Ghrelin Wars: 13 Peaceful Ways to Outsmart Your Hunger Hormone

Ghrelin Wars 13 Peaceful Ways to Outsmart Your Hunger HormoneThere is nothing more tempting to eat than to hear your tummy growl. It’s like when a tiger roars inside your stomach, letting you know that you need to feed it. Ghrelin, the hunger hormone, is responsible for all those stomach growls and hunger feeling that you get. Apparently, it is also the hormone that pushes you to eat and eat and eat. You know what that means, right? Since it is a hormone, the more of it in your bloodstream means the more you will be getting the urges to eat. That can make you overweight and unhealthy over time. The answer to that is to keep your ghrelin level under control and on normal levels. You still need to eat anyway. Hunger and the urge to eat may be a little challenging if you have high levels of ghrelin in your body. So what you need to do is to tame down the hunger hormone and keep it at normal levels only. This way, you don’t get the urge to eat all the time. Here are 13 peaceful ways to control your hunger hormone and prevent any binge eating tendencies.

1. Hydration

drinking waterYou probably hear this a lot but it’s only because it’s true. You need water to survive, for one. You need water to help with your metabolism and digestion, too. Water can also fill the gap in your stomach so that you do not feel hungry all the time. If you notice, drinking water will make you feel full. This means you don’t get the urge to eat as much solid food. Water is an essential part of life and well, it can help you tame down your hunger hormone.

2. Say No To MSG

MSG or mono sodium glutamate is a type of sodium salt that is commonly found in processed food and used to preserve them. In a more basic explanation, MSG keeps the canned foods and other junk foods from spoiling. Well, MSG also has another trait. It helps in doubling the production of ghrelin in the body. If you notice, when you eat food that have high MSG, you salivate. In this condition, your body reacts and feels the urges to eat more. So when you eat food that has high MSG, you are basically subjecting yourself to eating more.

3. No To Less Than 1,000 Calories Per Day

no less than 1,000 caloriesThis should be good. Of all the rules and tips on weight loss and controlling your meals, there is one fact behind all that you will actually appreciate. It’s the fact that your body needs no less than 1,000 calories per day for your body to function properly. Think about it. You have at least 1,000 calories at your disposal every day. Now, if you go less than 1,000 calories, your hunger hormone fills in the gap and that is when you get the urges to eat more than what is really necessary.

4. Don’t Skip Your Meals

Here’s the thing: when you skip meals, you may think that you are helping yourself lose that extra weight, but in reality, you are not. Skipping your meals would make your hunger hormone work double time to fill in the hunger that you are feeling. The negative impact of that is ghrelin gets doubled and the urge to eat becomes doubled, too. If you notice, when you skip a meal, the next time you eat is like a feast. You practically want to eat everything on the table. The simple logic there is when you deprive yourself of food for a few hours, your body will react and you won’t be able to control your eating once you start.

5. Have Protein And Carbohydrates In Every Meal

Protein and carbohydratesControlling your hunger hormone is easy. As long as you have the right army to fight away the hunger hormones, you will be good to go until the next meal. Protein and carbohydrates are good types of nutrients to fight away hunger. Eating carbohydrates and protein in every meal will make you get through until the next meal without eating anything in between. Have a mix of carbohydrates and protein in every meal, so that you do not get hungry fast.

6. Minimize Processed Fructose Intake

Fructose, when it naturally comes from fruits, can be good and healthy. But processed fructose may not be good for the body, especially if you are trying to control your hunger hormone. Eating fructose lowers the leptin and insulin components of the body. When these two are lowered, ghrelin increases power.
When ghrelin increases, you start to feel the urge to eat. It is best to as much as possible avoid processed fructose filled types of foods, including high fructose corn syrup.

7. Pack On Fiber-Rich Foods

Fiber is a useful agent to cleanse out the body. It rids the body of excessive cholesterol and other substances, and that includes balancing some of your hunger hormones. Fiber-rich foods are also helpful in making you feel full most of the time, and this will help you avoid eating in-between meals.

8. Get Enough Sleep

SleepYou’re probably thinking that less sleep and less rest will make you lose weight. If you know someone – a friend or a colleague who is absolutely positive that they are losing weight because of sleep deprivation – know now that this is not true. It could just be a product of another habit that they are doing or just mere coincidence. The truth is sleep deficiency can make you fat. Believe it or not, sleep deficiency is one of the causes of obesity, and there are many research studies coming out to prove that. Sleep is the time for your body to reset itself and balance hormones, including leptin and ghrelin.

9. Avoid Stress

This is a common problem for most people. If they are stressed, they eat. If you are working in an environment that is swarming with stress, then you are going to be gain weight if you resort to eating to tame down stress. Stress can trigger eating. The good thing is that stress is a controllable matter. You can control it many ways, such as by exercising, talking to a friend and even enjoying a good book or movie. As much as possible, avoid stress, so that you also avoid binge eating.

10. Exercise

exerciseOne way to win over your hunger hormone is to exercise and move your body. When you exercise, you become more aware of your health and you become stricter with what you eat.

This is a psychological effect to the idea that you are on the road to become fit, toned and eventually, sexy. Exercising motivates you to stay fit and watch what you put in your mouth. This kind of self control and discipline will help you tame down that ghrelin, too.

11. Eat Breakfast

It is the most important meal of the day, after all. After a hibernation period during the night, your stomach should start its function when you wake up in the morning. If it has nothing to digest, it releases your hunger hormones which will double the feeling of hunger until you get to your next meal. It is important that you eat breakfast for your stomach to have something to digest. To put it simply, you will not feel overly hungry by the time lunch comes.

12. Don’t Think Too Much About Food

Okay, you know how to control your urges? Don’t think about it. Mind over matter. Regardless if you are overloading on ghrelin or whatever hormone, your actions are still controlled by your mind. You still get the final say whether you eat now or wait for the next meal to come around. It would be best to avoid thinking, smelling and looking at food during this time. Don’t think too much about food, so that your hunger will not be triggered. This is easier said than done, no thanks to the media and other influences. Learn to divert your attention whenever you feel you are thinking about it too much.

13. Find Something Else To Focus Your Attention On

focus on your workThere’s a lot more to focus your attention on while waiting for the next meal. You can do other activities, you can exercise, you can focus on your work – any of those things can help you kill the time and control your mind from wandering to the food department. It’s simple and easy. Divert your attention from food; hence you will not be tempted to eat. A new hobby or interest is a good way to do this. It’s time you get to the bottom of what’s causing all those urges and hunger and put it under control. If you allow ghrelin to take control of your eating habits, you can bet you will grow pound after pound after pound. While it is not bad to eat, but out of control binge eating is a different story. Although, with all this, you still need to eat. Basically, you need to just control your hunger hormone and make sure that it is not the normal level that will make your eating habits normal, too. Reach for nutritious foods and don’t forget to drink plenty of water, too.
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