Retiree Recharge: 13 Simple Steps for Boosting Your Body Battery

Retiree-Recharge-13-Simple-Steps-for-Boosting-Your-Body-BatteryWe will all age and whether we like it or not, our bodies will go through transformations that will also change our strength, stamina and endurance for things that were once so easy for us to do. Yes, we’re talking about your body’s battery. Like a regular battery, your body battery also has its limits. You will need to recharge constantly to remain energetic. While recharging may be a normal process for everyone, you will notice that it may be more frequent now than it was when you were younger. It’s fine. There is no need to panic or be concerned. The physical changes you go through are just as normal as the next retiree. What you do is what makes the difference. You can choose to feel tired most of the time, or you can beat the odds and boost your body battery to feel like you are young again. There are many ways that you can do to boost your energy, but what you need are the simplest and quickest ways. Start today by choosing one or two of these 13 simple steps to boost your body battery today:

1. Sleep is For the Strong

Sleep is an important part of your health. Now that you are aging, sleep is even more important than it ever was. When you sleep, your cells and tissues replenish and your energy is recharged. This is why you will feel energetic and well-rested if you have had the right amount of sleep. This is also why you feel weak and tired otherwise. There is no substitute for sleeping – not coffee or any energy drink. When you feel tired, it’s your body’s way of telling you that it needs to rest and recharge. Therefore, sleeping is not for the weak or tired, but rather for those who choose to be more energetic.

2. Follow Your Personal Healthy Body Clock

When we say body clock, it means the schedule that your body has become accustomed to. It includes your breakfast, lunch and dinner schedules, as well as your sleeping patterns. Sometimes, we think that just because we eat three times a day and sleep for a few hours at night, then that would already suffice. Wrong. Your body is built to follow a pattern that is coordinated with the hours of the day, to make sure that you maximize the benefits from the food you eat or the hours you sleep. For instance, it is advisable to eat your breakfast 30 minutes to an hour after you wake up, for your body to get the right boost of energy for the day. Eight hours of sleep at night is the requirement for a well-rested body.

3. Try Some D-I-Y For a Boost

Some youngsters think that just because we have aged, we have limited locomotion. You can prove them wrong and boost your energy by engaging in D-I-Y or Do-It-Yourself activities. Daily activitiesDaily activities such as mowing the lawn or doing some home makeovers are a great idea. It’s a fun activity where you will get to see results of your creation immediately. It is also one way to stay active. There are many types of D-I-Y activities and you can start from the easy ones to get your muscles going. Even simple housework can burn calories and get your muscles moving. This is a good way to stay active and healthy.

4. Get Up and Get Moving

The easiest and quickest way to boost your energy is to get your body moving. It’s like warming up to play a game. When you are already at the momentum to move, you will feel energetic and motivated to get up and be active. It simply means that if you want to boost your energy, you need to motivate yourself. Get up and start moving if you want to boost your body battery. Your energy will just flow freely if you are already moving. Put on some music and dance around the house. Grab a broom or dust cloth and start cleaning. Take a short walk around the neighborhood or local mall. It’s all good.

5. Always Hydrate Yourself

Water is a basic necessity to live, and the same thing is true if you want to boost your energy. Dehydration or lack of water in the body can affect the lubrication of your joints and muscles, which can also affect your movements and dwindle down your energy. To add to that, dehydration can lead to severe medical cases, too. Hydration is an important factor for your health. You should at least drink eight glasses of water every day to ensure that your body is well hydrated and to help you maintain the energy you need to perform your daily tasks.

6. Eat Healthy, Nutritious Foods

foodYou are what you eat. The energy you need to perform your daily activities is taken from the food you intake. If you eat food that are unhealthy and rich in cholesterol, it can have negative implications to your health and it could decrease your energy as well. If you eat foods that are rich in iron and vitamins, you can keep your blood healthy. Your blood plays a big role in replenishing your energy. Keep your blood healthy through eating healthy food and you can be sure that your energy will also be free flowing.

7. Lose Or Maintain Your Current Weight

If you are on the plus side, it could be one factor why your body battery is drained out quickly. This is because the fat deposit in your body can rapidly burn out the energy that you have. This is the reason why you feel heavy and tired most of the time and you mostly opt to rest. Another downside is you can be susceptible to hypertension or cardiovascular problems. It time to shed that extra weight through a healthy diet and work out. You will be amazed at how much energy you can store and how much energetic you can be if you work towards a healthy weight. If your weight is at a good place, keep it there. Just keep doing what you are doing, with a focus on healthy choices.

8. Fish and Fishing is a Win-win

fishingOne common hobby for men is to go fishing. Fishing is an enjoyable activity where you can hang out and compete with your friends to see who gets the biggest fish. It’s one form of hobby while you also keep your body active and your connections with friends active, which are good factors to keeping yourself energetic. Plus, fish is rich in omega-3 which can make you healthy also.

9. Watch Out For Those Little Red Flags

Of course, even with enough caution to your health, you should still be vigilant on symptoms that could be signs of unwanted lifestyle diseases. Watch out for those little red flags that pop up and could be affecting you physically. One common sign of a health problem is frequent tiredness and fatigue. If you feel tired most of the time, then you will need to see your doctor to get checked.

10. Monitor Your Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure is one of the first telltale sign of any problem with your health, which is also a major contributor to your energy. When your energy rises or falls, you will also notice a change in your blood pressure – which would either increase or decrease significantly. When you feel fatigued, have your blood pressure checked and see if this is the cause of your sudden tiredness. That way, you can have your doctor advise you on how to maintain your blood pressure to a normal level that can keep your energy levels good, too.

11. Listen to Some Good Music

listening to good musicStress and fatigue are normal feelings that you can encounter from your daily activities – especially if you have been busy all day or aren’t sleeping well. Studies show that listening to good music like instrumental or classical genres, or anything that you find soothing, is an effective way to relieve stress and fatigue. If you feel overly tired and you still need energy to go on, put on some music while you work and get energized by the power of musical harmony.

12. Hang Out With Friends

Hanging out and socializing with friends and colleagues is one good way to relieve stress and boost your energy. Laughter and conversations can trigger the happy hormones in your brain. This can help make your mind and body more active and quick. Socialization can also be a source of motivation to move and be active, if you hang out with friends who are health enthusiasts. If you feel tired and slumped, hang out with your friends to replenish your energy.

13. Have Sex, And Lots Of It

active sex lifeStudies show that an active sex life is a great way to keep your body active and energetic. Sex releases hormones in the brain that motivates the body to move. It can replenish the energy to keep you moving and be active always. You are never too old to have more sex. With all these quick and easy steps, you are sure to have all the energy you need to stay active. A happy and energetic lifestyle will be good for your physical and emotional health, which is something that could go a long way at your age. Above all this is your acceptance that, even though you are not as strong as you used to be, you can still be as strong as you need to be.
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