How to Perform Full Body Workouts the Right Way to Gain Muscle

Consider this fact: Modern living is all about being successful at your workplace, having a beautiful love life or family life, and engaging in extracurricular activities in your spare time, each of which can be demanding on their own. Add on top of that an extensive workout regimen to get a killer body, and it won’t be long until you snap. There are many people who are not sure how to balance all their work related and familial commitments with regular workouts. They are on the verge of giving up on their fitness dreams, as they are not aware of simple and easy full body workouts that they can fit in their daily routine. You can avail the variegated benefits of full body workouts,just by following the tips enumerated in this article. Without giving away too much at once, let’s jump ahead to tell you everything you need to know about full body workouts.

1. Making a Choice: An Overview of Full Body Workouts

Full Body WorkoutsKeeping it real as always, like everything good in life, full body workouts also need a lot of hard work but the results make it well worth it. Probably the hard work is why people generally skip full body workouts in favor of the time consuming, and often ineffective exercises and workout regimen. In full body workouts, you have to keep a fitness goal in your mind before you start out. Maximum muscle contraction will be facilitated by heavy weights in a single workout, while allowing for a quick recovery from muscle pain, so that you can train hard, without giving in to the over training induced burnouts. You don’t need to train a specific part of your body, but rather you exercise your whole body within the duration of a total body workout. There are two types of full body workouts:
  • Firstly, where you need to perform isolation exercises which target individual muscle groups, one by one.
  • Secondly, where by performing fewer movements you will be able to target multiple muscle groups at once.
One such workout is the 300 Workout, inspired by the Spartan movie, 300. It involves a variety of exercises that target areas all over the body. The best thing about a full body workout routine is that you can derive the most benefits even in the first three or six months, that is the beginner phase when you are just starting out with weight training. You can either choose between exercising on alternate days, or training three times a week on consecutive days.
In the next phase; however, there’s not much margin for error, and you must be diligent about how you oversee your progress. There will be challenges in the intermediate and advanced stages of full body exercises, but once you take the difficulties in your stride, it will be a smooth ride from then on.

2. Love Your Body and It Will Love You Back: The Benefits of a Total Body Workout

There are innumerable benefits of full body workouts such as:
  • squatsBurn more calories in less time.Full body workouts for men are time efficient in the sense that you can burn more calories in a session than you would have, even if you engaged in simple workouts for the whole day. Since you would be required to exercise many muscle groups at once, while performing lunges or squats, you would need to expend more energy in order to supply oxygen to the muscles under stress, and coordinate your workout movements.
  • Build more muscle. Honestly, you can try hundreds, even thousands, of training routines to build up your muscle mass. Full body workouts for mass allow you to train all your muscle groups multiple times in a week, rather than leaving your muscle exercises to ‘leg day’; thus, the chances of building muscle with the help of a full body workout routine naturally
  • Increase strength. Which guy doesn’t want superhero strength like that of The Hulk? You know that full body workouts are the way to go if you wish to increase your bodily strength.
You need to put in a whole body effort if you have to execute the bench press variations, dead lifts and squats, which are an integral part of a full body workout. The diurnal challenge that your body experiences to perform such difficult exercises will steadily increase your strength.
  • Maximize workout efficiency. Full body workouts make the most of the time you have on hand by investing in multiple exercise machines such as leg curls, hip and leg extensions. Someone used to the same old workout plans would find it a little odd multitasking when exercising.
  • Boost the cardiovascular system. Any kind of physical exertion benefits the cardiovascular system. You can guess how the effective full body workouts would help your cardiovascular system to get into shape.
Your red blood cells, blood vessels, muscles, which pump blood to your body and the muscles constituting your skeletal system, all increase in number and size so that the transportation of blood and consequently oxygen would be smoother. In addition, your body will be able to eliminate waste more quickly. You can bid adieu to chances of blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks completely.

