10 Best Tips on Losing Weight After 50  

Losing WeightWeight gain is one of the annoying signs of aging. Unexpectedly, you may one day notice your clothes clenching your waist tightly and making you uncomfortable. You may not be overeating, and you may also be religiously following your old healthy eating plan. However, losing weight and keeping your waist in shape may seem like daunting tasks after the age of 40. It’s common for people to experience middle age weight gain. However, that definitely does not mean that one has to live with it forever. Don’t be disheartened with the sudden changes in your body figure. Remember, it’s never too late to reverse the middle age flab.

Causes of Weight Gain in Middle Age

surges of weightWomen usually face surges of weight when they reach the menopausal stage of life, when the hormones are being modified and bringing major changes to their body. Other factors that cause the spread of weight in the elderly include the slow metabolism that comes with growing age. Reduced physical activity and hereditary conditions are some other reasons for storing extra fat when you get old. So, what can you do to fit in your body-hugging clothes and feel young again? Here are the ten most effective tips that you can start following today to see the changes.

1. Follow an Exercise Routine

Exercise is more important when you are getting on in years. However, the busy schedule that most people have to follow in their middle age puts a halt on their exercise regimen. You must realize that you need to follow the right exercise routine to get in shape. Take time out to wear your exercise shoes and get ready for the change. It may seem a bit difficult initially, but your body will eventually get used to working out after a few weeks. If you are too busy with your household activities, start doing some more formal exercises, such as walking and jogging a couple of times per week.

2. Build Up Muscles to Burn More Calories

It’s good to cut down your calorie consumption when you are trying to lose weight. However, it is also important to exercise in order to replace some of the fat with healthy muscle. When you have more muscles, your body will be able to burn even more fat.
Resistance training is one of the most commonly used methods for building muscles. You can either hit the gym or follow the right exercise routine at home to build your muscles. You can also do Yoga and Pilates to improve core strength and flexibility. light hand weightsYou may try weight lifting, as well. Weight training does not imply that you have to turn into a bodybuilder. Buy a set of light hand weights, usually two, three and five pounds each, and start doing repetitions. It is common to lose muscle as one ages, and weight lifting is one way to build some back and burn more calories.

3. Check with Your Doctor

A visit to our physician is sensible for everybody beginning an exercise regimen. However, it becomes more essential for elderly people. Consult your doctor to know if there should be any restrictions before you begin putting together any type of exercise routines. He might examine your lungs and heart and determine if your current medication plan can support your exercise plan.
Advice about exercise for an elderly person should be based on their present health condition, medical history, and current fitness level. You may also ask for safe exercises in accordance with your health. There may be certain forms of exercise that your doctor may not want you to perform. Once you are clear of your health problems, aim to exercise at last three to five times a week.

4. Don’t Be in Such a Big Hurry

Yes, we know you are pretty eager to get back your lost energy and fitness. However, it’s important to start gradually. You must have heard of the magical effects of getting 30 minutes of exercise each day. However, these recommendations should not be taken as your weight loss goals, even if you are doing fine at this age In the beginning, you should start exercising under your own comfort levelsreally start exercising under your own comfort levels. Too often, elderly individuals overdo exercise initially, and in the process hurt themselves to the point where they require a few weeks to recover and get back to the exercise floor. You should walk for a few minutes a day, every day, for at least two weeks. Then, increase your walking time gradually once your body is accustomed to the change. It is not great to start with 30 minutes of walking on the first day, and then not be able to be consistent with the same routine for the remainder of the week.

5. Be Regular with Your Exercise Routine

Yes, it’s always good to start slow. However, regularity with your exercise routine is something you should definitely focus on, too. Exercise more often, even though you are exercising for just a couple of minutes each day. You can start with various activities for a few minutes several times a day. And then, little by little, increase the time spent doing each activity. Also, try not to go solo when you exercise. Find some exercise buddies for the necessary support, motivation, and encouragement. It is well-known that people are more likely to stick to an exercise plan when using a team system.

