Why Skipping Breakfast To Lose Weight Is Not Always Good

Skipping Breakfast to Lose WeightBreakfast can be cumbersome. Many of us hit the snooze button until the last possible minute, rush to get ready in the morning, and leave the house with just enough time to hope we don’t hit traffic and can sneak into work on time. Sometimes, we don’t even have an appetite so early in the morning, so we skip breakfast and opt for a snack before lunch, instead. Skipping breakfast, however, is an absolute no-no, especially for anyone trying to lose weight. Breakfast is stereotypically referred to as the most important meal of the day. And while that is rather cliché, it does ring true. Follow us as we discuss seven reasons why you should eat breakfast if you are trying to lose weight. Then, continue reading as we provide you with some easy breakfast options and weight-loss tips.

1. More Calories to Fuel Your Activities

breakfastIt is important to note that our bodies, without breakfast, essentially fast for 15 to 20 hours. Every wonder where the term, “breakfast,” came from in the first place? The meal allows us the opportunity to take a break from the fast that it has endured while you were sleeping. If you go from waking up to waiting until mid-morning for a snack, then your body has gone countless hours without eating. Instead, it is beneficial to fuel your body, specifically your brain, for your early morning activities. Eating breakfast helps your brain receive a fresh supply of glucose, or blood sugar. Without this blood sugar, cognitive abilities are difficult. You will have trouble understanding new information, remembering things, and processing new information. In addition to your mental ability, the lack of breakfast also affects your physical ability. Your body requires calories and healthy fats to run, so when you starve your body, you will become physically inadequate. Try eating a hearty, healthy breakfast, and take note of the increased energy that you feel throughout the morning.

2. Breakfast Contains the Most Important Nutrients

Perhaps this is why breakfast has been dubbed the most important meal of the day. Breakfast foods contain some of the most essential nutrients for our bodies. cerealsIron and fiber is present in oatmeal, and in some cereals and whole grains. Vitamins are within orange juice, milk, and eggs. Folate is present within fruits and wheat bread. Without these nutrients, our bodies will not run effectively. In addition, consuming these nutrients early on in the day allows our bodies to store and use them when necessary. Therefore, it is as if we carry them with us all day. The reverse of this effect works, as well. If we eat sugary, empty carbohydrates in the morning, those refined carbohydrates burn out within an hour or so. So, in an hour, we get hungry again. And this is typically when we revert to junk food. Therefore, eating a healthier breakfast can also lead to a healthier rest of your day.

3. Breakfast is Great for Your Ticker

Breakfast helps promote healthy hearts. Eating breakfast helps lower blood pressure and prevent diabetes. When we skip breakfast, our cholesterol levels rise; thus we become at a higher risk for cardiovascular diseases. In addition, those who eat breakfasts typically consume less throughout the day with fewer unhealthy snacks between meals. This seemingly insignificant habit actually adds up when you look at the wasteful snacks that non-breakfast eaters consume throughout the day. These empty foods and snacks are only aiding to the increase of heart disease.

4. Breakfast Boosts Your Immune System

Eating healthy breakfastNo one likes to be sick all of the time. Eating breakfast is yet another way to help boost your immunity. Eating healthy breakfast foods helps improve something called your body’s gamma-interferon. Gamma-interferon is a natural antivirus within us all that helps to promote immune cells. Studies show that not eating breakfast was the leading factor in a 17 percent drop in this antivirus. Common breakfast foods also include nutrients that help improve our immunity, such as vitamins A and C, fiber and folate.

5. Breakfast Improves Your Skin

So, not only is breakfast a great way to help promote weight loss, breakfast is also a wonderful way to help improve your skin. One breakfast food in particular has a super food characteristic when it comes to skin: the egg. Eggs contain lutein, which is a natural antioxidant present within eggs. This nutrient, lutein, helps to promote elasticity of the skin, in addition to fighting free radical damage. Promoting elasticity and fighting free radicals helps to fight wrinkles, sunspots and other unwanted facial flaws. Better yet, eggs are not the only breakfast food that contains this power. Oatmeal, whole grain pancakes and some breakfast smoothies can also help prevent skin aging.

