How To Stay Young Without Even Trying

12 Simple Strategies to Stay Young Without Even TryingHow to stay young without investing a lot of money and effort? The answer is pretty simple. There are many ways to keep a young and fresh look without adding chemicals to the equation, or incisions to your skin, for that matter. You can even become a lot healthier if you choose the natural ways of maintaining your skin. So without further ado, here are 33 simple strategies you can follow to stay young without putting much effort into it.

1. Stay Away From The Couch

Sitting around watching movies and eating junk food all day will not exactly be good for your appearance. Grease and fat will lead to unhealthy hair, pimples and greasy skin. To add to that, leading a sedentary life will not help you burn the calories that you intake, so you increase your weight and become unhealthy. Although it’s okay once in a while, don’t be a couch potato. Start being active today.

2. Exercise Regularly

Like Taylor Swift says, you might need to just shake it off. Unwanted weight gain can cause someone to appear older and more haggard, so shake it off and appear more youthful. Exercise also helps to keep your body physically fit, and it also can improve mental capabilities as well. The National Institute on Aging showed a connection between exercise and better brain power. Exercising helps reduce stress and anxiety. This helps you think clearer, decide better and clear your mind. Proper exercise helps to improve muscle mass, strength, metabolism, bone density and cholesterol. Inside of your body, your heart, lungs, and immune system will thrive, and all of these in turn affect the aging process. You do not need to go running any marathons, per say. Simply increasing your exercise, regardless where you are in your physical ability, can help to slow down the aging process. Try going for daily walks, take a hike, or go for a bike ride. Stick to activities that you enjoy, and you are sure to find a new routine that will help your physical and mental abilities. Rotate your workouts between cardiovascular training, strength training and flexibility training. If anyone focuses too much on one type of exercise, then the exercise is not fulfilling its anti-aging qualities as much as possible. Therefore, make sure to dedicate at least 20 to 30 minutes of your time for physical activities.

3. Keep Your Body Toned And Fit

body toned and fitA young and fresh looking body and face does not only mean you have fair skin. Your body should also be a part of the whole package. That simply means you should keep your body toned and fit to stay looking young. Exercise is the best way to achieve that. If you have a toned and fit body, you will look able and strong, which will also make you look young and capable. You can opt to go to the gym, so you can have a formal session. If you don’t have the luxury or time to go to the gym, there’s always home-based exercises you can do. You can find free cardio workouts on YouTube, or do things like walking, jogging and even housework or yardwork to your favorite dance music. A 15 to 30 minute cardio workout everyday will also be good for your heart.

4. Do Yoga To Stay Young

Different forms of meditation are powerful and effective when it comes to remaining youthful. Stress and anxiety only age us further. So, reaching this deep state of relaxation is pivotal in order to eliminate the detrimental side effects of stress. MeditationMeditation works to slow our breathing, which in turn lowers blood pressure and our heart rates. Once our heart rate is low and our blood pressure is level, then our stress hormone levels also begin to drop. Through meditation, we can clam both our mind and our body. Scientists have proven that those who meditate consistently tend to have less hypertension, heart disease, anxiety, and other stress-related disorders, which in turn amp up the aging process. In addition, scientists are also beginning to discover that meditation helps to rejuvenate our brain. Massachusetts General Hospital conducted a study, and the results were astonishing. Within just eight weeks, those who meditated on a regular basis felt calmer, but also improved their brains. The brains of the participants displayed growth in several key areas of the brain, including the areas associated with empathy, memory, sense of self and stress regulation. Studies such as this one are helping to spread the study of the brain’s ability to change during any life stage. Just because someone feels old or assumes they’re old based off of their age, it does not mean that they are mentally old. Work to relax the mind and you will soon find that you can maintain a youthful appearance and mentality. Top Yoga Tips For anyone looking to begin meditating, here are some beginner’s tips. If learning from a qualified instructor or taking group classes is not an option, then go throughthis brieflearner’s guide.
  • It’s All About Location, Location, Location

calm and quiet areaLook for a calm and quiet area. If your house is full of children, or you are at work, then you more than likely will not achieve maximum tranquility.

Instead, find yourself a quiet area where you will be uninterrupted for at least 10 to 15 minutes. However, understand that meditation can occur anywhere, anytime.