3. How Well Does a Full Body Workout Routine Work?

gymYou may see your macho friends spending their entire day at the gym and yet, at the end of it, their muscle growth remains the same. Just by spending a fraction of the time your friends spend at the gym by doing full body workouts, you can double your cardio routine, while transitioning from the small to the large muscle groups. Not only will you see gain in muscle mass, but also superior body strength. You will see that, just by picking up weights and letting them touch the ground when you are done, will show remarkable results. But, what will happen when you step out of the newbie phase of your workout? Here are the answers to your long-lasting questions, so that you can know how well full body workout at homeworks: More Long-term Results: While all other exercises and workouts stop being effective from the intermediate stage of weight lifting onwards, full body workouts prove to be beneficial, not only the intermediary but also in the advanced phases of training. However, it is worth noting that you must be aware of some drawbacks that you might face, while performing full body workouts. Using Your Own Body Weight: There is a limit to how much compound and heavy lifting you can do within the scope of a single workout and unfortunately, entire body workouts are mostly about that. Now, you will probably wonder how ordinary people will be able to perform such heavy weightlifting exercises. Some people resort to vitamins to build up their muscles, but those who aren’t afraid to work hard at it, choose heavy lifting to be stronger. There will come a time when your muscles will stop hurting, and you too will be able to perform weight lifting with ease. Full body workouts encourage you to include military and bench presses, squats and deadlift on top of the taxing weight lifting routine. Besides, there always remains the likelihood of your body giving up on you, and your energy levels dropping, as you progress with each exercise, preventing muscle growth. You should be aware that such demanding workouts often change the order in which you perform the exercises, so that you get to perform each of them at a time when you are least exhausted. You can gain up to 180 reps individually in each muscle group, with full body workouts. hardcore exercisingBeware of Strains and Pains: The drawback you can face in full body workouts is that there is a persistent risk of strains, soft tissue injuries and joint problems, which take a long time to heal. Also, you might feel that such hardcore exercising isn’t your cup of tea, and you might lapse into your lazy, unhealthy lifestyle once again. It is imperative that you start your full body workout with dedication, and drive that you won’t give up no matter how many hurdles you face. Make sure you balance your extensive training with a proper diet and sleep and you should be fine.

How Effective Are Human Growth Hormone Supplements?

Gen F20 Plus is a HGH supplement which fights aging, and gives you the same results as full body workoutswith half the effort, in case you aren’t someone who has the time to exercise daily. You will be required to consume four pills a day and you can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Faster metabolism
  • Better sleep
  • Increased focus and greater memory
  • Diminished wrinkles, laugh lines, and age spots
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Clearer vision
  • Increased bone density which leads to stronger bones
  • Increased physical stamina
  • Strengthened nails
  • Better mood
  • Mental sharpness
  • Skin that looks smoother and firmer
  • Restored hair color and condition
  • Faster metabolism
  • Stronger immune system
  • Increased lean muscle and physical stamina
  • Decreased body fat
  • Better sex drive
Experts advise you to couple the full body workouts with the intake of the Gen F20 Plus pill, and only then would you be able to get the best of both worlds.

4. Is a Full Body Workout for Men the Right Choice for You?

weightliftingExperts consider full body weightlifting workout and full body workouts without weights to be the best training program for beginners, who are just starting out in their journey to accomplish fitness goals. It is also suitable for those who want to increase their body strength or even achieve an athletic, entirely sport related fitness ideal. Those who don’t have much time for exercise and can only spend three days a week exercising, full body workouts can be perfect for them. It will also be beneficial for those undergoing a metabolic training, where you direct your entire workout routine towards shedding calories. It builds your muscle mass, and that is probably why you will see the majority of body builders engaging in heavy weight lifting, as if their life depended on it. You should steer clear of full body workouts otherwise you might risk injuries.

