All Gain No Pain: Find Out How to Gain Muscle Fast Today

All Gain No Pain: Find Out How to Gain Muscle Fast TodayOnce upon a time, men with larger tummies are considered sexy. Fast forward today, men who are muscular and love to workout are getting the women and considered “hot.” Apparently, it’s more than just gaining muscle. Muscle growth is also about being fit, healthy, and protecting yourself against possible illnesses. The challenge now is how to gain muscle fast and in the right way without compromising other parts of your body. If you’re tired of being the skinny guy in the room, here are 18 tips on how to build muscle – and make the other guys say they’re sorry for laughing at you.

1. How to Build Muscle Fast: Factors to Consider Before You Start

It turns out that spending three hours everyday in the gym is not enough for building muscle. There are five factors that come into play to help you build muscle fast. These are:
  • Genes – Some men are designed for faster gains due to hormones or thickness of their frames. On the other hand, there are men who have trouble in muscle gaining despite spending considerable amount of time in the gym.
  • build muscleTraining Age – This refers to how long you are lifting weights. Generally, newbie build muscle faster compared to those who were doing this already for years.
  • Hormonal Profile – This is the amount of testosterone and other muscle building hormones in your body. There is a possibility that despite your lifting regimen, your body does not produce enough T to help build muscle quickly. This has something to do with your genes as well.
  • Muscle Memory – This factor refers to your body’s mechanism to restore the muscles you gained despite losing it for some time.
  • Supplements – Steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs could help on how to build muscle fast. However, this could be dangerous. This is why it is best to stick to less dangerous substances or simply go natural to quickly put muscles, which you will learn below.

2. Lift Weights: The Most Effective Way to Build Muscle

Do you know how your body builds muscles? The muscles are comprised of tightly woven bundles of muscle fibers made up of muscle cells. When you exert force on your body, muscle fibers become exposed to tension, cause stretching of these fibers, and lead to small tears. The small tears equate to trauma and the muscles fibers in your body will join forces with muscle-building troops to repair these tears. The result: muscles.
So, how can you create these tears? Subjecting your body to external forces which they are not accustomed to is the best way to create tears and encourage muscle growth. If your line of job doesn’t involve manual labor such as construction, then lifting weights and getting your hands on dumbbells and barbells are your  best bet for faster gains.

3. Train for Strength and Not Just For How to Gain Muscle Fast

choose exercisesAdmit it. You tend to focus on fast muscle gains or how many pounds of muscles you gained when lifting weights. However, that’s not how it works. Rather, focus on getting stronger by setting strength goals. Here is why training for strength matters because:
  • Improves your body’s ability to recruit muscle fibers, thereby helping you build muscles faster.
  • Makes your fitness goals more tangible and concrete.
  • Enables your muscles to grow, develop, and respond faster.
The key here is to choose exercises to help you improve a particular part of your body then work on it.

4. Minimize Cardio Exercises to Help You in Muscle Gaining

For a complete workout, it is essential that you do the following:
  • Warm up
  • Cardio
  • Strength training
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Cool down
However, it’s a different case if your purpose is gaining muscles. While the warm up and cool down process are still essential, you need to forego cardio and even flexibility exercises and focus more on strength training. The question is why. Cardio exercises such as running and biking could help you lose weight by burning calories. While the intention is good, you need these calories to help build muscles. If you can’t get away with cardio, then run for two to five minutes for warm-up then focus on weight training after.

5. How to Gain Muscle Fast for Men Through Compound Exercises

SquatsDid you know that you don’t need to train a muscle directly for it to grow? In fact, there are certain exercises that allow you to work on a particular muscle using more than one joint, which far more effective if you want to build muscle faster. This is called compound exercises. Examples of this type of exercise are:
  • Bench press for s bigger chest.
  • Squats for bigger legs.
  • Rows to gain biceps fast.
  • Dead lift for a larger back.
  • Chin-up to improve your shoulders.
The question is how does this work? Take the case of the bench press. The main purpose of this exercise is to help you develop your chest. However, it uses your arms to hold the bar and the triceps to help you push the weights. You are able to work on other muscle groups as you work on your chest. The best part about doing compound exercises: it helps you release big amounts of testosterone, thereby promoting muscle growth more effectively.

6. Don’t Forget to Workout Your Legs to Keep Your Body Balanced

Admittedly, your goal is to be muscular, which means a toned chest and arms, and an abs. That’s fine. However, there is one area in your body you should never neglect: your legs. Workout Your LegsThere are two reasons why:
  • Muscle imbalances don’t look too good – think: big arms but chicken legs.
  • Lower body exercises have a positive impact in your overall muscular development.
Keep in mind that recruit muscles are everywhere, which means you need to activate them and keep them working if you want to build muscle quickly. These recruit muscles facilitate the release of hormones, which you will need to build size and strength. Go ahead and work on your legs. You need strength and power from them, too.