  • Find Your Focus
The core of meditation is to focus on one central point. This could be your breathing, repeating a saying, staring at an object, or listening to a repetitive sound. You must focus on one singular point. This refocusing of thought prevents your mind from wandering and therefore lets you release any irrelevant or erroneous thoughts. With this release, you are releasing any negativity as well.
  • Breathe Carefully
Try to focus on your breathing techniques. Take a deep breath in, hold it for five seconds, and then release the breath for five seconds. Now take a deep breath in for six seconds, release for six, and continue. This refocusing towards your breathing will help you relax and lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

5. Strengthen Your Brain

You already know that exercise is important for your health. Did you know that aside from your body, your brain needs to do crunches, as well? It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but mentally stimulating your brain can help your youthful appearance and attitude. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, brain exercises prevent cognitive decline and help rewire your brain. This could also help in improving your memory, something you have to worry about as you age. In addition, studies have shown that frequent mentally stimulating activities can lower the development of Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases associated with the elderly. Participating in a hobby can challenge the brain and improve your social life. Chess, Mahjong and various card games help to stimulate the brain. Sudoku, crossword puzzles and other games that encourage you to think could give your brain a boost. It works out your memory, too. Volunteer work can also do the trick, or even a book club. Whatever tickles your fancy, get busy having fun doing it. Therefore, make time to do mental aerobics.

6. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Life is too short to stress over the small things. This includes what you eat and drink, and also feeling bad about it afterwards. In an interview for Cosmopolitan UK, Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz told them, “Wellbeing is an equation. Remember, you don’t have to have the whole cake, you can have a piece. Don’t deprive yourself. Have fun. Just be self-aware.” In other words, it is about embracing a simpler lifestyle. If you notice, successful people such as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and even President Obama wear the same clothes everyday, or at least when you see them in public. They have other important things on their plates instead of staying in front of the mirror and deciding what to wear. If you lean towards a simplistic lifestyle and worry less about not-so-important things, such as clothes and food, you can be more efficient and successful. Go ahead and simplify your life. It will make you feel much happier in the end.

7. Manage Stress, Learn To Relax

Another fact: stress can cause physical changes in your body that could lead to premature aging. Stress can be a source of wrinkles. Studies also show that too much stress can cause skin problems where your psychological trauma surfaces and shows on your skin, resulting in problems, such as rashes, stress-induced baldness and skin itchiness. Too much stress could also lead to medical conditions such as depression, insomnia, high blood pressure and even heart attacks. Apparently, there are many reasons to feel stressed – work, kids, responsibilities, money issues, traffic, and even your in-laws can add to your stress level. It won’t hurt if you take some time off and give yourself a break, even if it means 10 minutes everyday. Go somewhere where you can be alone for a few minutes, close your eyes, breathe deeply and relax. swimmingTry your best to block thoughts that could trigger your stress hormones from coming back. If you are not into meditation, do something you love like running, swimming, baking, cooking, learning a new instrument or studying a new language. The point is to do something that could help you escape from all the stress life brings to you.

8. Banish Worry

stress Worrying a lot will make you frown all the time, and this will make you look older. Worry less about life’s problems, because it won’t solve them. If there is no solution yet, then worry not about it; if there is a solution, then worry not about it. Worrying is something you can control and it has a great impact on your skin health.

9. Smile

smileYou know the saying “A smile can brighten up your face”? This saying is actually true. Picture two people: one is smiling and one is frowning. Which one of them looks younger? Yes, it’s the one with a smile. Frowning, like a lack of sleep and stressing out, will make you look older than your age. Smiling, on the other hand, will make you look jovial and carefree which would reflect on your appearance, making you look young and fresh. Smiling is also good for the brain and for the heart. If you think positively, there will be less stress and less psychological problems. Smiling can prevent the wrinkles that could form if your frown often.

