HGH or Steroids: Which is Your Safest Choice?

SteroidsThe use of steroids for building muscles and increasing energy is very common amongst athletes and bodybuilders. However, with the introduction of human growth hormone (HGH), more and more people are starting to use HGH instead of steroids. This is because HGH is safer than steroids and has remarkable results. If you are not sure about the differences between HGH and steroid, it is important to understand the differences between the two in order to help you make a sensible choice.

What Is Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone or HGH is a protein-based hormone secreted by the anterior part of the pituitary gland. It is made up of 191 amino acids and naturally formed and secreted by the cells, termed as somatotrops, located in the pituitary gland. For that reason, many doctors refer to human growth hormone as somatotrophin. Human growth hormone plays a primary role in maintaining the various growth related functions of the body. It acts in numerous metabolic functions in the body and stimulates the reproduction of cells. It also govermaintain the body weightns the functioning of numerous hormones and enzymes. Other roles of HGH include controlling brain functions and the repair of tissues. Human growth hormone is abundant in children and responsible for their regular growth and development. In adolescents, it works to sustain muscle mass and maintain the body weight. It stimulates the production of energy, provides energy and maintains youthfulness.

What You Should Know About Steroids?

There are two main types of steroids – Anabolic Steroids and Corticosteroids.
  • Corticosteroids: These potent chemicals help in the quick reduction of inflammation and swelling. Medical professionals use them extensively to treat inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. These medications are associated to the hormone cortisol, secreted by adrenal glands.
  • Anabolic Steroids: Anabolic steroids are performance-enhancing medications. Also termed as ergogenic aids, they bodybuilders and athletes use them to improve their overall performance. Anabolic steroids come from male hormones. Known as Dihydrotestosterone and Testosterone, they increase the formation of protein within the body. They also work to improve stamina, promote bone growth, increase lean muscle mass and enhance physical endurance.

HGH And Steroid: Are There Any Side Effects?

high blood pressureAnabolic Steroids: With excessive and long-term use, anabolic steroids can cause many severe side effects such as hepato-toxicity, high blood pressure and an increase in low-density lipo-protein. Some other side effects are:
  • Men may suffer from a reduction in sperm count by 90 percent. Other side effects include the swelling of testicles, enlargement of breasts, reduction of testicles and pain while urinating.
  • In women, side effects include the growth of facial hair, changes to the menstrual cycle, hoarse voice and reduction in breast size.
  • Side effects that may occur in both sexes include quick weight gain, acne, nausea, clotting disorders, liver damage, and increased levels of cholesterol, sleep disorders, premature heart attacks and hair loss.
  • Among teenagers, anabolic steroids can cause psychological disorders, mood swings, retarded growth, irritability and suicidal depression.
  • People who abuse steroids suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuing the medication.
HGH Injections: Compared to a steroid, HGH causes only minor side effects and that’s just when using injectable form of HGH. Moreover, the side effects are not as harsh and severe as those caused by steroids. A few of the side effects of using HGH injections are liver damage, swelling, joint pains carpal tunnel syndrome, fluid retention, and enlarged breasts in males. Compared to HGH injections, the use of HGH supplement and oral sprays is quite safe.

Which Is Better, Oral HGH Or Steroid?

HGH injectionAs a result of the popularity of HGH, experts have formulated oral HGH in the form of sprays and supplements. Here is a comparison of oral human growth hormone and a steroid that indicates that HGH supplement is a much better alternative:
  • The oral form of HGH is safer than HGH injection. It contains natural ingredients that stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormones.
  • HGH supplement is much easier to absorb than steroids. There is no need to inject the hormone like steroid.
  • This ease of using HGH supplements makes it more popular among people who want to attain youthfulness and dynamism.
  • The supplement form of HGH is safer for people as it diminishes the risk of contracting AIDS through shared syringes.
  • Steroid injections are expensive compared to HGH supplements.
  • HGH is much better than steroids, because the drug is not addictive. It doesn’t cause any withdrawal symptoms, which happens when discontinuing the use of steroids.
  • HGH supplement is legal to use. You can obtain it, even without a doctor’s prescription.

Why Oral HGH Is Superior To Steroids

An HGH supplement offers a myriad of benefits to the user. It helps the user to build lean muscles and reduces the deposition of fat on the body. It also helps you to achieve your optimal weight. It provides stamina, energy and vigour while improving your sleep patterns, stabilizing your mental state and making you feel healthy overall. The use of HGH supplements is also good for maintaining the health of your skin, since it smoothens out your wrinkles and improves the skin tone. Other benefits of using HGH supplements are that it reverses the signs of aging. HGH supplementsThis is a detailed comparison of human growth hormone and steroid. Because of the obvious advantages of using HGH supplements, medical professionals believe that they are a much better option than steroids. Anabolic steroids can cause more harm than good and can even make a person addicted to their use. There are many HGH supplements available on the market. However, when choosing your HGH product, ensure to research thoroughly, so that you use the correct product. You want to ensure that you can achieve your desired outcome. According to experts, the HGH supplement from GenF20 is number one among consumers, because it contains safe and natural ingredients. It also brings amazing results without causing any side effects.
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