5. What Are the Basic Rules of Full Body Exercises?

Here are a few basic rules of exercises that you should be aware of:
  • Work the major muscle groups. Training experts advise you to focus on the four major muscle groups of the chest, back, legs and abs, when you are performing a full body workout.
You might think that getting your biceps and triceps into shape would be enough but unfortunately, that’s not the case. You can build the leg muscles by walking for a long time at a brisk pace, abs muscles by doing crunches, back muscles with rowing exercises, and chest muscles by doing pushups
  • Practice form first. If you experience muscle injuries frequently while exercising, know that you can get rid of all the pain, just by correcting your posture while you work out.
When you are doing squats, don’t allow your knees to bend inward, while if you are doing a deadlift, you can just maintain the curvature of your natural lumbar. On the other hand, if you are doing a shoulder press, you should mimic the motion a plane with your shoulders.
  • Lift heavy. There’s a reason why nothing beats heavy weightlifting. Your muscles will start appearing more defined. Your body fat and calories will be quickly burned. You would be able to prevent your chances of having osteoporosis in old age, and you will build your strength faster than in any other workout programs.
  • gain of strengthMulti-joint exercises are superior over single-joint moves. While single joint moves involve isolation exercises, which only one specific joint to undergo a full range of motion. On the other hand, multi joint exercises are compound exercises which utilize multiple joints at once. With multi joint exercises, there will be huge gain of strength, more shedding of the calorie count and the movement patterns will teach you how you can move better.
  • Do multiple sets of an exercise. The most fatal, yet usual mistake that the beginner makes whilst approaching full body workouts is that they only train one part of their body in a day which leads to an unbalanced physique. The right way to go about it is to perform multiple sets of an exercise dividing your time of workout between each of them, so that your entire body stays in shape.
  • Too heavy or too light is too bad. Don’t get over enthusiastic and choose a heavy weight. Likewise, it is inadvisable to choose a light weight at first. An intermediate weight, one can lift is up to 30 times at once.
  • Perform one exercise per muscle group. Full body workouts will enable you to increase your size up to an extent. After that, you need to perform one exercise per muscle group so as to enjoy maximum development of size. Experts’ advice stretch and cable crossovers, and decline presses for those who want to activate exceptional growth of fiber.
  • Keep your workout to an hour or less. Medical opinions state that you need to keep your workout span within one hour or less. Full body workouts with their short duration become the ideal fit in such circumstances. If you wish to train harder, you need to make sure that you don’t engage in strenuous physical activity at a stretch and rather take a break now and then.
  • Consume a post-workout shake immediately after training. Post workout protein shakes are quite popular. However, recent research shows that you can drink a protein shake before your workout and you will be able to fuel your muscles, increase protein synthesis and burn more calories simultaneously.
  • lose fatChange the order of your workouts. Rather than following a routine in your workouts, try to switch the order of the exercises every time you go to the gym and you will be able to lose fat, and gain strength quicker than ever before.
  • Take a short rest between sets. Your rest period between sets becomes mandatory, because you want your body to be completely replenished before you move on to the next set. If you are doing strength training, the rest period should be three minutes while you are hypertrophy training, only one to two minutes will suffice. Endurance training will require you to rest for 45 seconds, which you can extend up to two minutes or more.
  • Get at least 48 hours of rest between workouts. Since full body workouts are one of the most intense workout routines out there, experts advise you to get 48 hours of rest between the workouts. This allows your body to recuperate, especially in the beginner phase of your workout.
  • Strive to do a little more during each workout. Doing the same thing repeatedly in the workouts can get a tad boring, and each one of you requires a positive stimulus to move on to a higher level of physical well-being.
Also, if you don’t switch up your workout routine, there always remains a chance that your body would stop responding to the hard work you are putting into it. Your goal should be to do something new or take a step ahead from the last time, no matter how small it might be, so that you can face challenges and champion them on a regular basis.

6. What Are the Different Type of Exercises?

Read below to learn about a few of the effective exercises:
  • Back: For the lower back, you should do stiff legged good mornings and hyperextensions. For the middle back you should practice seated cable row and bent over barbell squats or rows, while for the lats and traps, you should do pull ups, barbell shrugs, wide grip lat pull down and upright rows.
  • ChestBiceps: Incline hammer curls, incline inner biceps curls, ez bar curl, standing concentration curl, wide grip standing barbell curl, Zottman curl, dumbbell biceps curl or overhead cable curl would be amongst the most efficient bicep exercises.
  • Chest: Your chest is the first thing everyone would notice in your workout selfie so you should make sure it stays in shape with exercises. These are one arm flyes, medicine ball pushups, incline flyes, one arm stability ball presses and pushups with rotations.
  • Triceps: For overall increase in triceps mass, you need to do workout on the dip machine, the close grip barbell bench press, the V bar pull down and the seated dumbbell press. Moving on, you should achieve stronger definition in your triceps, then start out with machine triceps extension, while placing emphasis on lateral, long and medial head.
  • Shoulders: You should exercise your shoulders by doing barbell shoulder press, dumbbell side laterals, as well as bent over dumbbell rear raises, with your head-on bench.
  • Calves: You can exercise your calves by doing seated calf raises, followed by standing calf raise, leg press calf raises, and finally donkey calf raise.
  • Legs: Leg training should always be done making the most of leg presses and heavy barbell squats. If you wish to try something new in leg training, you can always go the body weight exercise routine, which would require you to perform single leg box squats and kin squats with alternating split squat jumps.
  • Abs: Total body weight training is the only way to get those six pack abs that all the girls seem to be mad about. It is all about contracting the muscles in your gut to kick the residual fat out of your system.
healthy bodyHopefully, by the time you reach the end of this article, you will have realized why full body workouts are the way to go where your fitness goals are concerned. Just be sure you don’t fall back on your couch potato habits after reading these effective tips, but rather, work hard for a healthy body. Your life will change. Make sure you are there to witness it.
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