10. Get Lots Of Sleep

Sleep is an important factor, not only for our health, but also for our overall look. If you lack sleep, you will have eye bags and wrinkles, and studies show that it could even lead to the formation of acne. It is important that you are well-rested, so that your body cells can regenerate, and your skin and overall appearance remain healthy and young-looking. The average adult requires six to eight hours of quality sleep per night. Quality sleep means that there is no reliance on alcohol or medications to help ensure sleep. Instead, the body should naturally drift off once the light is turned off. Anyone who has had a restful night’s sleep should wake up feeling energetic and youthful. If you do not feel this way upon waking, then analyze the type of sleep you are having. A sound sleep is vital for the whole body, and your skin and health will suffer if you are sleep deprived. Thus, create a routine to get to bed early, and avoid late night parties. Falling into a natural circadian rhythm can help establish quality sleep. The usual hours to fall into a circadian rhythm are 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

11. Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and excessive drinking can affect your body’s aging process.

Smoking makes people looks well beyond their age, as it tends to dry out and wrinkle the skin. Cigarette smoke also dulls the skin and causes it to look rather lackluster, as it deprives your skin of oxygen. A lack of oxygen can slow down the production of collagen and accelerates the process of skin aging. This means lots more wrinkles, even before your hair turns gray. In addition, as if this was all not bad enough, smoking also causes your teeth to stain and appear older. Ultimately, smoking really wrecks your appearance. So, do your best to cut back or ideally, quit.

Excessive drinking is not only bad for your liver. It turns out that alcohol dilates the capillaries and has a general inflammatory effect on your body that makes you age faster.

So if you really want to look fab even if you reach the big 5-0 mark, then you better say no to excessive alcohol and smoking as early as you can. If you can’t quit completely, at least cut down significantly. Your doctor can provide the tools to help you, so enlist their aid, too.

12. You Really Are What You Eat

Your body needs food for three main reasons. First as fuel in order to keep you warm and deliver the energy you need to stay active and functional. Second, healthy foods help to supply the need ingredients for development and to repair worn tissues. Third, your body requires minerals, nutrients, vitamins and other substances that are indispensible for the chemical processes that take place inside our bodies. That old saying might actually have some truth to it. Those who eat healthy foods are in turn much more healthy in mental and physical aspects. Foods that are overly processed, microwavable, frozen or canned tend to weight us down and further the aging process. Try consuming foods that are rich in the nutrients that your body needs. balanced dietA great way to monitor the types of food you are eating is to watch the colors involved in your meals. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. If you are eating the rainbow, and no, we are not talking about Skittles here, you are well on your way to a balanced diet. Some examples of proper, healthy foods you should be eating include tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, blueberries and bananas. Looking at that, you can see we have all different colors of the rainbow.

13. Don’t Obsess Over Food

ObesityObesity is a serious problem. However, obsessing over food and dieting is also a serious problem. Unfortunately, our society has created an industry dedicated to weight loss, sans the scientific basis. Worse, eating has become an anxiety-inducing activity rather than an enjoyable one. It turns out, diets are ineffective and cutting food groups won’t help you get rid of unwanted fat. Do yourself a favor and listen to your body. It knows what it wants, what it needs and when it needs it. Eat whatever you want and whenever you want it. Stop obsessing about food, weight gain, healthy versus unhealthy meals, and anything that could mess up your eating habits. Still, this doesn’t mean you should indulge in binge-eating sessions all the time. Eat when you are hungry, but make sure to stop once you are full. Focus on physical and healthy nourishment. Listen and pay attention to how your body reacts after eating different foods. This way, you will know what is best for you.

14. Consider Intermittent Fasting

If you really need to lose weight, consider intermittent fasting, instead of going on diets.

You’ve probably heard about Cohen’s Diet, the Caveman’s Diet, the South Beach Diet and whatever type of diet that will practically deprive you of all food and nutrients. Since these diets didn’t work quite work out for some people, you should consider intermittent fasting, instead.

But let me warn you first, this type of fasting won’t be easy for you. You have to go for fourteen plus hours of fasting at a time, since it forces your body to burn more fat than any other average diet.

Aside from this, intermittent fasting also encourages your cells to repair themselves to make new and healthy ones to prevent aging and make you look and stay fab. Although this may sound good to you, always check with your physician before fasting, especially if you have an existing health condition or take medications. Your doctor needs to monitor you carefully when you are fasting.

Here’s a simple guide to intermittent fasting.

15. Eat Food Rich in Antioxidants

Fruits and vegetables such as berries, green vegetables and citrus fruits are rich in antioxidants that can help cleanse your insides and your skin. Antioxidants help in regenerating your skin cells, and make them look fresh and clean. It also helps in preventing skin problems like acne and pimples. When you eat food rich in antioxidants, your skin and overall appearance will look younger and fairer.

