HGH: 6 Good Uses for a Hormone with a Bad Rap        

HGH-6-Good-Uses-for-a-Hormone-with-a-Bad-RapIt’s true that everyone seems to tremble in fear when they hear the mention of HGH. However, what if we told you that human growth hormone is actually beneficial for your health? There are indeed many positive uses for taking human growth hormone supplements. Fight the stigma of HGH and learn more about this important hormone. Here are 10 good uses for human growth hormone, despite its bad rap. Learn why you may want to seriously consider taking human growth hormone releasers, in addition to the reasons behind the bad rap in the first place. What’s All the Fuss About HGH? The first thing we have to discuss is the background of HGH. Before we judge the hormone and assume the bad rap is true, we need to understand more about it. HGH stands for human growth hormone, and our bodies naturally produce it. Therefore, you currently have growth hormones in your body as you read this article. The body usually holds approximately 500 micrograms of human growth hormone within the bloodstream for the average 20 to 30 year old. The amount of HGH within our system dwindles as we age. After the age of 30, approximately one quarter of our HGH production decreases every decade.  This means that by the time we are 60, our body has lost approximately 75 percent of its human growth hormone output. Since the 1920’s, doctors have been researching HGH and its benefits. Since then, bodybuilders have taken the hormone and blown it way out of control. Let’s talk about why it is that there is a negative stigma attached to this helpful hormone. Why Does Everyone Think HGH Is So Bad? The bad rap associated with HGH is mainly because of its usage in bodybuilding. While there is nothing wrong with bodybuilding, there is certainly something wrong with a bodybuilder abusing human growth hormone use and allowing this bad rap to occur. We will be discussing the benefits of HGH, so no need to get into that yet. But, believe us when we say that there are quite a few. In order to achieve the maximum benefits from human growth hormone, some bodybuilders and muscle enthusiasts alike have resorted to injecting HGH directly into their muscles. While a smaller dosage might yield maximum results, there is a fine line between a small dosage and too much HGH. If someone injects too much growth hormone into their bloodstream, then acromegaly occurs. Acromegaly is the enlargement of muscles, bones and vital organs. Once your body has too much HGH and acromegaly takes over, your bones and organs will become way too enlarged. This is why you sometimes see bodybuilders with protruding bellies and faces. Some might say that they can deal with the less than desirable physical affects, but acromegaly is simply dangerous. HGH is not something that should be kept under the covers and never talked about. In fact, you can bring up your human growth hormone levels to your doctor. We are going to discuss some wonderful uses of HGH, and your doctor will back them up. We guarantee it. Now that you have a decent understanding of what human growth hormone is, let’s talk about some good uses for the hormone. 10 Reasons You Should Consider Taking HGH Supplements

1. A Little Boost In The Bedroom

HGH can help out anyone who is lacking in the bedroom. The hormone helps to improve sexual functioning, and there is nothing wrong with attempting to improve upon this issue. sexual performanceThose who have consulted with the help of human growth hormone claim to have an increased sex drive and sexual performance. Erections can be much more powerful and longer lasting, and women boast the same sexy side effects as well. As if you need any more of a reason to use HGH, below are a few other positive side effects in addition to this rather sexy result.

2. Increased Muscle Recovery

In order for anyone to gain muscle, there must be a balance between muscle strain and muscle recovery time. Muscle recovery mostly occurs at night as you sleep and receive adequate rest. People who have used human growth hormone claim that the supplement allows for additional recovery for their muscles. This is optimal for anyone looking to build more muscle mass, or for someone who is attempting to heal from an injury.

3. A Metabolic Break Through

HGH works to increase our body’s metabolic rate. According to recent studies, the hormone works to turn fat into an energy source. In this study in particular, largely obese people were given human growth hormone and the results were fantastic.The participants found that their lean muscle mass improved and their metabolism rose drastically. This could be one of the reasons why so many bodybuilders are increasingly interested in human growth hormone. The hormone helps to improve recovery while simultaneously help with lean muscle mass.