6. Make Healthy Eating Habit Changes

Most people over the age of 40 find it pretty difficult to eat healthy. They may be struggling with a family, career, and aging parents. This usually takes a toll on their health as they often skip meals, eat processed foods, and forget to drink vital fluids, which in turn makes them dehydrated. healthy mealsRemember to take some time out to enjoy your healthy meals each day. You may have a quick breakfast, but then sit down and take a healthy lunch break. Usually, we think that we are saving time by eating at our desk or in our car. However, shoving in food just to satiate our body may sometimes not be as effective as when you eat slowly. Your mind and body need some time to realize that you are full, and this in turn also helps you eat less. When you enjoy your food, it leaves you feeling more focused and energized. You also make healthier choices and eat more nutritious foods. Overeating and choosing too many processed foods is only making things worse for your body and overall health.

7. Don’t Resort to Fad Diets

Even though it’s a good idea to cut down on sugary and greasy meals to get rid of unwanted flab, you should not resort to any fad diet plan. Going on a diet is only a temporary solution, since when you go off the diet, you will regain whatever you have lost. You should not expect any miracles with these sorts of diets. The media pushes craze diets that promise instant answers for weight loss. A few may work in the short term; however, without permanently changing your eating habits and physical activity, these fad diets often turn out to be useless. Change your eating habits for good. Choose foods that are high in fiber and low in fat. Go for fresh vegetables and fruits, instead of high-calorie desserts. Include whole fat foods instead of cheese and low-fat dairy. Stay away from fad diets. As an alternative, make gradual changes to your lifestyle, eat healthy, and exercise every day to get the fit body you desire. Do this and you will be surprised at the difference these small changes make to your life.

8. Sip Green Tea

Some people make it out to be quite complicated, but weight loss is simple mathematics. You take in less food than you burn, and you will lose weight. Well, the weight loss becomes more intricate and difficult to achieve when one is growing older. This is because of the declining metabolic rate that comes with age. Your metabolism slows down by about five percent every 10 years. This means you burn fewer calories as you age. This usually adds up to weight gain unless you make sensible lifestyle changes to accelerate this slowdown of metabolism. Being regular in your exercise routine and building more muscle mass can work wonders for your health. However, in order to really kick start your body’s metabolism, you can try a natural fat burning beverage, such as green tea. Green tea, the most esteemed beverage of the Japanese, works to speed up your metabolism and boost weight loss. Besides this, it also has some amazing anti-aging benefits. So you will not only get slimmer with green tea, but healthier, as well.

9. Cure Sleep Issues, Your Weight-Loss Enemy

You may lose your ability to burn fat effectively and lose weight if you are turning and tossing all night. This may dent your weight-loss ability, even if you are working hard to shed those unwanted pounds. Poor sleep is a common complaint among elderly men and women. Women generally face poor sleep, along with hot flashes, once they hit the menopausal phase. Hormone swings are the culprit of these unfortunate female sleep problems. Scientifically, the low levels of estrogen increase the amount of luteinizing hormone. Try yogaSo, how to fix this? Try yoga. A soothing yoga routine, which includes relaxation poses and breathing exercises, can work amazingly well to get back your nights of sound sleep. If you are not sure how to perform yoga, seek the help of the web by visiting a site like YouTube, or look for a yoga app for Android or iOS. You can also join some local yoga classes. Check your recreation department, senior center or local adult education program for classes. Just 15 minutes of yoga per day is enough to cool your hot flashes and relieve stress.

10. Find Ways to Enjoy a Stress-Free Life

Stress can wreak havoc on your eating habits and lifestyle. When you are under stress, the change in hormonal balance leads to changes with your cravings. Taking time to relax is the best way to beat stress. So, no matter how busy your life is, make yourself free to do something you enjoy. Your favorite activities will distract you from the hustle and bustle of your life, unwinding you of the stress that you have unknowingly harbored. When you are relaxed, you are less likely to turn to unhealthy foods for comfort. Taking charge of your health and weight is a demanding task at any age. And this becomes even more true once you enter your middle age. Fight the challenges you face at this time of life and you will surely win the battle of the bulge. Start with small changes in your eating habits and lifestyle. Stick with them, and eventually you will see noticeable results. This will be a noteworthy success for both your physical and mental well-being. GenF20Have patience, though. Weight loss after middle age is usually slower than it was before. All you need is some time, persistence, and commitment for yourself. Also, we suggest you go for some supplements if you are over 40 to replenish what you are missing. HGH supplement from www.GenF20.com is a great way to enjoy increased energy levels, a stress-free mind and a toned body. Follow the right lifestyle routine, include healthy supplements, remain stress free, and we are sure you will soon find yourself staring at the mirror in amazement.
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