12 Reasons Turning 50 Is Not the Death of Your Sex Life

12 Reasons Turning 50 Is Not the Death of Your Sex LifeWhat is that one thing you dread if you are a woman and almost in your 50’s? For sure, your answer will be menopause, along with other issues, such as wrinkles and gray hair. Aging is something you cannot get away from, no matter how hard you try. However, you can age gracefully and believe it or not, there are some benefits to becoming an older woman. Aside from this, one of the issues you have to deal with in your 50’s is sex, or the lack thereof. Dry spells, a lack of sex drive and hormonal issues are some of the many problems inside the bedroom. These are also the reasons why most women dread becoming a golden girl. But, the truth is, the 50’s should not be the death of your sex life. If Madonna and many other women can look and feel as vibrant as ever, so can you. After all, sex at 50 and beyond may be different, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t better. Here’s why.

1. You Stop Worrying About Getting Pregnant

Getting pregnant at 40’s is not a rare occurrence. On your road towards the golden line, there will still be anxiety of whether or not you could get pregnant. In fact, Hollywood celebrities in their 40’s are perfect examples of getting pregnant even before they reach their golden years. Can you imagine yourself attending parent-teacher conference, making packed lunch and changing diapers at 40? This is the good thing about being in your 50’s. As soon as you complete the menopausal stage, you can have sex all the time without worrying about pregnancy. That means no more condoms, pills and other pregnancy stopper options, unless you’re dating. The threat of catching an STD is still there, so if you are dating, be sure to protect yourself with a condom.

2. You Can Be Mrs. Robinson

Mrs. Robinson is a popular fictional character who seduces a much younger man after college graduation in the movie, The Graduate. You might even know her as the person who seduced Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades series, although that’s not her name.
Regardless of where you learned about her, sex after 50 could make you a Mrs. Robinson. This means you know what to do, there are lesser inhibitions inside the bedroom and you are more confident in bed. This could translate to better sexual function and performance between the sheets.

3. No More Interrupting Kids

sexAdmit it. Since you got married and had kids, sex became a mission impossible. It’s hard to snuggle with your man without hearing your kids cry or little ones crashing your room. Worse, your man is in the mood and you are not because you’re exhausted from taking care of the kids. This is another reason why sex after 50 is great: no more kiddie problems that could interrupt sex. At this point, your kids are more independent and can handle themselves. This means you could focus more on yourself and your relationship and make sex even better.

4. You Could Be Spontaneous – In And Out Of The Bed

In relation to reason number three, sex after 50 means you could be more spontaneous both in and out of the bed. Think about this. No more kids interrupting, the house is all by yourself and you have all the time in the world to do some hanky-panky with your man. Tempting, isn’t it? This allows you to be naughty with your man anytime of the day and not worry about a little one knocking at your door. Still, just make sure to lock it for obvious reasons.

5. There Is Less Pressure

When you were younger, there will always be pressure to perform well in bed. There is also an unwritten rule to last longer since the longer the endurance, the better the sex will be. In other words, it is purely physical. Apparently, that is no longer the case when you’re in your 50’s. Sex after 50 is all about making a connection to your partner. The physical aspect is still there but it does not define how good sex is. Instead of feeling pressured to perform, it’s all about relating and building connections to make sex even more pleasurable.

6. Your Body Wants Sex More Than Ever

There will always be two sides of the coin in every situation. Take the case of menopause. Menopause results in various issues, including hormonal problems. This means either of the two – your libido level is low, or you are craving for sex. If you belong to the second category, then you are good to go. At least, you don’t have to worry about getting yourself in the mood. However, low libido doesn’t mean it’s the end of the line for your sex life, either. There are hormone therapies that could help give your libido a boost. This helps you get your sex life back on track and make sure that you and your man are both happy in bed.

7. You Have More Time

In your younger years, you had to focus your energy on many things. There were instances where your sex life has to take a backseat because you need to do this and that. Now that you are in your 50’s, you already paid your dues and you could dedicate your time on other equally important things, including sex. There is no rush to finish early and you could have all the time in the world locked in a room with your man. That’s not all. You could prioritize and spend time and energy not just on sex, but also in cultivating your hobbies, which could make you a better person. At the same time, you most likely don’t dwell too much on money and savings, which affects your mood in bed and beyond.

8. You Are Financially Stable

This is one of the many advantages of being in your 50’s, provided you took time to prepare for your retirement, 50’s is the time where you could reap what you sowed. Even if you’re not quite there yet, chances are, your work schedule is less hectic and there is less or no childcare to worry about. How does this relate to better sex? Being financially stable means no more mortgage payments, debts and other expenses that get you off the mood. Yes, you need to save for the rainy days, but you could also use your hard-earned money for buying lingerie, romantic getaways and dinner dates. In other words, you could do things you weren’t able to do in your 30’s because you’ve been working hard. It’s time to spend time with your man.

9. It’s The Perfect Time To Use Lube

lack of libidoHormonal changes in your 50’s are normal. Aside from a lack of libido, vaginal dryness is another issue women face. It may not be a matter of life and death, but a dry spell could make sex painful and uncomfortable. If you haven’t tried using a lubricant, then now is the perfect time to use it. The lube could not only ease any vaginal dryness but also encourage you to experiment in bed. This leads to better sex and increased sexual pleasure.

10. You Will Experience Better Orgasms

Being in the 50’s means you know better about things in life. Life experiences have taught you to do this and avoid that. The same goes with sex and your overall sex life. You know your body more and understand the things that give you pleasure. That’s not all. Sex during and after the 50’s has gone beyond physical. Since you spend a good amount of time with your man for a number of years, this means you are comfortable with each other and established deeper connections. You understand each other’s needs in bed and focus more on giving each other pleasure, not just letting out those juices. This leads to better, more fulfilling and more intense orgasms. Don’t you want that?

11. It’s More On Pleasure

More On PleasureWhen you are in your 20’s and 30’s, sex for you is all about hitting the right spots and making sure that your area down south is cooperating. It’s about getting the perfect body that will get the man in the mood and sort of pressuring him to get that six-pack abs since that’s what turns you on. It’s the other way around when you’re in your 50’s. At this stage, it is not just about getting orgasm all the time. It’s more on giving and receiving pleasure and establishing deeper connections. Yes, you still need to hit the right spots, but there is less pressure to perform. This makes sex more pleasurable during your golden years.

12. Sex Is Fun

Regardless of age, sex is fun, period. There may be physical, emotional and mental issues and bumps along the way when it comes to matters between the sheets and that’s normal. However, sex is fun, pleasurable and exciting. At this point, you and your man are able to resolve any issues both in and out of the bed. You have more time to try different things inside the bedroom and you don’t have to worry much about kids, getting pregnant and work at eight in the morning the following day. This all leads to better and more fun sex. Many women dread the 50’s and beyond. If you are one of them, don’t worry. You may not be as flexible 30 years ago, but there are a hundred and one reasons why life, love and sex at this stage is better than ever.
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