4. Nighty Night Sleep Tight

improve sleep patternsHuman growth hormone helps to regulate and improve sleep patterns. Ideally, we all would fall into a natural circadian rhythm, which is falling asleep by 10p.m., and waking up around 6 a.m. Human growth hormone makes it less likely to wake up in the middle of a REM cycle, which in turn allows for more rejuvenating and helpful sleep. In turn, better sleep leads to more muscle recovery and energy throughout the day.

5. Fight Aging

HGH helps to fight many signs of aging. You can prevent or at least prolonged the occurrence of wrinkles, crow’s feet and age spots with the help of human growth hormone supplements. In fact, many people take HGH to feel and look much more youthful.

6. But Wait, There’s More

Just like a corny infomercial on television, wait, we have got more. HGH also works to boost energy levels. The hormone improves kidney functioning, and is known to lessen the chance of heart and bone diseases. Ultimately, the human growth hormone is something that is natural to our bodies. With a little extra help, we can become healthier in a safe yet effective way. In fact, if our bodies did not decrease their HGH levels, then the human race would begin to live longer and more easily sustainable lives. How To Increase HGH Levels Safely If you are interested in increasing your body’s ability to produce and release HGH in a safe manner, then you have a few options. Four to be exact.
  • Work Out More
work outIn order to achieve the most potent form of HGH naturally, you have to work out. We are not exactly talking about a stroll around the park, either. You have to partake in high intensity workouts, events that consume practically all of your energy, and long, enduring activities that deplete all of your energy.These three types of activities will allow your body to produce and release more growth hormone. However, you should switch up these types of activities and never do too much. For example, a heavy bodybuilder only lifts weights for about forty-five minutes. Never strain your muscles, or else the next way to achieve a higher GH level will never be possible.
  • Rest Up, Buttercups
While you are asleep maximum amount of your body’s natural HGH production is completed. However, for the body to produce the large amounts of growth hormone the quality of sleep has to be high. Taking naps will not be enough. The body needs to reach the deep REM cycle.This type of growth hormone created from rest is not the most powerful production and release; however it is pivotal for the others. Without this type of human growth hormone, the others cannot exist. Therefore, it is important that you are sleeping enough every single night. Consistency is key. Aim for the same bedtime and at least seven to nine hours of sleep a night.
  • Eat Your Way To Better HGH Levels
We all know to become healthier we have to watch what we eat. However, improving HGH levels is more than simply putting the fast food down and eating more vegetables. In order to improve the amount of growth hormone your body produces and releases, you need to consume healthier, clean fats. A diet such as the Mediterranean diet can be beneficial. olive oilThe Mediterranean diet is ideal because it comprises of healthy fatty foods, such as olive oil, fish and olives. These healthy fats help to control cholesterol levels, which in turn helps to produce more of the hormone. In addition to changing dietary intake, there are also vitamins and supplements that you can take. For example, anyone looking to get into bodybuilding or serious weight lifting can take an amino stack. These amino stacks typically consist of amino acids such as arginine, ornithine, glutamine, glycine, OKG, BCAAs, and GABA. However, vitamins C and B3 can also be beneficial to reach proper amino acids for GH production.
  • Seek Some Help Through The Form Of Supplementation
By no means are we excusing the side effects caused by the injection of HGH.  There are other alternatives, such as supplementation.These supplements are of lower dosages and offered over-the-counter. They are much safer than an injection, but they are not as effective. These over-the-counter HGH supplements also tend to be a bit pricey, ranging up to eighty dollars for a month’s supply. GenF20There are, however, companies who are reputable HGH manufacturers. Genf20 is gaining the reputation of offering a highly effective yet safe HGH supplement. The main reason behind the specialists endorsing this product is the incomparable results it has shown over the years. Why feel unhealthy when you can take some simple steps to feel refreshed and energetic again? Make some lifestyle changes that will increase your natural HGH, and if you can, talk to your doctor to see if you need supplementation, too.
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