Side Effects of HGH: Balancing Your Benefits and Risks

Balancing Your Benefits and RisksWhen a person reaches the age of maturity, he or she would typically do something to bring his or her youthfulness back. While there are countless ways to have more youthful radiance, one of the most common solution people opt for is acquiring human growth hormone supplements. Other uses of HGH are to increase one’s muscle mass, boost energy, vigor and vitality. Although this supplement can be effective for most people, users should take note of its side effects. It is important to learn about the side effects of HGH so that the user will be aware about the possible changes that can occur in his or her body.

What Are Human Growth Hormone Supplements?

injectablesBefore learning about the adverse effects of HGH, it is relevant to find out the purpose and uses of human growth hormone supplements. HGH is available in various forms like tablets, capsules or injectables, which may be taken orally or parentally. The most preferred route for taking HGH is by oral intake because tablets and capsules are non-invasive, they are safe, they are easy to take and they are more affordable compared to other forms. A human body produces human growth hormones naturally while still young; however, the amount it secretes lessens as the body ages to maturity. For some people, they take additional amounts to increase their muscle mass, such as athletes and body builders.
HGH supplements, also known as HGH releasers, contain natural components, unlike others that contain synthetic ingredients. These natural components are capable of stimulating the body to release natural HGH which promotes better secretion to the entire body.

Reminders When Taking HGH Supplements

Before deciding to take human growth hormone supplements, it would be a good idea to acquaint oneself with a few reminders. This way, the user will be oriented with the possibilities and side effects of human growth hormone supplements. hgh pillsHGH pills may not easily be found in any drugstores or pharmacies. Most products are available over the internet. One of the advantages of purchasing over the internet is that the user will be able to read about the facts regarding the supplements. It is also possible to acquire the products with a better deal compared to an actual market. Taking HGH releasers will induce one’s pituitary glands to create or release more human growth hormones that his or her body will need. If one had his or her pituitary glands surgically removed or damaged, the supplement will not be of use to the client. It is recommended to take the supplements at night when the pituitary glands are active and the user is at rest. Scientific studies show that the human pituitary gland is most productive when the user is sleeping because it is capable of generating and releasing more hormones.

What You Need To Know About The Adverse Effects Of Human Growth Hormone Supplements

Clients who use human growth hormone should know that the side effects of HGH vary according to the dosage taken. Noticeable changes will be obvious after the first or second week of usage. Here are some of the positive side effects of HGH:
  • Clients will have smoother skin and it is first noticeable at the back of one’s hands. You may compare your hands to other people’s hands before using HGH and during your usage of the supplement to feel the changes in the texture.
  • HGH promotes better sleep.
  • Users will have a better functioning immune system
  • Clients will have overall tissue regeneration. This would mean that the major organs that may have shrunk with age will also be regenerated.
  • The body will be able to burn calories and carbohydrates more due to an increased metabolism.
  • Improved blood pressure
  • Bones will become stronger which will be highly useful for the elderly.
  • One of the side effects of human growth hormone that will be noticeable in the first week to the second week is reduced body fat.
  • Greater cardiac output
  • Increased libido or sex drive
  • Faster growth of nails and hair due to the nourishment of melanin
  • Alleviation or prevention of osteoporosis. Clients should also take note that it does not have the strong capability of curing osteoporosis and other deficiencies involving the skeletal systems. It merely improves its conditions, thus people that have illnesses should seek for the right effective treatment.
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Prevention and alleviation of muscle wasting
  • Higher boost of energy levels
  • Improved exercise performance and increased endurance
Increased mass of the muscles. Athletes and those who work out frequently will be able to notice the increase in their muscle mass in the first week of using HGH. However, this should not cause a comparison to the increased muscle mass caused by steroids. The side effects of human growth hormone supplements cause the creation of new muscle tissues while steroids only create temporary increase of muscle mass with a rapid effect. Human growth hormone may provide the client with more positive effects that can benefit his or her entire health. The side effects of HGH may be advantageous but every user should be aware that following instructions for taking the supplement is still very important; otherwise, it might create negative effects on the body.
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