How To Get Skinny: Slimming Secrets of European Women   

Slimming SecretsIf you are here looking for tips on how to get skinny, you have come to the right place! But let me warn you, this is not your usual article on 20 tips on how to slim. We’ve all read that. Instead, we are going to take a close look at how women in Europe stay slim and skinny.

Case Study On European Women

If you take a stroll in any of the major cities of Europe, you will rarely find anyone looking unfit or flabby. This is specifically true for European women. You also can’t ignore the healthy glow they all display. For sure, they are not starving themselves to achieve those zero figures. We did some research and found out some astonishing facts about these lovely women. Most European women do not hit the gym. But still, most of them don’t have cellulite or flab. What’s more, they are not even obsessed with their bodies. So, what are the slimming secrets of Europeans that keeps them so slender and trim? The following is what we discovered. They eat only when they feel like it, stop when they are full, and walk most of the time during the day. Now, this seems logical. Moreover, the foods produced in Europe are devoid of many of the hormones, preservatives and pesticides found in many foods in the U.S. What are the other hidden secrets that keep European women healthy and fit? Read on and you might be surprised.

1. European Women Relish Milk

milk is a great choiceEuropean women don’t skip milk in spite of the fact that women in many other parts of the world consider dairy bad for their health. Conversely, Europeans believe that milk is a great choice when one is attempting to stay slim without depriving oneself of necessary nutrients. Milk is a storehouse of nutrition. This is why it is the first food for babies. If you are worried about the higher amount of calories in high fat milk, you may consider a low-fat option. Low-fat milk has fewer calories, but still contains a reservoir of excellent nutrients such as vitamin D, calcium and protein. All of these nutrients help you to remain active and healthy when you are on a weight loss regimen.

2. European Women Put More Trust in Espresso and Tea

Europeans love to have an espresso, rather than a regular coffee in the mornings. An espresso is definitely a good choice since it is composed of numerous healthy antioxidants when compared to coffee. It works to increase the body’s metabolism and fills the body with the necessary amount of energy. An espresso has zero calories, as well. Contrary to this, people in many other parts of the world prefer having sandwiches, sugary corn flakes and cream cheese, or pancakes and maple syrup right after waking up. An espresso should be your choice of beverage when it comes to losing weight while looking healthy. Another weight-loss tip is to drink your espresso black without any artificial sweeteners, like the ladies in Europe do. cup of teaThe Europeans love for tea cannot be understated, either. The hydration properties of tea makes it a perfect drink for many European women. Most of them even swap their glass of water for a cup of tea a few times throughout the day. The numerous amounts of antioxidants present in tea makes it beneficial to one’s health. Research indicates that polyphenols found in tea help to prevent cell damage and keep your weight under control.

3. European Women are Always in Active Mode

Women in Europe don’t like resting on their couches watching some drama series for hours on end. Even when they do watch some TV, they prefer not to carry the remote in their hand. Getting up to change channels keeps them active while keeping their metabolism high. What else? These ladies love to spend time with their kids, chop vegetables with a knife instead of using food processor, and go for walks around the block. They sweep and mop themselves, and like taking active vacations.
They love taking dance classes, just for fun. In addition, they often go cycling around the town to run their errands. Women in Europe tend to view cycling as an easy mode of transportation. People in the U.S. often look upon cycling as an activity for children. However, cycling is one of the easiest and most effective exercises for toning your body. It keeps your tendons, ligaments and joints flexible. Moreover, it reduces your stress and burns up calories, which helps with weight loss. Cycling work wonders for your body, even if you are peddling at slower speeds.

4. We Drive, Europeans Walk

so much walkingEuropeans don’t believe in over expenditure. Generally, they walk or take public transportation to get around. Walking distances to take public transportation and carrying groceries home increases their daily calorie expenditure and helps to maintain their low levels of body fat. With so much walking, they can afford to indulge in eating healthily without having any fears of gaining unwanted fat. Studies show that 60 to 90 minutes of walking per day is ideal to keep weight in control. That may sound like a lot, but if you learn to divide your walking-time into small periods throughout a day, you will most probably find it easier than you imagined. Walking upstairs is itself enough to burn about nine calories a minute. Europeans are used to walking up three or four flights of stairs on a daily basis. What can you do? Try to walk instead of driving your car to nearby places. Also, if you are driving to a faraway shopping mall, avoid parking your car near the mall. Instead, look for the farthest point from the mall to park your car and walk the extra distance. Likewise, during lunch, don’t get chained to your desk. Take a brisk stroll nearby your office building to help your food digest.

