

1. Stay Optimistic

PositivityPositivity is the first and most important factor in keeping your mental health intact. It’s true that there are many problems and challenges that you will have to face, but through it all there should be a gleam of positivity. It’s where you will draw your hope and strength. Staying positive despite what life throws at you is not a form of gullibility, but rather a form of strength. It helps you stay the course when you can see the good through all the bad.

2. Let It Go

The negative feelings, thoughts and emotions that you carry with you can be heavy and stressful. If you carry them with you every day, time will come when everything will burst out all at once, and bruise your emotions. Don’t let that happen. Although the challenges you encounter in life are something you don’t always have full control over, how it affects you is something that you can control. Let go of the negative vibes in your life and focus on the good things only.

3. Experience Life to the Fullest

Did you ever hear that saying: “Life is what happens when you are too busy making a living”? It’s a true statement that most of us choose to ignore. Yes, our intentions are good – working hard to provide for the family and secure the future – but not too much that you forget to sit back and enjoy what life has given you. Watch your kids grow. Be there for the monumental events in their lives and be there for your partner when they need your help, or just want your company. Time is a valuable treasure that you cannot take back. Spend it with the people and experiences that truly matter to you.

4. Trust Your Journey in Life

TrustEven if sometimes you may feel that life has not favored you, as long as you have air to breath, you are lucky. Always think that you are. Trust life. Trust living. Life has so much to offer if you just look in the right places. You may not see it now, but if you keep looking and trusting life, you will see it soon enough.

5. Love Yourself

It’s true what they say that in order to learn to love others, you must first learn to love yourself. It all starts from within. Positivity, happiness, love – it all starts within you and your motivation to feel the good things. Give yourself time. Pamper yourself, read and travel, and buy things that will make you happy. If you can’t afford them, start saving for them, one at a time. If you know how to give to yourself, you will know how to give to others. The feeling of sharing is so much more than just happiness.

6. Accept Your Flaws

Sometimes the only person who is holding us back is our own selves. Pride is a dangerous trait that no one should ever possess. When you let go of your pride, you will see that there are actually many people who are willing to be there for you. You just have to accept your limits. Accept your flaws. No one is perfect. We all need someone to help us out. Let go of pride and reach out to those who can’t. Helping each other is one of the best ways to keep a positive outlook in life.

7. Stay Connected With Family

familyYour family is your basic source of strength. Despite your current relationship with your parents or your siblings, there is an invisible bond that will always connect you to them. This is where you will draw your courage to face the outside world and the unfamiliar. Your family is your fortress. Even with the busy schedule or work life that you have and no matter what the distance, always find time to connect with your family. It’s not so hard with today’s technology. You will be amazed at how much strength you can draw from one tap on the back by a sibling or parents.

8. Bond With Friends

Friends are our key to having fun and also grounding us most times. Your friends can be your anchor, your confidante and your source of strength when things in life don’t go as you have planned. Of course, true friends are there in good and bad times, too. It is only right that you share your good times with them as well. Hand out and bond with friends. Make time to catch up with them. True friends are treasures that you can have forever and will never leave you.

9. Say Thank You More

Expressing gratitude is a good way of lightening your mood, especially if you’ve had a rough day. Saying “thank you” to those people you meet or work with who have done even the simplest actions for you can be heart warming, and can make you both feel good. Gratitude also means showing your appreciation. Appreciating the small things in your life will give you more room to appreciate the big things more. This can promote positivity in yourself and in others, too.

10. Manage Your Time

Most people who feel burdened or challenged with the things they go through often do because of lack of time management. They often think that there are too much things to do for a short span of time, or there is no time left at all to rest. Managing your time can help you work through a schedule where you can also make time for yourself and for rest. Following a schedule is not tedious, as long as you do it so you can use your time efficiently.

11. Get the Right Amount of Sleep

Sleeping is a vital part not only for your physical health, but also for your mental health and other aspects of your wellbeing. When you sleep, you allow your body and brain to rest from all activities, and freshen up to start anew. Lack of sleep can affect your mood and eventually, your attitude. This can lead to mental and even social problems. Lack of sleep can have many negative effects to your overall wellbeing. Therefore, you should always get the right amount of sleep.

12. Stay Active

There’s this saying that goes: “Idle minds are breeding grounds for unwanted thoughts.” This is true. If you choose to lay around all day, certain unwanted thoughts may come to your mind that could ruin your happiness and positivity. If you stay active – exercise, jog or find a new hobby – you are exposing yourself to new things. You are also enhancing your creativity, which can lead to pure happiness.

13. Pay Attention to the Now

Don’t live in the past – you can’t undo it. Don’t live in the future – you don’t know yet what will happen. Regretting the past, or being anxious about the future can lead to great anxiety. Instead, live in the now. Now is where you get to experience everything for real. Now is what you have that you can control. Live for the present, not the past or future.

14. Be Strong

Through all these and through all the challenges you go through in life, strive to be strong. Even if you have family and your friends around, everything will still start from within you. It will always be your choice, and whatever you choose will determine your happiness. So, choose to be strong, and to stand against all odds in life. Tell yourself that you are tough and stand up tall. Think positively and believe in yourself. However, if things become overwhelming, it’s time to ask for help from friends and family.

15. Smile

SmileAs the song goes: “Smile though your heart is aching.” The truth is that life is full of obstacles and whether you like it or not, you have to face them. You only have one life to live. Why live it in regret, doubt or pain? Take every waking moment and choose to be happy. You only live once, so smile. It is no question that you also need to keep your mental health in check because it is a vital part of your being. There will be days when you feel like nothing is going right. You know what you need to do? You go left. It’s not just a pun or a joke, it’s true. When life throws some challenges at you, try changing your course and see everything from a different perspective. Life is always beautiful; you just need to maintain a positive attitude to see that it is.
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