6. Breakfast Gives You Energy

The fact is that eating a healthy, well balanced breakfast will help you feel energized throughout your day. The proper balance of protein, fiber and carbohydrates will help to promote adequate energy levels. This may seem erroneous when discussing weight loss, if you eat breakfast and have more energy, then you are more likely to work out and exercise. Exercising and working out also helps to lose weight, so eating breakfast proves to help weight loss efforts yet again.

7. Breakfast is a Unique Opportunity

Think about it: what other meal during the day allows you to eat fiber, dairy, and fruit all in one bowl? Simply grab some high fiber oatmeal, pour in some low-fat milk, and toss in a few berries, and boom. There you have half of your day’s nutrients and antioxidants in one meal. When else are you given this opportunity to eat such a mix of essential vitamins and nutrients? So, now that you understand the importance of breakfast, it is also pertinent for you to realize that what you eat at breakfast also matters. Many of the breakfast foods advertised in the marketplace are filled with refined flour and empty carbs. They include sugary cereals, bagels, and white bread. In fact, even waffles and breakfast sandwiches are all filled with these refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates will leave you feeling hungry, and this will more than likely start an overeating cycle for your entire day. Instead, it is recommended that you eat healthy complex carbs, proteins, and fats. Here is our list of great, easy breakfast ideas:
  • toast with some peanut butterA Toast for toast lovers. If you like to have toast with some peanut butter, then opt for whole grain toast. There are natural versions of peanut butter that offer the healthy fats without all of the sugar, so whole wheat toast with all-natural peanut butter is a great idea.
  • Cereal is still okay. Just don’t opt for the sugary cereals with thick, whole milk. Instead, try a cereal filled with fiber, such as a granola or whole grain flake. Then, top your cereal off with low-fat milk, or even almond milk. These options are much denser in the nutrients that your body needs.
  • The classic breakfast: Chances are that your mother gave you gross, hot porridge or oatmeal to eat when you were younger. Now that you are a grown-up, you can make it just the way you want. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, then prepare some oatmeal using low fat milk or even water, and sprinkle a bit of raw sugar or even honey on top.
Avoid those pre-flavored oatmeal packets. They are full of sugar and preservatives. Instead, opt for plain oatmeal, and then add your own ingredients, like nuts, raisins, berries, apple or cinnamon.
  • Don’t Forget the Easy Way Out: If you really want a fast option with the least amount of work on your part, then grab some fruit. A banana, some blueberries, or a nice fruit salad can be a wonderful option for breakfast. Just make sure that they don’t come prepackaged and soaked in sugary water.
Other than eating breakfast, there are some other ways that you can help lose some unwanted pounds. Here is our condensed list of easy ways to lose weight, other than eating breakfast of course:

Get to Steppin’

Exercise is vital for muscle growthExercise is vital for muscle growth and weight loss. If you are not used to exercising, then gradually work your way into a workout program. Start by walking more frequently, and then work your way up to a jog. Introduce light weight lifting with the help of an athletic trainer, or read up on some workout plans with instructions. If you don’t like to work out, consider hiking, bowling, swimming, or any activity you enjoy. Even cleaning the house and raking leaves can burn calories.

Drink Up

Water intake is also pivotal when trying to be healthier and lose weight. Since our bodies are made up of a large quantity of water, our weight can fluctuate depending on how much we sweat or drink. For example, go running in the heat and see how much water you lose in sweat. Being dehydrated can sap your energy and make you feel fatigued. Staying hydrated is key to helping our bodies stay energized and healthy.

Seek the Help of Supplementation

Getting a little extra help is nothing to be ashamed of. Even the most experienced athletes rely on supplements to help them perform at their best. While you may not need the same supplements as they do, there are a few that you should consider. GenF20For example, scientists are beginning to find that HGH, human growth hormone, works wonders for improving your overall energy and well-being. Anyone looking to feel younger and more energetic should look into a quality. Distributers such as www.GenF20.com offer both pill and spray form, and clients have raved about the results they have seen using this supplement. The next time someone tells you that they didn’t have time for breakfast this morning, make sure to educate them about the importance of a quality breakfast. Never skip the most important meal of the day, and watch as you shed some of those stubborn pounds in no time.
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