HGH Prescriptions: 7 Top Advantages of Growth Hormones

hgh prescriptionsHuman growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland is an important hormone in the human body. The hormone has a number of important functions. For example, HGH is required for the growth of cells, organs, and bones in humans; however, as one advances in age, the pituitary gland will produce less quantities of the hormone. HGH supplements can help to increase the level of the hormone in the body, or to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce the hormone naturally. Many people take HGH supplements for a number of reasons. They are available as over-the-counter medication. However, a prescription for HGH is required for the treatment of certain medical conditions. growth hormone deficiencyMedical doctors administer an HGH prescription for the treatment of many medical conditions. Children and adults suffering from growth hormone deficiency receive HGH injections with the prescription of a medical doctor. The production of prescription HGH is via recombinant DNA technology. The goal of prescription HGH is to replace naturally occurring HGH. Human growth hormone is a large peptide molecule. Therefore, an HGH prescription is normally an injectable form of HGH, which has to injected subcutaneously, so that it will enter directly into the blood stream.

Know The 7 Benefits Of HGH Prescription Medications

When children with growth hormone deficiency receive HGH prescription medications, their conditions begin to improve. They will start to experience faster growth within a few months of the treatment. However, faster growth is not the only benefit of prescription HGH injections. Doctors have observed other benefits, such as progress in motor development, increased strength and performance in various activities, weight loss benefits and much more. Adults who get prescription human growth hormones can obtain a number of benefits from it. Besides improved growth, they will experience:
  • Increase in bone density
  • Decrease in adipose tissue
  • Improved rate of hair and nail growth
  • More muscle mass
  • A stronger immune system
  • Higher blood lipid levels
  • More efficient circulatory system
Although it may be a factor, medical science has not yet proven that HGH prescription medications in adults provide long-term mortality benefits.

Getting An HGH Prescription From Your Doctor

More than likely, you are wondering how to get an HGH prescription from a doctor. Medical specialists don’t normally dispense HGH injections like any other types of HGH supplements. In the U.S. only a few pharmacies have permission to sell HGH prescription injections. Therefore, getting a prescription may not be easy. Other countries have their own unique practices and regulations around HGH. However, this does not mean that if you have a need for prescription HGH, you won’t be able to get one. When you have a medical condition that is treatable with the injections, your doctor will prescribe them to you. The emphasis here is having the medical need for it. This means that you must have a medical need before you can ask for a prescription of HGH. Deficiency in the quantity of human growth hormone in your body is one of the major medical conditions that constitute a medical need for the prescription of HGH. So, if you or your child has such a need, then you should ask for an HGH prescription from your doctor.

How To Determine HGH Deficiency

Medical tests can determine whether your pituitary gland is producing enough growth hormone or not. A specific blood analysis test is a typical medical exam that determines if your body is producing enough human growth hormone. meet with your doctorDeficiency of human growth hormone can occur in children, as well as in adults. In adults, it normally starts around 30 years of age. If you begin to notice some developmental changes in your thirties, you should meet with your doctor in order to find out whether you have growth human deficiency or not. If the result is positive, then HGH prescription medications may be a good treatment option for you.

Finding A Doctor For Your Prescription

Normally, when we foresee a medical condition or some ailment or sorts, we turn to our family doctors for treatment. Thus, it is normal for people to go to their doctors when they notice some developmental issues or any unwanted symptoms. However, as you know, there are various specializations in medicine. It is important to note that while you may feel as though your doctor is exceptional; your doctor may not specialize in the handling of growth deficiency problems. Given this, it is not always easy to tell how to find the right doctor to provide you with an HGH prescription.  The best option is to visit a specialist in your area rather than visiting your family doctor, unless you are visiting him or her to recommend a reliable and experienced specialist for you. The reason for this is obvious: your doctor may be able to order the right test to determine whether or not you are suffering from growth hormone deficiency, but he or she may not be able to interpret the result in order to make the right prescription HGH. This is why it is good to visit a specialist for HGH prescription.

Is It Possible To Get An HGH Prescription For Other Reasons?

increasing performance in physical exerciseAs you know, human growth hormone formulations and solutions can provide many health benefits, such as building strength, increasing performance in physical exercise, increasing libido, building lean muscle, and many other reasons. You will find bodybuilders, weight watchers, athletes, fashionistas, and others using HGH supplements to achieve various results. Note that only a doctor can issue an HGH prescription to people that have medical and physical needs for it and not to any person that wants to use it. Therefore, it is not common practice, or good practice, for a doctor to provide a prescription for HGH to just anyone. If, however, you want to use HGH for other purposes, then you should opt for HGH supplements, which are available over-the-counter. HGH prescription medications are only for the treatment of certain medical conditions, such as growth hormone deficiency. If you have any medical condition that will require you to undergo HGH therapy, then you should meet a specialist for an HGH prescription. Buy your prescription from a reliable source like GenF20. The site sells quality HGH supplements in various forms.
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