7. Go Heavy on the Weights to Build More Muscles

As you start with strength training, you are tempted to carry the lightest dumbbell then slowly increase the weight as you progress. It turns out that if you want to build muscles, you need to go heavy. You know that the best way to quickly put muscles is by causing trauma on your muscle fibers. Aside from exerting pressure to create tears on the fibers, consider lifting heavier weights to push your limits. Then try to lift eight to 12 repetitions per set with three to eight sets per exercise. When you do this, this could lead to muscle failure by the end of each set, which is what your body needs to develop muscles. As you go heavy, it would also help if you have a workout partner. He could help you in case you got tired or check if you are unable to maintain a good form. This also leads to the next pointer.

8. The Dreaded Plateau: Every Weights and Bodybuilders’ Worst Enemy

Plateau is defined as high level ground with flat area on top. If you are serious about muscle building, then you need to avoid this phase. First, how does plateau happen? Add weights on your equipmentIf you do the same routines over and over or carry the same weights since day one, then you won’t see any progress in your body. This is plateau and if you are experiencing one, here’s what you can do to remedy the situation:
  • Add weights on your equipment
  • Switch up your exercises and try something new
  • Pay attention to keep you aware of the progress you are making
The bottom line is, don’t allow your body to get used to the routine. The best way to build muscles is to continuously place them under pressure, and not let a plateau get in the way. Here’s the thing: exercise cannot exist alone. It often comes with this particular component, which you will learn more about in the succeeding sections.

9. Keep Track of Your Diet through a Food Journal

Lifting weights will help you build muscles; however, training hard is not enough to gain muscle quickly and give you the results you wanted. If you want to know how to gain muscle fast naturally, then you should watch what you eat, too. This is where keeping a food journal comes in. Food journal keeps track of what you eat, the number of calories you are gaining, and how much you are actually eating. Simply list down everything you eat and drink at a particular time. Review your entries so you could make adjustments in case you are making slow progress in your muscle goals. Speaking of food, read the next section to know what should go inside your body.

10. Build Muscle Fast by Choosing the Right Foods

roast chickenFood plays an important role when building muscle faster. If you are serious on how to gain muscle fast for skinny guys, you should eat a wide array of foods from different food groups. Getting enough protein is also crucial because it helps build muscle faster. This includes:
  • Calorie-rich proteins like roast chicken, roast beef, eggs, salmon, and lean pork.
  • Whole grains such as quinoa and whole wheat.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Legumes and nuts, such as pinto beans, black beans, pecans, walnuts, almonds and peanuts.

Eating Habits to Gain Biceps Fast

These tips can help you bulk up quickly:
  • Eat at least five meals a day to constantly refuel your body as you grow muscles.
  • When it comes to muscle gaining, eat more than you think you need for extra fuel.
  • Do not rely too much on muscle-building supplements.
  • Keep yourself hydrated, whether or not you are training.
  • Say goodbye to processed foods.

11. Don’t Say No to Carbs if You Want to Build Muscle Fast

When you think of carbs, you often associate it to fat or foods that makes your tummy swell. This is why low-carb diets are popular these days to make sure you lose your body fat. Apparently, it is a different case if you want to quickly put muscles. LegumesThe truth is you need carbs in order to grow muscles. Carbohydrates are your source of calories and fat, which your body converts into energy and muscles. Instead of running away from carbs, the best approach is to choose wisely. Good carbs include:
  • Whole carbs like fruits and veggies
  • Whole grains
  • Legumes
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Tubers like sweet potatoes
Make sure you include these good carbs in your workout meals to make sure that your body gets enough of a supply of nutrients essential for muscle-building.

12. During Workout Nutrition: Why Drinking a Protein Shake During Workout Matters

You know how important pre- and post-workout nutrition is. What you eat before and after workout are vital in how to gain muscle fast for skinny people. There is one type of workout treat you shouldn’t forget: the “during workout” nutrition. Believe it or not, consuming something during a workout provides your body with enough calories and carbs, which you can convert into muscles and energy. This doesn’t mean you should have a burger in between workouts. Drinking a shake with 20 grams of protein and 40 grams of carbs is enough to assist you in your training.

