What to Eat to Build Muscle: Tips and Tricks for Pumping up Skinny Legs

What to Eat to Build Muscle: Tips and Tricks for Pumping up Skinny LegsThe human body is comparable to a machine. It knows the ways and means of regenerating itself. Your body breaks down the old tissues and creates new ones in order to keep it functioning in an optimal way. However, this is possible only if you consume wholesome foods and maintain a healthy lifestyle This is also true if you are looking to build muscle. Nowadays, the majority of people are joining in the craze of building muscles. But, many bodybuilders and people pursuing the perfect body don’t know what to eat to build muscle. They know how to work out and how frequently to do it, but have no idea about the right diet for the bodybuilders. Taking quality muscle building foods along with the proper workout helps you efficiently build muscle. In this article, you will know about effective diet to build muscle. So, let’s start with these useful tips.

1. The Power of Beef to Build Your Muscle

BeefProtein is one of the healthiest nutrients in beef. It can help people who wish to build muscle. The good news is beef does not contain just any protein, but a collection of nine essential amino acids with a high biological value. This indicates that this protein is healthy and easily digestible by the body. Researches have indicated that bodybuilders should consume foods with high biological value to repair those muscles. Beef is not only composed of high quality protein, but it also is a powerhouse of selenium, absorbable iron and immunity strengthening zinc. It has a blend of vitamins including niacin, B6, pantothenic acid, thiamin and riboflavin. Experts recommend that you choose leaner cuts of beef. This is because leaner cuts containmore muscle-building protein per ounce. There are various cuts that are healthy, but round cuts has the best protein to fat ratio. You should also consider choosing loin cuts as they are lower in fat too.

2. What to Eat to Build Muscle From the Ground Up

Beets are a rich source of betaine, which is essential for building muscle. The nutrients present in beet augment the liver function and repairs the broken tissues in the body. The doctors have surveyed that it increases the power of the immune system and strengthens the muscles. Beets effectively repair your joints, as well. Beets are capable of generating nitric oxide, which increases the transmission of nutrients and oxygen to the cells. This makes it simpler for your muscles to use raw material for proper growth. You can get potent and early results when you use beet supplements of high potency. However, the effective anti-inflammatory and immune strengthening properties of real beets keeps your muscle in perfect condition.

3. Brown Rice: The Best High Protein to Build Muscle

Brown RiceThe whole grain brown rice facilitates in gaining muscle at a faster rate. The processing of organic brown rice only removes the hull; therefore, it does least damage to the kernel and keeps most of the nutritive value of the rice grain. Brown rice is a rich source of several essential nutrients such as zinc, manganese, iron, phosphorous, potassium, selenium and magnesium. It contains vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin E and K. In addition, brown rice is a big source of dietary fiber, healthy protein and essential fatty acids. The manganese in brown rice helps the body to produce fats properly. Also, it improves the activity of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase; thus, enriching good cholesterol or HDL in persons coping with obesity. Are you still wondering what to eat to build muscle? If so, you are not alone. People who want to become bodybuilders look for best foods for muscle composition. Read on to find out more.

4. Try Vitamin C Enriched Orange Juice for Muscle Building

One of the best bodybuilding diets includes drink such as fruit juice, naturally derived from fresh fruits. The preserved fruit juices available on supermarket have a lot of added sugar and it is best to avoid them. You should include lots of orange juice in your daily routine as it is a rich source of vitamin C. It strengthens the immune system and helps repair the damaged tissue. You can also consider taking juice of fresh fruits such as apple, grape, pomegranate and cranberry. Bodybuilders put their bodies under huge pressure. Orange juice helps reduce muscle fatigue and leads to faster recovery for improved health.

5. Melons for Muscles: Add Cantaloupe to Your Diet

MelonsJust like all the melons, your body digests cantaloupe quickly and easily. Cantaloupe does not need pancreatic enzymes to support digestion since it contains all the live enzymes needed for digesting food. This means the consumption of cantaloupe enhances energy rather than draining it as some foods do. The flesh of cantaloupe is orange in color and contains high content of beta carotene. They are a summer time favorite because of their sweet and succulent taste. Since they are an effective muscle building fruit, you should consume cantaloupe on an empty stomach after getting a sound sleep. A cup of fresh cantaloupe contains 56 calories. It fills you with your daily need of vitamin A.