16. Eat Blueberries

BlueberriesNow that you know you can eat anything and anytime you want, you should consider adding blueberries to your diet. Make sure not to go for the store-bought berries with preservatives. Make sure you go for real, fresh blueberries. Why Eat Blueberries? This tiny blue fruits are rich in antioxidants that could neutralize free radicals attacking your body. This protects your cells from getting damaged and can even slow down age-related mental decline. This little berry reduces harmful bad cholesterol, as well, which helps you keep your health at bay. Go ahead and add them to cereal, baked goods, yogurt, salads, desserts or your favorite dishes. You could them eat at alone while watching your favorite film instead of munching on fattening chips and pizza.

17. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is the next miracle drink. Studies have shown that sipping green tea prevents breast cancer and remission. It is also being studied for its ability to prevent lung, colorectal and bladder cancer. While it sails high in the cancer prevention department, green tea is also popular in the skin care department. Green tea is one of the secrets of the Japanese and Chinese to having such fair, clear and beautiful skin. Because it is rich in antioxidants, green tea can keep the skin clean and healthy. Drinking green tea in place of soda or other juices after meals will make your skin beautiful.

18. Drink Red Wine

Good news, wine lovers. Finally, you have a reason to include red wine in your diet. Drinking wine extracted from grapes is good for the skin. Grapes are rich in antioxidants, as well, and can help replenish your skin cells. Studies show that red wine helps prevent brain damage and heart problems. Those who drink red wine apparently have longer life spans than those who don’t. In a study conducted by the National Institute on Aging, a substance called resveratrol reduces the risk of liver problems and diabetes in mice. This recorded a decline in obesity-related deaths and lead to longer life span. The good news is, this substance is found in the skin of grapes, which you could also get in red wine. red wineStill, this doesn’t mean you should consume a whole bottle everyday. The American Medical Association recommends only five ounces, or a glass of red wine daily – and you’re good to go. Too much red wine is not good for your health, too. Now you know why even the Mediterranean diet is okay with red wine.

19. Drink Water, Hydrate Yourself

Drinking eight glasses of waterThe most important and basic thing that you need to keep your body in good shape: water. Drinking eight glasses of water every day is vital to keep your body and your skin hydrated. Lack of hydration will make your skin look dry and unhealthy, which will eventually lead to wrinkling and sagging of the skin. Hydration is important if you want to maintain a young and fresh look and feel. A young and fresh look can go a long way. It would be a lot better if you could also pair it with a healthy body. Looking and feeling young is great motivation to keep going and keep being active. Achieving a young look and fresh skin is an easy task, as long as you know the easiest and simplest ways to do it and if you are really determined.

20. Stay Well-Groomed

dress can greatly affect how old you appearBelieve it or not, how you dress can greatly affect how old you appear. There are a few fashion faux pas that you should really avoid, such as: Say No To Any Trends Just do it. Stick to the classics, and never try to dress like your 18-year-old cousin. Even if you think it looks good, it does not. In addition to new trends, so no to old ones, too. Just because bell bottom jeans and tie dye T shirts were cool in your adolescence, it does not mean that you can pull it off now. Don’t Set Off The Metal Detector Limit the jewelry. In this case, more is not better. Stick to a few classic pieces, maybe a watch and a ring or some cuff links and call it a day. Watch The Hair Just is with clothing, you have to watch your body hair, as well. Ensure that you have your eyebrows well groomed, and keep the body hair trimmed down. Body hair does not just mean your chest, guys. Also keep an eye on any nose or ear hairs. If you like having a little hair, then look into growing a beard. No, not a Paul Bunyan beard, but a nice flattering and tame beard can hide a less than flattering neckline. There are a few more conscious changes you should make if you are looking to fight your body’s aging.

21. Practice Good Makeup Skills…

MakeupFor ladies, makeup can help a lot in making you look a lot younger. Do you think those celebrities in their 50s are as gorgeous as you think? Strip them off their makeup and look at them closely and you’ll see their imperfections.

It so happen that they have good makeup artists that will make even the 20-year olds bow down to them.

