HGH: 7 Reasons Athletes May Legally Use It Someday

HGH-7-Reasons-Athletes-May-Legally-Use-It-SomedayWe have all heard of the athletes who take steroids. Taking steroids is illegal, and therefore, the athletic communityhas ousted the athletes taking them and many people label themas charlatans. But, what about taking human growth hormone? Does HGH constitute as a steroid? Can the athletic sector throw an athlete out for injecting growth hormone into their muscles? Well, many bodybuilders and athletes are shunned for pursuing the growth hormone. Do they have the right reasoning to inject human growth hormone? Let’s explore the reality of HGH. It’s important to understand the background of the hormone and its benefits. We explain the seven reasons why athletes could actually use it legally someday. What is HGH? 30 year old manFirst, let’s talk about what HGH is. The acronym, HGH, stands for human growth hormone. This hormone is consistently present within our bodies. In the average 20 to 30 year old man, 500 micrograms of HGH is present within his bloodstream. As we age, however, the rate of HGH drops 25 percent every decade. This means that by the age of 60, a man will have only 25 percent of his original levels of HGH. Typically, the average man ranges from a 1.5 to 2.0 mg dosage of human growth hormone. Anyone who is concerned about their HGH levels should consult the help of a medical professional. Your doctor can examine your growth hormone levels through bloodwork, so prepare to fast ahead of time to have some blood drawn. Your doctor will then talk to you about your specific situation and discuss the possibilities of prescriptions. One must take legal human growth hormone injections and supplements everyday. However, pharmaceutical companies are on the brink of discovering a new option that would allow patients to inject or take their supplement weekly instead of daily. This new alternative is hGH-CPT, and its future is looking bright. Already, NASDAQ is experiencing overwhelming numbers for the stock in this drug. Pfizer Company recently bought in to a deal with OPKO Health, Inc. This is astonishing considering hGH-CPT is still in phase III of its FDA approval process. injectionLet’s tell you that CPT stands for carboxyl terminal peptide. And, this highly modified next-generation growth hormone appears promising. This new hormone will make it possible to have a controlled release injection, meaning weekly instead of daily injections. Human growth hormone is a hot topic in the pharmaceutical industry. But, why? What is so outstanding about HGH? Let’s talk about the many benefits of using human growth hormone as it pertain to athletes. Reasons Why You Might See More Athletes Injecting HGH Although you may have heard of athletes injecting HGH, you are probably going to hear about this happening more often. Here are a few reasons why you might see an increase in human growth hormone usage in sports in the near future.

1. The Truth Is, They Already Are Using It

Human growth hormone has already tainted the worlds of football, basketball, baseball and many others. However, that is not stopping many athletes from using the hormone.
Injecting the hormone can go practically undetected, as it does not appear as positive in most drug tests. The only real symptoms that one can notice for someone who is taking too much HGH would be a protruding stomach and abnormally increased size in the face. This is because HGH overdose can cause acromegaly. Acromegaly is a condition where the muscles, bones, and organs expand much larger than they should. This is why many bodybuilders have large bellies to accompany their bulging muscles.

2. Run Like The Wind

athlete bicycle fasterA study based out of Australia found that growth hormone helped an athlete bicycle faster, run faster and increase overall speed. It is important to note that they could not prove an increase in strength or overall fitness, but the increase in speed cannot go ignored. The men who injected HGH improved their times immensely. For example, a last place Olympian runner increased their 10-second spring by .4 seconds, which is enough to put them into first place. Likewise, men who were already having testosterone injections doubled their sprinting time. Clearly, human growth hormone does hold positive benefits for athletes. Even though not all of them are proven but they are on the rise.

3. Anti-Aging Properties

It is no secret that athletes are also popular icons in our society. Therefore, athletes are likely to grow exponentially in their HGH usage in order to look and feel younger. Human growth hormone works to decrease, and even reverse, the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other aging spots. Any athlete who finds himself or herself in the limelight will likely consult human growth hormone for its proven effective anti-aging properties.

