10 Nutrients to Feed Men’s Hair and Keep Baldness at Bay

10-Nutrients-to-Feed-Mens-Hair-and-Keep-Baldness-at-BayThe loss of a man’s hair can be an extremely traumatic experience. Baldness occurs at various ages to many men, and can often represent a stressful time of their lives. A man’s hair is a part of his image and identity, and the uncontrollable loss of one’s locks can also lead to losses in happiness and self-assurance. The balding process is a naturally occurring part of life that affects a large percentage of men in old age. However, there are still many males out there who would love to avoid this stressful development. Unfortunately, hair loss is no longer affecting just the elderly, with more and more young men becoming bald each year due to modern stressful lifestyles, and the prevalence of new medical conditions. What Are The Causes Of Baldness? There are many possible causes for a man losing his locks.
  • AgingAging: As previously mentioned, this is a natural process and it’s perfectly normal for an older man to go bald as the development of new hair follicles is surpassed by the rate at which hair strands are lost. Aging is therefore the most common explanation for the loss of hair.
  • Genes: Another common cause is in our genes. Baldness goes on from father to son, especially in the younger cases. When a man sheds his hair in his youthful years, there’s a decent probability of his son suffering a similar fate.
  • Diseases: Certain diseases can also contribute to hair loss in various ways. For instance, a cancer patient who has to go through chemotherapy will lose hair due to this procedure. Meanwhile, the disease known as alopecia areata, or AA, directly triggers baldness as its primary symptom. The presence of a disease in the body also often leads to stress, and this in turn can also be a major factor in a man going bald.
  • Stress: Speaking of stress, as previously mentioned, modern lifestyles are far more hectic than in years gone by, and stress is becoming a more prominent part of our lives. This has naturally led to baldness becoming more common in the younger generations.
  • Hormonal Imbalances: Hormonal imbalances are also responsible for this process, and in particular, the hormone known as DHT. A certain part of hair follicles known as the papilla remains in constant contact with the bloodstream, in order to provide the hair strand with its required nutrients.
hair lossIf DHT gets into contact with this papilla, it blocks the transmission of those vital nutrients, resulting in reduced hair growth and ultimately, hair loss. DHT is a naturally produced hormone and is necessary for other processes in the body. But, individuals with too much DHT will see their hair strands wither and fall out over time. Other, less common factors that influence the loss of hair include exposure to radiation, direct injuries to the head, excessive use of damaging shampoos or other hair products, poor diet and the side effects of certain medicines. How To Prevent Losing Your Hair There are various methods used today to reduce the risks of baldness.
  • A Healthy Diet for Healthy Hair: Junk foods are no good for any part of your body, including your hair. The sort of diet that you will need in order to promote hair growth and keep baldness at bay should include plenty of protein-rich foods like fish, meat and eggs.
Hair follicles are mostly made of protein, and so this sort of diet should ensure that your body has the required nutrients to replenish your hair and keep it healthy. Plenty of vitamins will also help to keep the entire bodily process,including areas responsible for hair development, running smoothly. You should certainly take some vitamin supplements and munch on lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Work Out To Stimulate Hair Growth: Regular exercise is a great way of keeping your body and your hair healthy. You need to remember that hair follicles get their essential nutrients from your bloodstream. When we exercise, our blood flows at an increased rate and improves overall circulation. This helps to deliver more nutrients to the hair cells.
baldnessExercise is also a great way of reducing stress levels and helping us feel calmer and more at ease, this in turn will also be of assistance in the fight against baldness.
  • Boost Your Blood Flow With Scalp Massages: As previously discussed, the bloodstream provides nutrients to the hair follicles, and this is essential for hair growth. A simple scalp massage can stimulate the capillaries in this area and increase the flow of blood to individual hair strands, thus promoting their development. A massage is also a good method of stress-release, helping one to relax and feel healthier.
All-Natural Solutions For Baldness Unfortunately, there are no miracle cures for baldness just yet, but there are plenty of natural remedies you can consider if you are in the process of losing your hair. While there are plenty of products one can buy in stores to supposedly cure the effects of hair loss, these products are often full of chemicals and might end up doing more harm than good in the long-term. In these situations, it’s more helpful to use natural products which benefit the body, without any harmful side effects. Many herbs and vitamins are available for the effective treatment of hair loss. Here are the top 10 natural remedies:

1. He Shou Wu Herbs For Hair Restoration

hair folliclesThe herb, He Shou Wu, has been used in Chinese medicinal practices throughout history. It is extremely effective in treating hair loss as it prevents the creation of DHT, which is the enzyme that causes baldness by blocking the passage of vital nutrients to the hair follicles. He Shou Wu is also effective at boosting the body’s levels of superoxide dismutase, also known as SOD. SOD is an enzyme that helps to protect cells and boost their activity levels, thus increasing their lifespan. The healthier cells result in a healthier body overall, including the hair on one’s head. Yet another miraculous effect of He Shou Wu is its influence on melanin production. This is an important chemical in terms of hair growth and hair coloration. He Shou Wu helps to increase melanin levels, keeping our hair from going grey and falling out. Finally, this wonder herb is also capable of reducing cholesterol levels, thus boosting the body’s blood flow and making you look and feel much healthier overall, as well as on top of your head.

