HGH Dosage: The Right Amount of Growth Hormones for You

HGH DosageHuman growth hormones start to decline after puberty. Eventually, the body stops growing new muscle cells. The number of these muscle cells in the body is fixed. Exactly when the body stops producing new muscle cells depends on the genetic disposition of each individual. However, while the number of these muscle cells is fixed for life, weight training and steroids can help to increase the size of these muscle cells. Human growth hormone is superior to steroids, since it actually helps to grow new cells. This, in turn, changes the genetic predisposition of the body and allows an individual to attain the desired muscle density. Many bodybuilders all over the world use human growth hormone, or HGH. The only natural substance causes hyperplasia, which makes it attractive to health-conscious people. Most bodybuilders refrain from using steroids because they can cause “hypertrophy,” the enlargement of existing muscle cells. People also avoid them, because steroids don’t help the muscle cells to mature. Research indicates that human growth hormone increases the formation of protein, which is the major reason for hypertrophy. Read on to know how to take growth hormone for achieving maximum benefits.

For Bodybuilders: The Initial HGH Dosage

When you are taking an injectable form of HGH, it is crucial to set the correct HGH dosage. Although there are many recommended dosages, the right approach usually depends on the results desired by each individual.
We measure human growth hormone in international units (IU) and milligrams (mg). One mg of HGH is equivalent to three IU. The HGH dosage of three IU per day is usually safe and does not cause many side effects. People can notice more energy, better sleep, improved weight and better skin with this dosage. For increasing lean muscle mass and improving the body’s overall composition, you can take an HGH dosage of four to eight IU. Most individuals achieve desired results at an HGH dosage of four to five IU per day. When using four IU or above, it is suggested to split the dosage into two daily injections for maximum results. Most bodybuilders also consider taking insulin, low dosages of T3, and testosterone for maximum and quick results. The general rule is to start with low HGH dosages and then gradually increase them to get to the higher dosages. This will drastically help minimize side effects that may occur, such as joint pain, bloating and swelling. Other side effects include slight retention of water that in the face, toes, and fingers. People may also feel tingling sensations in their palms and fingers; this condition is termed as “carpal tunnel syndrome”. Most people tolerate a growth hormone dosage of two IU with fewer side effects, so this can be the best HGH dosage for beginners who have just started on the HGH program. It is important to note that if while increasing an HGH dosage and the side effects become unbearable, then you must minimize the dosage or discontinue it for a few weeks. Carpal tunnel syndrome is mostly one of the side effects that forces bodybuilders and athletes to lower the dosage or stop the treatment for a few weeks. You can increase the human growth hormone dosage again when side effects are tolerable.

Anti-Aging Effects: Your Optimum HGH Dosage

Take an HGH dosage of two IU per day for diminishing the signs of aging. You can take HGH injections at any time of day on a full or an empty stomach; however, it is most beneficial to take HGH in the morning or a few hours before going to bed. Avoid taking HGH injections immediately before going to bed, because the body releases its own endogenous hormone when the body rests and this may interfere with your HGH release.

Recovery From Injuries: The Right Dosage

severe injuriesAn HGH dosage of 8 to 16 IU per day can speed up your recovery after severe injuries and burns. You should only continue this very high dosage for a few weeks, and strictly under a doctor’s guidance. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the side effects that the user may experience, but most patients tolerate such discomfort for the sake of a speedy recovery.

When Not To Take HGH

Clinical studies have shown that a person taking HGH should take one or two days off a week. This will prevent the pituitary gland form secreting excessive amounts of hormone. Experts suggest injecting five times a day with two days off.

Be Careful, Be Smart, Be Safe

The increased level of human growth hormone also uses the body’s thyroid hormone at an amplified speed. While using HGH is a good idea, it is important to ensure that all of your hormones are at optimum level. If the amount of thyroid hormone goes down, then it is time to reduce to a lower HGH dosage. You may even want to stop the treatment for some time. Human growth hormone can directly affect your blood sugar levels. Thus, if you are dealing with diabetes, you should consult your physician before self-administrating human growth hormone. Your doctor may suggest that you gradually increase your HGH dosage in order to take control of your health.

Are HGH Supplements A Better Alternative?

Undoubtedly, taking human growth hormone can reverse your aging cycle and make you feel more dynamic and youthful. However, the bitter truth is that HGH injections are quite expensive and may pose numerous health risks. Furthermore, you need a doctor’s prescription for HGH injections. This is the reason why many people look for alternatives that can offer similar benefits without spending a big deal of money and risking their health. Keeping this in mind, experts have formulated HGH supplements that are safe to use long term. Many studies done in this regard have concluded that people who use HGH supplements have not experienced any side effects. Another reason why HGH supplements are preferred is that they are easily available from online stores without the need for a prescription. However, when buying HGH supplements make sure that the company manufactures them in a certified laboratory. There are many brands of HGH supplements on the market. It is best to buy a product from a reputable company that is well known among clients. GenF20 is one of the popular brands of HGH supplements that are reliable and safe to use. The best thing about this product is that there are no unpleasant side effects, in addition to any drug interactions with GenF20.
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