HGH: Illegal or Not?

HGH IllegalIf you are looking for an answer to the question “Is HGH illegal?” then you will be glad to know that HGH supplements like GenF20 are legal and can be easily purchased without a doctor’s prescription. However, distribution and usage of other forms of HGH are strictly regulated by the government. Before learning about the legal and regulatory issues concerned with distribution and usage of human growth hormone, let’s find out about its efficacy for the human body.

What Is Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone is an amino acid, which is a single linear chain of polypeptide hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Human hormone replacements are considered an extremely effective tool in reversing the aging process and managing weight. Growth hormones have been used by doctors to cure growth deficiency in children and adults. In addition, there are numerous health benefits of human growth hormone. It is known to stimulate growth, regeneration and cell reproduction. It is used for the treatment of growth disorders and deficiencies.

Is Human Growth Hormone Illegal? Let’s Find Out

Below we discuss the legal issues of human growth hormone for the various forms of HGH. Human growth hormone occurs in three distinct forms, as follows:
  • Biological Human Growth Hormone: As indicated by the name, biological human growth hormone is produced naturally in the human body. It is responsible for various bodily functions including growth, aging and weight control.
  • Synthetic Human Growth Hormone: Synthetic HGH is a laboratory-prepared enzyme that works like human growth hormone. It is used for the treatment of growth and development disorders in children and adults caused by an insufficiency or absence of biological HGH.
  • Human Growth Hormone Supplement: These supplements do not introduce human growth hormone into your body, rather they are composed of ingredients that upon entering the body stimulate the production of human growth hormone. HGH supplements are widely used by bodybuilders and for the treatment of numerous health conditions, including aging.
synthetic HGHMany people wonder if a supplement of HGH is illegal. Well, HGH supplements are not. However, while is legal in most countries, it is regulated. Prescription use of synthetic HGH is strictly regulated by law. It can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription. The law states clearly that HGH can only be prescribed to patients by a doctor in order to treat medical conditions that require its use. Casual use of HGH by a doctor or anyone else without a prescription is strictly prohibited. Thus, anyone caught using HGH without a prescription can face strict penalties.

Are HGH Injections Safe?

In a true sense, the use, purchase, and distribution of HGH injections are regulated rather than illegal. HGH injections are regulated because of the dangers associated with regular use and potential overdose.Overdosing and long term use of HGH injections may lead to severe complications by putting tremendous pressure on such organs as the liver and heart. Also, an overdose of HGH may cause severe negative side effects such as extraordinary body mass, collapse of vital organs due to stress and temporary instability. Some people want to take higher doses of HGH injections to heal injuries or to look better and younger due to the recuperative and regenerating effects of HGH. However the use of HGH injections in the military and sports to enhance body mass and recover from injuries is considered unethical.

Is GenF20 HGH Illegal?

An HGH supplement like GenF20 is readily available on the Internet and is legal to purchase. This HGH supplement contains ingredients that help to boost the natural production of HGH in the body. It stimulates the pituitary gland to produce human growth hormone. It is easy to purchase and safe to use over the long term. It is taken orally and does not cause the side effects found with HGH injections.

Effective Ingredients of GenF20

GenF20GenF20 combines effective ingredients like deer velvet antler, GABA, astralagus root extracts, arginine and numerous amino acids in the right quantities. This makes it the safest and best choice for people who wish to have younger looking skin and a healthy body. The combination of these potent ingredients in a single supplement like GenF20 makes it easier to achieve the benefits of all those ingredients rather than taking them separately. The regular use of GenF20 prevents bone weakening, allows you to sleep better, boosts your libido, makes you a better person mentally and physically, prevents memory loss and helps brain activity. Genf20 also prevents mood swings and erases signs of aging from your body.


Most forms of HGH are illegal, but HGH supplements are legal and safe to use. GenF20 is one of the safest and most legal ways to increase the amount of HGH in your body. This is because it works to stimulate the production of human growth hormone rather than injection it inside your body.
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