4. Less Recovery Time

Human growth hormone may not make people stronger. However, it helps with muscle recovery time. Therefore, there is a correlation between HGH and muscle mass. Let’s break it down for you. The growth hormone basically takes on the job of a protein in many tissues. Because of this swap, HGH is able to increase amino acid which in turn helps to increase protein synthesis. An increase in protein synthesis is absolutely necessary for anyone looking to increase their muscle mass. Basically, muscles grow by repairing the tiny little wears and tears that occur during exercise. Once the muscle is torn, a tiny bit from exercise, blood flow increases and protein synthesis then begins. It is important to note that exercise must still be present. It is not possible to grow strong muscles without exercise.

5. The Rest Is Not Just For Your Muscles

Studies are proving that human growth hormone also helps to regulate the sleep cycle. Participants who were taking HGH displayed longer and deeper sleep patterns. This allows for our bodies to reach a deep REM cycle sleep, which in turn helps us to feel more energized upon waking. This improved sleep could greatly benefit athletes of all kinds. More quality sleep leads to more natural and legitimate energy. Seeing as some of these athletes have quite the personal lives, they could probably use the additional energy.

6. Turbo Boosting Energy

HGH helps to improve sleep, which in turn affects energy, but the growth hormone is also directly linked to an increased energy boost to begin with. Therefore, anyone who is having HGH supplemented into his or her daily intake will become a massive ball of energy. Isn’t that what we want all of our athletes to be?

7. Healing Powers

Important figureheads in the sport world are beginning to fight for the legalization of HGH. According to many, human growth hormone supplementation has healing properties that would help injured players recover more quickly.We have discussed how the growth hormone helps to grow muscle, but can it repair it, as well? Human growth hormone helps to improve bone growth, so it is especially effective for anyone with a fracture. Players such as Andy Pettitte have resorted to HGH to help heal from a bone injury. The hormone has not, however, been proven to work for injuries such as a tendon or ligament. While human growth hormone clearly has many benefits for a professional athlete, injecting HGH is illegal. Until various athletic figureheads fight the legality issue, then anyone looking to turn to growth hormone supplementation must take the legal route. There are safe, legal doses, but the hormone has a bad rap. Let’s briefly discuss why that is exactly. Why Does HGH Have Such A Bad Rap? bodybuildersThe bad rap associated with HGH can unfortunately be pinned on bodybuilders and a select few other professional athletes. While there is nothing wrong with bodybuilding and being an athlete, there is something that cannot be condoned when it comes to injecting HGH. While a smaller dosage might yield maximum results, many athletes cannot resist the urge of injecting more than is necessary when it comes to HGH. When someone injects too much HGH into their bloodstream, then they are subject to suffering from acromegaly. We have discussed acromegaly in a previous section, but just to recap, the disorder causes the over enlargement of the bones, muscles and organs. The worst part is that this disorder does not necessary equal strong muscles. Most of the time, these muscles are fake, blown up muscles that are of no use. Yes, they look big, but they are worthless. Acromegaly can be seen in anyone who has a protruding belly and, or, face. Some people might be able to shirk these detrimental physical symptoms, but the over-enlarged organs can prove to be fatal. Through the irresponsible injecting of HGH, the hormone has acquired a bad rap. However, the benefits of using a safe, legal dosage of HGH cannot go unnoticed. There are a few other benefits to HGH that have not been discussed, as they are not particularly beneficial to an athlete. Other Benefits of HGH include:
  • Improved sexual urge and performance.
  • Increased immunity, kidney functioning, metabolism, and blood circulation.
  • Decreased risk of heart and bone diseases.
Anyone can look and feel younger, healthier and sexier with a little help from the human growth hormone. While we are not pardoning you to illegally obtain the hormone and inject it into your muscles, we are encouraging you to find a safe, yet effective option. GenF20Companies such as Genf20 are capitalizing on the need for a safe, yet successful HGH supplement. There are many different success stories on the www.GenF20.com website regarding the positive effects from their HGH supplement. As time goes on, HGH may lose its bad rap and become more accessible to those who really need it. In the meantime, you can boost it naturally by living a healthy lifestyle that includes a balance of healthy foods, exercise and rest.
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