6. Healthy Cottage Cheese: Eat Protein to Gain Muscle

One of the cheapest and highest protein foods that you can add to your diet is cottage cheese. Only four ounces of cottage cheese offers approximately 13 grams of proteins, four grams of carbohydrates, five grams of fat and a total of 111 calories. Many athletes prefer consuming cheese curd as a late night snack because it is rich in both whey protein and casein, which helps in complete recovery after a workout. Here are a five simple ways to include cottage cheese to your diet: Cottage Cheese Wraps
  • Spread at least two to three ounces of cottage cheese on a whole wheat wrap.
  • Top it up with the choice of your fruits or vegetables such as lettuce, dates, avocado and tomato.
  • Add a half or whole chicken breast on the top to make it a delectable and healthy lunch.
Baked PotatoEnjoy Baked Potato With Cheese
  • Take out the inside of a baked potato. Mix it with one cup of cottage cheese and tater guts.
  • Fill the mixture back into the potato and throw in some cheddar cheese.
  • Put in a microwave for a few seconds until the cheese has melted.
Make Your Pizza Wholesome and Healthy
  • Take a whole wheat pizza crust and layer it with homemade tomato sauce.
  • Add one cup of tomato cheese to a tablespoon of oregano in a bowl.
  • Throw in one-fourth of a cup of romano cheese.
  • Top it with vegetables of your choice.
  • Bake for at least 20 minutes. Your yummy pizza is ready.
Add Zest to Your Salsa
  • Add two cups of cottage cheese to a cup of salsa.
  • Top it with baked and crispy tortilla chips.
  • You can add beans and other protein rich foods and fiber to make it more delicious and healthy.
Blend It Into Pasta
  • Make your pasta healthy and nutritive by adding half a cup of cottage cheese.
  • Mix cheese to your warm noodles along with red sauce to prepare a healthier version.

7. Start Your Day With Eggs for Quick Muscle Growth

Every bodybuilder requires ideal mass nutrition to grow their muscles. In order to get instant results, many take help of supplements. However, apart from taking supplements there are numerous foods that help in quick muscle growth. Start Your Day With EggsPeople have to struggle in the gym to build those muscles. During the strenuous exercise, their body goes through severe stress, which damages the muscle tissues. To repair this damage, your body requires high quality protein and amino acids. It is the best nutrition for damaged tissues. It quickens the recovery of muscle tissues and increases the speed of muscle growth.
  • Eggs are a number one source of healthy proteins. The best part is they are easily available. Its nutritional value is comparable to meat and chicken. If you are looking to build muscle, include eggs to your daily diet.
  • One egg contains about six grams of protein. It is packed with numerous vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E and B. Besides, it is highly populated with vital minerals such as iron, selenium, calcium and zinc.
  • Eggs come with a complete set of amino acids to hasten your muscle recovery and growth.
  • The egg white is free of fat and yolk contains about five grams of fat. Only a small amount of this fat is bad cholesterol.
You need to cook them properly to unlock their nutrients. If you eat them raw, you put yourself at risk of contracting salmonella. It is worth noting that overcooking will denature their proteins and render them useless. As a general rule, keep the cooking temperature below 150 degrees Fahrenheit or 65 degrees Celsius.
Eggs are quite easy to cook. Here are some tips:
  • You can eat them boiled, baked, fried, microwaved, steamed and scrambled.
  • People who don’t like the taste of eggs can add herbs and spices.
  • You can also add them to your recipes to hide their taste.

8. Dairy: The Superfood For Bodybuilders

MilkThere are various reasons why dairy should be included in your diet if you are looking to build muscle. Primarily, milk and dairy products are good for your health because of the protein, which is essential for muscle growth. Milk compromises of about 80 percent of casein protein and 20 percent of whey protein. Dairy products are a rich source of calcium, which helps makes bone stronger. It is needed for muscle contraction as well. In addition, milk contains sugar in the form of lactose. Studies have also indicated the significance of dairy products in weight loss. Essential fatty acids of dairy are necessary to control the metabolism and to keep skin, hair and nails healthy. You should choose low or nonfat version of milk. This will help retain all nutrients and vitamins while eliminating the higher fat content.