2. Saw Palmetto Is A Super Hair Serum

Saw palmetto is the name of a small pine tree. Native Americans used the extracts of the fruit of this tree for many years to treat various ailments. It is, nowadays, a common treatment of prostate enlargement. Saw palmetto extract is rich in fatty acids and helpful phytosterols. These phytosterols are able to reduce the presence of harmful DHT within the body. Conversion of testosterone forms DHT, and the phytosterols work to prevent this conversion process from happening. The reduced amount of DHT results in more nutrients being provided to the hair cells and thus a healthier head of hair overall.

3. Ginkgo Biloba Is Great For Hair Growth

Asian used Ginkgo biloba, also commonly known as the maidenhair tree, in medicines for many years. This natural remedy is capable of boosting the body’s blood flow. The increased flow of blood helps to deliver more nutrients all around the body, including to the hair follicles. Each strand of hair needs to receive a regular supply of important minerals to survive and grow, and ginkgo biloba helps to maintain this supply by keeping the blood flowing smoothly and rapidly.

4. Olive Oil Cleans And Protects Hair

Olive oil is yet another natural remedy that can boost the body’s functions both through consumption and physical application. Due to the monounsaturated fats found within olive oil, it works as a healthier alternative to butter or fattier oils. It also reduces the risk of cholesterol and thus aiding with the bloodstream in the body. You can apply olive oil as a hair mask directly onto the head. When used this way, olive oil acts like a hair conditioner, strengthening each individual strand and coating them with a protective layer. Hair treated in this way also becomes shinier and cleaner.

5. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Reduce The Risk Of Baldness

Researchers have discovered more and more health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids as the years go by. These miraculous fatty acids help in the treatment of depression, heart diseases, and developmental disorders. They can also be beneficial in the fight against hair loss. The anti-inflammatory nature of omega-3 fatty acids helps to reduce the risk of dandruff, which can be harmful for the hair. The consumption of these acids, found commonly in fish, can lead to a healthier scalp and reduced risks of baldness.

6. Aloe Vera Is Amazing For Hair Protection

The extract of aloe vera is highly effective for skin and hair disorders. This product is a major component of many beauty products and skin creams, and is widely-known for its health-boosting and soothing effects. It is certainly one of the safest and most accessible natural remedies of modern times. When used to prevent hair loss, aloe vera helps by neutralising the acidity levels of the scalp, maintaining a balance and preventing this area from becoming inflamed.One can use this treatment by applying extracts of aloe vera plant directly to the head, or by simply using one of the many shampoos or conditioners that contain aloe vera, available in many stores.

7. Green Tea Works Wonders On Hair

Green tea is becoming widely-consumed for its numerous health benefits. It helps with weight loss, detoxing, and also to regulate and reverse the hair loss process. Researchers have done many studies upon this Asian beverage due to its popularity. The results of the studies prove the benefits it can bring to those suffering with the early onset of baldness. The antioxidants and polyphenols found within a cup of green tea can greatly boost the body’s well-being. It contains several elements that are known for their hair-friendly properties like vitamin’s C, E, and A, zinc, and selenium. It is also capable of blocking DHT, the enzyme responsible for the degradation and loss of hair follicles. You can drink Green tea regularly to see its amazing effects. You can also use it in shampoos and lotions for a more direct method of hair treatment.

8. Stinging Nettle Root Keeps Your Locks Living

Stinging nettleStinging nettle root is another all-natural remedy to repair and restore damaged hair. Extracts of this root are capable of protecting men from the onset of hereditary hair loss, the most common cause of baldness worldwide. Users of this natural remedy speak of its effective properties and capacity to block harmful DHT production, allowing each individual hair to remain healthy and receive the nutrients it requires. Just remember to buy the root of the stinging nettle, not the leaves, as they have entirely different medicinal purposes.

9. Dong Quai Saves Men From Baldness

Dong quai, also known as female ginseng, is a Chinese herb that has been used in traditional medicine for many years. It works to balance female hormones and aid with sexual problems. However, studies have also shown that this herb is also an effective natural treatment for hair loss in men. As with many of the other natural remedies listed above, dong quai is able to block the conversion of testosterone into DHT. DHT is harmful to hair and is a leading cause of baldness. Dong quai contains phytoestrogens that prevent the build-up of DHT and thus protect the hair from its harmful effects. You can take this herb directly or in various other methods such as tablets, gels, teas and even injections. Consult your local herbalist or health store to learn more about the various methods of taking dong quai.

10. Horsetail Helps To Regrow Hair

HorsetailHorsetail, also known as equisetum, is an increasingly popular natural product that can help to reverse the effects of hair loss. Extracts of horsetail are rich in amino acids and phytosterols, which help to make individual hairs stronger and help them live longer. Horsetail can also remove any excess oils on the scalp that are preventing the passage of vital nutrients to the hair. If you have noticed any of the signs of hair loss, it’s vital that you start some form of treatment as soon as possible. If you can strengthen your hair and reduce the build-up of DHT and other harmful substances,you can reverse the effects of baldness and make your hair strong and lively once again. If left untreated, the process of hair loss will only continue until no hair remains. Various clinical treatments are available for the treatment of hair loss, but many of them often come with undesirable side effects and sometimes offer a little chance of success for a high price. Many natural remedies are also available, offering a much cheaper and safer alternative to certain clinical practices or chemical-ridden products. The natural remedies listed above offer effective treatments without any of the nasty side effects, and the most important thing is to act quickly, as all of these treatments are most effective when applied in time. If you are a bit tight on time to try any of the herbal medicines mentioned above, you can use HGH releasers from GenF20. It is another natural solution for hair loss with the capacity to prevent baldness and regrow any hair that has been previously lost.
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