HGH Pills: Slowing the Aging Process Via Growth Hormones

HGH PillsHuman growth hormone pills are an exceptional anti-aging supplement. Made out of all natural ingredients, they are safe and release nutrients that rejuvenate the body’s production of growth hormones. The production of the human growth hormone (HGH) gradually declines as we grow older. youthful lookIf you are over 40, you start to notice changes in your appearance, particularly how that youthful look is leaving the face, being replaced with weakened skin and wrinkles. What these pills do is rouse the body’s natural production of HGH. That results in two important effects on the body:
  1. The invigorated human growth hormone production begins to decrease the aging process.
  2. With the steady injection of growth hormone pills into the system, the aging process is reversed.

Brief History

Growth hormones were originally engineered in 1985. Its use was approved by the FDA for administering to children and adults with specific disorders.
For children, HGH was a benefit in treating unexplained short stature, the result of medical conditions like Turner’s syndrome, chronic kidney insufficiency, HGH insufficiency or deficiency and Prader-Willi syndrome. In adults, approved uses of the growth hormone included HGH deficiency due to pituitary tumors, short bowel syndrome and muscle wasting diseases connected to HIV/AIDS. build muscleThe performance enhancing capability of human hormone pills led to its unfortunate use by athletes to build muscle and improve athletic potential. The truth is, as an anabolic steroid, the actual effect of HGH on athletic performance has not been accurately recorded in any study. It was eventually determined that the body’s HGH levels could be reversed using growth hormone pills. It could reduce fat, strengthen the immune system, regulate blood sugar and more.

Signs of HGH Decline

It happens to all of us. There comes that moment we look in a mirror and notice what could be described as a tired look. It will resemble a look of fatigue. You won’t necessarily be tired though. Still, your eyes will look a little saggy. There may be wrinkles developing where the skin was once taunt. There may be a sighting of gray hairs. Perhaps you’ve put on extra pounds. Maybe you’ve lost some of your passion in the bedroom. These are all clear indications that the body’s production of human growth hormones is on the decline. It has also been noted that younger adults with growth hormone deficiency can suffer from these age related symptoms. bodies slowly breaking downAging is the process of our bodies slowly breaking down. With each year after the age of 25, the human body stops generating new healthy cells as quickly as they die off. By time we turn 30, growth hormone production has decreased somewhere in the 14 percent vicinity. That’s one to two percent per year. By the age of 40, it is down to 50 percent, compared to levels before we turned 25. When we reach 55, levels have fallen to 20 percent and lower. By 80, it can be reduced to as low as 5 percent. The human body contains trillions of regenerating cells that need hormones. HGH is considered a primary hormone as it regulates other hormones. It is responsible for maintenance, regeneration and repair. They keep the body coordinated in all aspects of human activity. At the age of 20, the standard human production of HGH is about 500 micrograms on a daily basis. It drops to 200 by 40. By the age of 80, that production can fall to 25 micrograms. This decline and loss of hormone production is called somatopause, derived from somatotrophin, the scientific term for growth hormones. The gradual decline of growth hormones has been discovered in every animal species tested. Research has also demonstrated that the decline is not permanent or irreparable.

Regarded Alternative to Aging

The anti-aging potential of HGH has been endorsed by highly respected cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Oz. Television and radio personality Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz is a trusted voice regarding self-improvement of personal health and medical issues. He has promoted the idea that human growth hormone pills have been associated with anti-aging, decreasing body fat, increasing muscle mass, as well as enhancing both mental focus and sexual function. He has told his audience that it is an excellent way for feeling younger. This support has seen a dramatic increase in the sale and use of HGH pills. In fact, many media outlets have embraced HGH pills as a great way to stem aging and improve overall health. They are also a practical solution. Not too long ago the only way to increase growth hormone levels was by using expensive prescription injections. That treatment could run in the thousands of dollars. HGH pills are a far less costly alternative and still as effective as any injection. Reduce wrinkles, decrease body fat, tighten saggy skin, strengthen bones, increase muscle mass, boost energy, sleep better and heighten the sex drive. Look years younger.  
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