Getting Old: You Know It When You Do These…

Young And OldThey say life begins at 40 and being old is something you cannot escape. That’s true. No matter how many aging creams you put on your face or drinking green tea endlessly to get rid of toxins that ruin your body, you’re still going to get old and gray. Wrinkles and age spots will have their way to appear on your once youthful appearance. And yes, that includes celebrities too – though they have more money to go through Botox and plastic surgery to make them look younger. And don’t rely on your baby face, unless you’re Emma Bunton of the Spice Girls. Sooner or later, you’re going to be some kid’s parent, your sister’s aunt or uncle, the much-hated boss and pretty much an annoying older adult. In fact, hitting “old age” may seem like a breeze, and you probably wouldn’t even notice it sneaking up on you stealthily, unless you pay attention to these ten signs.

1. Slang Becomes An Alien Language

notebookWhen you were younger, learning new words and phrases is like a subject taught in school. Sure, you may not have memorized every word in Webster’s dictionary, but you can remember something, because your mind is still fresh. And admit it, you even have a notebook that contains all the acronyms, just so you won’t feel left out when your friends talk about “fetch” or whatever words kids make up during your time. Apparently, growing up and getting old slows down your learning capacity. You’re not being mocked here. It is part of the normal aging process which you have to learn how to deal with. So yes, all of a sudden, you don’t know what “cray cray” or “din din” or “brekky” means and even cringe at hearing them. Just in case you don’t know, YOLO means “you only live once.”

2. You Have No Choice But To Dress According To Your Age

When you were younger, experimenting on clothes is normal and acceptable.You can even combine neon on floral prints and still be regarded as “fashionable,” because you have your own style.
In other words, the younger you can work on any type of clothes and its okay.You’re young, so the hell with what other people will think, right? Until you realize you’re past the 20s mark and wearing frocks and midriff becomes awkward. Even if you wanted that cute dress from Forever 21, you suddenly find yourself standing in line with a couple of teens, so you decided to toss the dress away and leave the store. Then you just cry inside and pity yourself, because you’re never going to wear anything that young kids wear these days. Unless you want to be labeled as the “old lady who can’t dress her age,” so go ahead and shop at Forever 21.

3. Entertainment Becomes Predictable

video gameYou loved “Sixth Sense” and you think “Star Wars” was one of the best sci-fi animated films ever created. Until year 2000 came along and you realized that 3D is the coolest thing and the animation you’ve seen during the 80’s is nothing compared to the movies today. Aside from that, every movie, video game and television shows become the same for you – story wise. Blame it on the countless shows you’ve seen, but you just realized that storytellers these days can’t offer something new and exciting. You feel that everything is just a continuation or adaptation of the entertainment shown 30 years ago. And you’re not being KJ or smartass. Your experience merely taught you how things were done, only it looks better now.

4. Technology Isn’t Exciting Anymore

You probably lived in the age where computers and big mobile phones with huge antennas are starting to become the coolest things. But, in this day and age, even if you are well-versed with computers, you just don’t see the need anymore, unless it’s for work. Good thing you can still tell the difference among Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and you surely know what WordPress and Tumblr are – or do you? Unlike the younger generation, it’s not that appealing to you anymore. Yes, you have iPhone, but you don’t mind getting stuck with iPhone 3, until now. You don’t even understand why Apple and Samsung launch new phones every three months. And no, you don’t need to take it out on your blog just to rant how bad your day went. You have real friends for that.

5. Debates Can Be Tiring To Listen To

debatesActivism and making your own identity, which can equate to rebellion, was once part of your life.You have your own take on things and whoever opposes your ideals and beliefs must know what he’s going to get into. And surely, communication, more like confrontation, skills taught you how to deal with people and even applied it as you work your way on top. Suddenly, you came to a point where debates are just tiring to listen to. And yes, you heard about every point of view on practically every debatable issue and you realized nothing new is being presented. The only difference is that the younger ones are delivering a speech about the same-old issues you fought for, but with better diction and intonation.

6. Doctors From Different Specializations Are On Your Speed Dial

When you were younger, you rely on your mom and her circle of doctor friends every time you’re sick. Twenty years after, you scroll down on your contacts and you realized you have made friends with doctors, too. Aside from your kids’ pediatrician, you also found yourself on a first name basis with an osteopath, cardiologist, gynecologist and whoever doctor that can work their charms just to cure your “medical issues,” that are also associated with aging.

7. Friends That Have Gone M-I-A

more friendsHigh school and college is a time where having more friends on your Friend ster account is as important as passing a subject in school. You practically knew everyone on your dorm and memorized every name of kids your age in your neighborhood. Ten years after, you ask yourself where they are and wondering if they even stop to think about you, too. And even if you do see your self-proclaimed closest friends, it happens only once a year if you’re lucky and all of your schedules permit it. Thank heavens there is Facebook. At least you have an idea with what’s going on with their lives, even if they don’t say it to you directly.

8. Changing Interests

You have probably saved every penny in your allowance just to buy the latest record of Aerosmith. You probably have tons of posters of N Sync and Spice Girls hanging on your walls. You read a lot of Sweet Valley novels, which you bought from the latest neighbor garage sale. Even night outs with a friend means going from one bar to another and getting drunk until you can’t remember how you ended up in your room. A few years after, you find yourself still saving every dollar you have, but for your retirement fund or kids’ tuition fee. You exchange your CDs for home décor or furniture, or even bed sheets from Bath, Bed & Beyond. And instead of going out to get drunk, you’d rather stay at home and get a nice, warm bubble bath. Oh, the things you do when you get old.

9. You Start To Pay Attention To Your Health

heartYou may not notice it, but during your younger years, you don’t care too much about your heart or liver. All you care about is having fun and getting drunk and dancing the night away.  That’s fine, until you realized that your body starts to get back at you. Two things: either you abused your body too much, it can’t handle the alcohol inside anymore, or you’re just getting old. Or both. Which leads you back to number six, you have every doctor in the hospital near you on your speed dial.

10. You Are Willing To Pay Just To Bring Your Youth Back

Have you checked your dresser lately? If it has tons of anti-aging creams and multivitamins that stunts aging, then you are really getting old. Don’t worry. Millions of people around the world share the sentiment. Apparently, aging is something that you can’t reverse. And don’t even bother thinking about Benjamin Button because, a) He doesn’t exist and b) You’re too old to fall for that type of story, so grow up. Although aging is something that you can’t stop, there are many ways to delay it, or even help you age gracefully. Regular exercise and proper diet should be on top of your priority list. SmilingSmiling a lot can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. And as much as possible, look for ways to get away from stress. Take a break, get a massage, go on a vacation, or even find time to attend to your personal needs. In case you haven’t found the fountain of youth yet, then there’s good news for you. GenF20 Plus is the number one HGH releaser available in the market and is scientifically proven to increase HGH levels to delay aging. You get to experience diminished wrinkles and age spots, faster metabolism, greater memory and focus and even strengthened immune system. Yes, you can still get your youth back by taking GenF20 Plus.
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