12 Baby Steps On How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

12 Baby Steps for Losing Those Post-Pregnancy PoundsPregnancy is a wonderful experience for a woman. Some people even believe that pregnancy is what makes a woman become a woman. Although that’s not true, it sounds great if you put it that way, isn’t it? Well, all those ideals of pregnancy may be good and true, but there’s also the unavoidable reality of weight gain when you go through the nine months of carrying your baby. Once you give birth, losing all that weight you gained may not be that easy. Even celebrity moms – who look hot even after giving birth – had to go through excruciating experiences to get their pre-baby body back. Although extra weight after a baby isn’t that big of a deal, it is important to maintain your weight, so you can be as healthy as possible. However, weight loss after pregnancy is not that easy. You need to consider your health, because it is important that you stay strong, so that you can take care of your baby. But how can you exactly lose that weight? Here are 12 baby steps you can do to lose those post-pregnancy pounds.

1. Do Not Go On A Diet

women during pregnancySome women during pregnancy think that they can jump into a diet once the baby is out. Wrong. Giving birth is only the beginning. You still have to consider your health, so that you may be strong enough to take care of the baby. If you are nursing, you have to be sure that your breast milk is always full of nutrition for your little one. That means you cannot, in any way, cut down on any of the required daily food intake. Sure, you can let go of those unhealthy foods like donuts and junk food. But as for your meals, you still need to complete them and make sure that they are packed with the required nutrients to keep you healthy and to help produce your breast milk.

2. Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

If you really want to lose all that post-pregnancy pounds, you can divert your eating habits from plenty of calories to plenty of fruits and vegetables. For snacking, instead of eating those two slices of pizza or a couple of cookies, why don’t you indulge yourself in two slices of watermelon or pineapple? Instead of cooking spaghetti for dinner, slice up some vegetables and sauté them in olive oil, or use spaghetti squash as a substitute for your pasta. Fruits and vegetables will give you the required nutrients for your body, even if you eat less.

3. Pack More Protein

fishProtein rich foods can make you feel full and that means you don’t have to look for food frequently. Meat, fish and chicken are packed with protein that can be enough to keep you going. Protein is also good for the body to keep you strong and fight away sickness, even with less rest and eating because of your newborn. If you eat more protein, you will have the strength to go through every day and you won’t have to eat a lot, making you lose those extra pounds.

4. The Power Of Breastfeeding

The number one secret to losing those post-pregnancy pounds is to breastfeed your baby.
Through breastfeeding, the baby feeds on the nutrients from your body and in a way, it strips you of these extra pounds, all while giving them to your baby, so he or she can grow strong and healthy. Breastfeeding has always been known to be the number one technique for weight loss. It’s a win-win thing – you lose those pounds and become sexy again while you feed the baby and make him or her grow healthier every time.

5. Move Around

doctor’s approval before you start movingThis may be situational. If you underwent a C-section, you will need your doctor’s approval before you start moving around or doing tiring activities. You have to be careful because you still have fresh stitches on you. However, if you underwent a normal delivery, this can be added to your list of ways to lose those pounds. Once you get the clearance from your doctor that you can start getting physical again, grab the opportunity to gradually start moving around, go walking and dance around the house to get some exercise. Moving around more is always a healthy choice if you want to lose weight. Do this instead of going on a diet.

6. Watch What You Eat

One way to lose those post-pregnancy pounds is to always watch what you put in your mouth. Sure, you still need to eat. But not all that you eat that says it is healthy and good for you and the baby are really healthy and good for you and the baby. You have to realize that some of these products say they are healthy for business purposes. So unless you plan to devout your eating habits to fruits, vegetables and fresh meat and fish alone, you ought to really be vigilant with what you eat. Remember: anything that is processed already has preservatives and these can be unhealthy and fattening.

7. Start Doing Exercise

Exercise is always a healthy choiceIf you have fully recovered from giving birth and you have your doctor’s clearance, it would be good to start doing some exercises again. Exercise is always a healthy choice when it comes to weight loss. You don’t need to go on a diet – although you still need to watch what you eat – but overall, exercise allows you to trim down and enhance your curves and muscles. It may be a gradual thing as you still need the energy to take care of your baby. But do it slowly and surely. Opt for exercise that will strengthen your core, such as Pilates or Yoga. You can find videos online to help you do some gentle moves, and then build up to more challenging ones.

8. Use A Belly Wrap

Ah. These are one of the old techniques in losing the belly fat after pregnancy. A belly wrap is used to press down the belly after you give birth. It is also used by women who underwent C-sections, so that the fresh wound can be compressed. Well, a belly wrap also has another use. You can wear that belly wrap for two purposes: to remove the post-pregnancy belly and help make you tummy go flat and toned. When you sweat out on your tummy area, you are also burning down the fat in that area.

9. Drink Plenty Of Water

drink plenty of waterOne technique to avoid eating too much and for you to lose weight is to drink plenty of water to replace your urges to eat food. You only need to eat at the right times, like meals. Anything in between will add up to extra pounds. Instead of eating, drink water to make your stomach full. Water is a neutral intake. It is healthy because it cleanses your insides and it will not make you gain weight.

10. Get The Right Amount Of Sleep

First of all, studies have shown that sleep deprivation is one cause of obesity. But some have the incorrect idea that lack of sleep and feeling tired all the time is one way to lose weight. Wrong. When you lack sleep or choose not to sleep, chances are you will eat to keep yourself awake. Although sleeping may be a luxury when you have a newborn baby, believe it or not, getting the right amount of sleep will help you lose weight.

11. Be Realistic

Okay. You want to have a perfect body again. You aim to get fit and toned again. That is very much understandable. Studies show that a good amount post-partum depression cases stem from the idea that women consider themselves ugly after they give birth. This is why they worry more about losing the weight that sometimes they feel sad about losing their pre-baby body. Here’s a tip: be realistic. Celebrity moms who look perfect after they give birth have either gone through some really expensive plastic surgery or they went through some really excruciating weight loss programs because they have to prioritize their careers. Love what your body was able to do, which was to produce a beautiful baby, and give yourself time.

12. Be Patient

The most important step in losing weight is to always be patient. You will not lose those extra pounds overnight. Even other people who did not recently give birth have to wait for weeks or even months to see a weight difference in their body. In your case, you have to carefully balance everything. You want to lose your weight, but you still have to make sure you are healthy and getting the right amount of nutrients in your body so that you can still feed your baby with healthy milk. You also need to stay strong and healthy for you to take care of your baby and do your motherly duties. Wanting to get in shape again after pregnancy is not a bad thing. It does not make you a bad mother. If anything, it shows that you love your baby and your family enough to still want to look and feel good for them. What’s important is that you do not rush to it. It’s essential to still highly consider your health when you go through your post pregnancy weight loss program.
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