5. European Women Eat with Style

Europeans are sophisticated and love eating with style. As we already said, their morning often begins with an espresso. They enjoy a heavy lunch that consists of foods full of nutrition. A dessert and a glass of red wine usually accompany lunch. Dinners are often delicious with potatoes, rich sauces and fruits. They couple their dinner with wine, as well. You will rarely find them feeding on meat. drinking wineYou can see that red wine is likely one of the key feature of European meals. They drink wine nearly all day long with their main courses and drink it in place of water often. Even kids as young as ten years old love drinking wine. If you don’t already know, we can tell you that red wine is one of the richest sources of antioxidants, which are well-known to stimulate healthy living. These antioxidants take care of your heart and blood vessels, and are also good at destructing harmful free radicals. What else? Research has proven that red wine actually neutralizes the damaging effects of the saturated fats found in most food products. Did we mention that Europeans love to team their meals with a salad, as well? Well, they do. A big plate of salad before the main course helps to curb their appetite. They include loads of green veggies in their salads, which fills them with many vital nutrients.

6. European Women Take Less and Enjoy More

Europeans love eating food, but they always eat in moderation. Less food means fewer overall calories, which in turns means less fat people. The size of the average European’s plate and glass is small compared to those used by Americans. They prefer eating from smaller plates and drinking from narrower glasses. This is one of the super slimming secrets of European women. If you want to flaunt a slim waste like lovely European women, enjoy your food, but limit the portions. Pay attention to your appetite. Eat when you are really hungry. When you are satisfied, stop eating. There is no need to clean your plate if you are full. Stay away from the temptation of snacking. Are you struggling to eat smaller portions? Try this tip. Have a tall glass of water before starting any meal. This will work to settle your stomach before eating, especially if you are really hungry.

7. Small Is Plentiful for European Ladies

Europeans take pleasure in eatingEuropeans take pleasure in eating and savoring each morsel of their food. This is an effective way to slow down the entire eating process. You would be amazed to learn that the brain needs up to 20 minutes to pass the message to your mouth and stomach that you are full. So, if you eat all of your food in just 10 minutes, you could take another plateful that you don’t really need, which eventually add to your weight. The European relaxes and takes more time to eat the food that others may eat in half the time. They give their brain enough time to signal the stomach to stop before over eating. It’s a smart way to eat, we must say.

8. European Woman Love Getting Hot

Steam rooms and saunas are doing big business in Europe. European women keep themselves healthy and fit by spending a little time each day in a sauna or a steam room. There are various studies that indicate people who spend some time in a sauna once or twice a week are less susceptible to cold and flu viruses as compared to those who don’t. This is easily understandable. Viruses are unable to thrive in air hotter than 80 degrees. Apart from offering you better protection against colds, saunas provide improved skin health and an overall improvement in physical and mental well-being through relaxation and the release of stress. And, when you are free of stress, you tend to eat wisely, remaining active and fit.

9. Junk Food Is Not Their Choice

People in Europe prefer whole foods over packaged foods. They choose plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables; homemade meals over processed foods; wine or water over carbonated sweet drinks, and more disciplined eating habits overall. Yogurt is their dietary staple. We all know the benefits of eating yogurt. It is full of good bacteria that help heal the gut and keep digestion perfect. The probiotics contained in yogurt strengthen the body’s immune system and enhance its metabolism, as well. Simple foods like fresh pita bread and tomatoes with mozzarella or hummus are much better that those that are available in nicely packed containers. Try whole foods and see if you can taste the difference.

10. Europeans Take Their Time with Dessert

It’s not wrong to love eating desserts. But, when you eat too many of them, you gain weight. The best way to enjoy having your sweet tooth is by eating desserts in moderation. Women in Europe eat high quality desserts, but in limited portions. The chocolate and ice cream available in European countries are of such great quality that one is satisfied with one piece eaten slowly instead of a whole tub of ice cream. Besides, most of the desserts that Europeans enjoy mostly involve a plateful of seasonal fruits. If Europeans can regularly enjoy lavish, high quality meals and get away with it, you are definitely missing out on something. Europeans look and feel healthy. They don’t have excessive weight on their bodies, either. So, what does that really imply? Do you need to move to Europe to look and feel fit? Well, no. However, if you follow the same eating and lifestyle habits as European women do, you can also relish food as much you like, without befriending fat. GenF20Try incorporating the healthy lifestyle and eating habits of our European friends into your daily practices. You can also add nutritive supplements such as the ones from to keep you healthy and active while you are on a weight loss regimen. These supplements are composed of Alpha GPC, which is a potent HGH releasing ingredient. When you follow the right eating practices while taking this supplement, we are sure that you won’t have any struggles with never-ending flab or unwanted bulges. Also, don’t forget this simple suggestion, you may even like to write it down and pin it somewhere: “Eat like the Europeans and stay fit, healthy and trim.”
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