Hence, learn where to properly put a concealer, it should be between the inner corner of the eye and nose, or try an anti-aging cream.

And please be careful with the type of makeup you buy. Just because it is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s good for your skin. Cosmetic formulations are constantly improving, so expect the cosmetic industry to offer products that are cheaper, safer to use and won’t make you age instantly.

22. Or Wear Less Makeup

It may be true that makeup will make you look young and pretty, but that is only for a limited time – or during the time you have makeup on, at least. If you are fond of wearing makeup and hiding your lines using a concealer and foundation, putting on extra blush and a pouty lips, you have to know this: makeup, no matter how hypo-allergenic it claims to be, is made of chemicals put together to come up with a substance that can make you look young, but only artificially. Wear makeup only on special occasions. On a day to day basis, keep your face clean and clear to keep the skin healthy and young-looking. If you really must put something on your face, try a tinted moisturizer, instead.

23. Take Care Of Your Skin

Preventative skin care is the best way to ensure that your skin does not look like an old raggedly football by the age of 40. We all know the different ways to take care of our skin, but perhaps now knowing that these different tips will help your skin look younger will encourage you to fit them into your daily routine. Therefore, take care of your skin as early as possible. Moisturize everyday to keep your skin smooth and supple. Exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead skin cells and bacteria living on your skin. Using cosmetic products are okay. However, make sure to check the ingredients and use products that are safe and gentle on your skin.

24. Learn To Exfoliate

washing your face with soap and waterEach and every day, you have to battle with pollution, pollen, mold, dust and dirt. If you think that washing your face with soap and water is enough, think again. That’s where exfoliation comes in. In simple terms, exfoliating is where you remove all the ugly dead skin cells, oil, dirt and germs that are living in your face. By removing these unwanted organisms, you can make your skin look younger and refreshed.

That’s not all. Exfoliation can also boost collagen production, or the ingredient that helps your skin look younger, meaning it’s the gift that keeps on giving long afterwards.

It will also be easier for your skin to absorb moisturizer and other skin treatments when all the dirt and bacteria are gone.

25. Learn How To Moisturize

If you think pregnancy can ruin your body, wait until you start to cross the age 40 mark. A lot of unwanted things will start to show up and if you are not careful, you’ll end up looking 60, even if you’re still 30.

Properly moisturized skin is not prone to get aging marks later in life. The experts claim that using a daily moisturizer will help to improve the skin’s appearance. This is because dry skin tends to exaggerate and increase the signs of aging.

Hence, as early as right now, make it a habit to moisturize your skin. It helps retain more water and moisture to your skin to make it look smooth, supple and more radiant.

Perfect example? Demi Moore. Imagine that pretty face can still catch young guys as hot as Ashton Kutcher.

If she can at 50, so can you. So the next time you pass by a skin care store, please make sure you grab an anti-aging product with moisturizing properties. Nobody wants to be called an oldie but goodie anyway.

26. Look For Trouble

Too often we want to avoid any warning signs of aging. We shrug them off and assume that we have to deal with them, but in actuality we can help to prevent or lessen their appearance if we only sought them out. Find your trouble areas and become proactive in lessening their cumbersome effects. Moisturize your neck whenever you moisturize your face, since you will do that now, right? Remember our previous tip. Also give your hands an overnight treatment or thorough massage with essential oils. This can help prevent any wearing on your hands before it even occurs. One area that everyone should target is the eye area. The eyes have the tendency to reveal our age, so check that yours are not giving you away. Since the skin around the eyes is so sensitive and delicate, provide extra care at night to that area. Apply an eyelift or cream to the area, and leave it on. This will help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, puffiness and wrinkles.

27. Skin Supplements

Skin supplements and creams are synonymous with appearing more youthful, and there is a bit of truth to this practice. However, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on products. Instead, there are many effective over-the-counter treatments that you can try. The trick is to find a product with alpha lipoic acid, madecassol or salicylic acid. These different nutrients work to keep the skin elastic, the pores small and moisture high in order to lessen the appearance of wrinkles. You can as well include natural treatments to your skin regimen. There are various types of natural skin lotions and potions available for all sorts of skin needs. If you are looking for a cost-effective natural treatment, you can look in your kitchen cabinet for the natural ingredients that you can use to bring back the lost glow to your skin. Honey, oatmeal, baking soda, sea salt, almonds and turmeric are a few of the well-known elements to help boost your skin health.