13. Hydration: Another Key Component for Building Muscles

Aside from milk shake, water is also crucial during your training. This is because your body dries out quickly when you workout and gain muscles – and you don’t want that to happen. glass full of waterThe bottom line is to keep yourself hydrated at all times, especially during workout. Drink a glass full of water before and after training. Don’t forget to carry a water bottle with you, so you can drink whenever you feel thirsty. Should you limit yourself to water? If you can, then drink water alone. You may add protein shakes for your workout nutrition since it helps build muscles. Nonetheless, skip the sugary, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, and even alcohol before, during, and after workout. These drinks could hold you back during strength training and at the same time, it keeps you dehydrated and diminishes your energy levels. Aside from eating properly and lifting weight regularly, there is another step you should do when it comes to how to gain muscle fast at home. Read the next section to find out.

14. Say Yes to Breaks and Days Off for Building Muscles

You always make sure that your phone, laptop, television, and other gadgets get their much-deserved rest. After all, you can’t keep them running forever. The same concept applies to your muscles. In fact, recovery is crucial and imperative when it comes to muscle gaining. There is also no assurance that training everyday will lead to faster gains or bigger arms. Therefore, take some days off. By having some days off, this means limiting your training to three times a week and getting enough sleep everyday even if there is no need to workout. This is because formation and release of growth hormones are at its peak during your sleep – a component needed to build muscles. Ideally, getting seven to eight hours of sleep helps you and your muscles recover. For some people, this could be a challenge. In case you can’t make it to eight, at least do your best to get as much sleep as you can to help your body recover. You can also take GenF20 Plus, one, if not the best growth hormone releasers available in the market to help you build muscles even on your rest days.

15. How to Gain Muscle Fast Without Weights: Eat More During Your Off Days

you can eat moreYou may be the type of person who wants to maximize training days and make the most out of it. Apparently, you need to rest. If you are not too happy about it, then here is a reason that will surely change your mind: you can eat more. Muscle growth is at its peak during the recovery phase. Therefore, take advantage of this by eating more to make sure that your body gets enough supply of nutrients essential for muscle building. What type of foods should you eat? Sweets and processed are still a big no-no, so make sure you stick to healthy ones mentioned above. You may limit carb intake during off days, since you don’t need extra energy for training. However, your protein intake must be on a high since your body needs this food group to continuously build muscle. Pay attention to your overall caloric intake too and make sure it won’t be below 500 calories.

16. Say Hello to Big Muscles and a Muscular Body with the Help of Supplements

When it comes to muscle growth, exercise and eating right are two components that always go hand-in-hand. However, there are instances when your body might not receive adequate supply of nutrients for various reasons such as small portion sizes or wrong sizing. In this case, you might need to say hello to tips on how to gain muscle fast with supplements. Here’s where the misconception lies. Most people think that muscle-building supplements are responsible for muscle growth. The truth is supplements like creatine and protein milkshakes merely accelerated the process of building muscles. In other words, it is your wing man and much needed booster for faster gains. Still, don’t rely too much on supplements and let them do the job for you. You still need to eat healthy and do your part of working out regularly to see noticeable improvements in your body.

17. Track Your Progress by Weighing in Weekly

weighing scaleHow will you know if you are gaining muscles? The truth is it is challenging to measure how much muscles you have in your body. The best way to track this is to check your weight. Using a weighing scale is an effective tool to track fast muscle gains. If your weight is not shooting up despite the absence of fat and flabs, then you need to work extra hard to gain muscle quickly. On the other hand, if there are changes in your weight and you started to see cuts on your body, then keep up the good work. Whether you went for the tips on how to gain muscle fast with supplements or stick to natural methods, make sure you weigh in. It’s the most reliable way to tell if all the efforts are paying off or not.

18. Consistency is Key to Gain Muscles Quickly

Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger started lifting weights when he was 15 years old? After seven years, he joined Mr. Olympia, although he lost in this competition. What’s the bottom line? Perhaps, all you wanted is to develop cuts in the right places and not really turn yourself into an Arnold. That’s fine. Still, the best way to do this is to be consistent with your muscle goals. This means if you are serious about how to gain muscle fast, you need to do your part of working out three times a week no matter what happens. Even if you can’t make it to the gym, investing in your own lifting equipment and tools like barbell or dumbbell is a good place to start. Don’t give yourself any reason or excuses to set aside weight lifting then expect your body to magically turn into a Ryan Reynolds.

Last Reminder

muscle goalsMost guys focus on building muscles without establishing any plans as to how they will do it. As a result, they end up with little to zero results to show. If you want to know how to gain muscle fast, then make sure you establish your muscle goals, come up with a plan on how to achieve these goals, and stick to them no matter what. The results may not be overnight, but you will surely see the difference in no time.
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