28. Stay Away From Ultraviolet Rays

sun bathingWhile exposing yourself to the sun can be a source of vitamin D, over exposure can be harmful, too. The most advisable time of the day to go sun bathing is during six to eight o’clock in the morning. After that, the sun emits harmful rays that can damage the skin. Ultraviolet rays have been known to penetrate the earth’s surface ever since the ozone layer started ripping up. That means if we go out during midday, we expose our skin to these harmful rays that increases the risk of skin diseases or even skin cancer. As much as possible, stay away from the heat of the sun.

29. Apply Sunscreen

If you are an outdoor person, telling you to stay indoor during midday simply won’t work. So there is one thing you should never forget: Sunscreen. You already know that too much vitamin D is bad for your skin. Without protection, you make yourself more prone to wrinkles and age spots, something you don’t want to deal with later on in life. It also results in premature aging of the skin or worse yet, skin cancer. Therefore, be nice to your skin and apply sunscreen as much as you can, regardless of the season, especially during winter. Many people think that just because it’s winter, the effects of sun are not that harmful. Wrong. Even if you are not spending a lot of time outdoors, applying a sunscreen is a must. The sun is still out there and its harmful rays will surely find a way to penetrate your skin and ruin it.

30. Stay Connected To People Around You

isolation and lonelinessOne more factor that affects the way you age is your emotional health. Anyone who is over whelmed with isolation and loneliness will in turn be more prone to heart disease and other detrimental disorders. The most important aspect to remember is that connectedness and relationships with others can affect our lives, for both the better and the worse. Check that your relationships are only helping your well-being, not hindering it. Maintain respectful communication with people around you. How you interact with your family can in turn affect your well being, so create nurturing, healthy relationships at home.

31. Spend Time With Your Partner

Another fact: Passion is a powerful drug. According to Sex and the Seasoned Woman author Gail Sheehy, passion is the central motivation of all human activity that boosts your self-esteem, improves cardiovascular health and fuels your immune system. Even sex has its own set of benefits. It releases feel-good hormones that reduce anxiety and stress. At the same time, it gives you a different kind of glow – and no amount of makeup could replicate that. Therefore, spend time with your partner, whether in or out of the bedroom. Rekindle the flame by doing something new together or working on a common passion. Have sex as much as you can. It will make you feel good and more energized afterwards, and strengthen your bond.

32. Have More Sex

Good news, sex addicts. You finally have more reasons to have sex.

According to Dr. David Weeks, an expert who did some important research on how sex can make you look younger, having sex at least three times a week can make you look up to 10 years younger.

It also helps release more growth hormones and is proven to help you live longer.

And if you’re still not convinced with the youth-inducing powers of sex, just look at Steven Tyler.

God knows what his age is, and he had sex with more than a hundred women in his lifetime, yet he’s aged gracefully. He definitely knows how to put his humongous mouth to work for him.

33. Try GenF20 Plus

HGH supplementationIn addition to these techniques for staying young as you age, there is also one more option. While many scoff at the thought of human growth hormones (HGH), scientists are beginning to find that HGH supplementation can be the truth behind the fountain of youth. Human growth hormone is an anabolic hormone, which is created in the pituitary gland. It is delivered in short intervals in the body throughout the day. This hormone helps to provide growth, shifts the metabolism, mobilizes fat stores, and repairs tissues. Most physicians use this hormone as a potential treatment for burn patients who have suffered from tissue injuries. HGH is also pumped in children to treat dwarfism. Dwarfism in children occurs because of the deficiency ofthis growth hormone. Supplements such as this are available at to make anyone feel younger, both physically and mentally. You can improve your cholesterol, sleep levels, metabolism, hair and nails, immune system, vision, sex drive and skin, all with the help of an HGH supplement. As with any supplement, make sure to clear it with your doctor before trying it, especially if you take any medications or have a health condition like heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure. You want to be safe, not sorry when you supplement your diet with anything. Take note of this list and start today. To look young and fresh is the first step to be beautiful and sexy. Choosing to do it in the natural way will also be good for your health, so you’re already hitting two birds with one stone.
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