9. Quinoa: A Perfect Diet to Build Muscle

You should add this food to your muscle building diet for its high protein content. It is gluten and cholesterol free; thus a nutritional addition for people dealing with specific health conditions such as celiac and gluten sensitivity. Quinoa also contains carbohydrates, iron and minerals such as manganese, phosphorus, zinc, copper and magnesium. Even though it is a seed, experts regard it as a whole grain for nutritional purposes. You can use it to prepare meals similar to whole grains. The best thing is that it takes less time to cook with quinoa than other whole grains. You can eat quinoa with just a pinch of spices or blended with vegetables, fruits, meats or sweets. Around one-third of a cup of quinoa provides all the essential amino acids. Carbohydrates help to fuel the body and make it ready for workouts. There is approximately 21 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams serving of quinoa. This ample amount of carbs provides enough energy to the body to carry out workouts. Minerals help repair muscles and reduce stress that comes after strenuous exercise session. Bodybuilders can use quinoa to make breakfast cereal, soup, casserole, salad and snacks. However, they should ensure to avoid excessive consumption of quinoa since it cause digestive issues such as pain, gas and bloating.

10. Learn How to Build Muscle With Popeye’s Spinach

SpinachWhile eating a cup full of spinach may not give you super power strength, consuming two to three servings of this green leafy vegetable each week could surely pump you in other ways. According to latest research, spinach is capable of making your muscles more effective during a workout. In addition, it is rich in loads of other nutrients that keep your system running optimally. Spinach contains lutein, which makes your eyesight healthy and prevents macular degeneration and cataracts. Approximately one cup of fresh spinach leaves provides you with 200 percent of the daily requirement of vitamins needed for better bone health. It also contains twice the amount of iron as compared to other green vegetables; thus can acts as a substitute for men who are consuming large portions of meat. Spinach is highly versatile and easy to prepare. Go through the recipe of sautéed spinach: Ingredients
  • Two bundles of fresh loose-leaf bundles of frozen or packaged spinach
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  • Heat olive oil and sauté spinach over high heat for two to three minutes.
  • For additional flavor, add your preferred seasonings such as one teaspoon minced garlic or one-fourth teaspoon crushed red pepper.

11. An Apple a Day Keeps the Fat Away

The researchers from the University of lowa have found a naturally occurring constituent in apple peel, ursolic acid. It works to protect mice from being obese. Earlier research has concluded that ursolic acid increases muscle in healthy mice. Apple An average-sized apple is rich in five grams of fiber, which not only keep your blood cholesterol in control but also keep you feeling full. Studies have found that for every gram of fiber you eat, you burn about seven calories. This simple means that eating 30 grams of fiber will eliminate about 210 calories. Apples also contain antioxidants that inhibit that the enzymes that work to break starch into small sugar. This releases less sugar in the blood, and thus regulates blood sugar level. You should consume apples with their peels for maximum benefits; however, make sure that peels don’t contain wax coating. There are easy ways to include apples in your diet. Check this healthy version of warm apple crumble.
  • Chop a few apples
  • Add a few drops of lemon juice along with cinnamon.
  • Roast in the oven or toss the bowl inside the microwave.
  • Top it with a combination of almond butter and rolled oats.

12. Human Growth Hormone Releasers: How They Can Help You Build Muscle

Human growth hormone(HGH) is necessary for the proper development and strength of the human body. Unfortunately, as you age, your body reduces its secretion. This slows the metabolic process and accelerates aging. Thankfully, products like GenF20 plus help replenish lost HGH levels to normal. Faster muscle gainGenf20 plus is an effective HGH releaser which works by stimulating the pituitary gland of your body to produce more growth hormones. The ingredients of this supplement are all natural, and thus don’t cause any severe side effects. A few of the bodybuilding benefits of this supplement includes:
  • Quicker muscle recovery after workouts
  • Reduced fat mass
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Faster muscle gain
  • Augmented strength
  • A better sleep cycle
  • Improved endurance during workouts
  • Effective metabolism

13. Relish Some Protein-Packed Greek Yogurt After Strenuous Workouts

Greek yogurt is different from regular yogurt as it is deficient in whey. It provides large amount of protein in a single serving. Greek yogurt is a wholesome and nutritious snack you can have after a workout. Greek yogurt contains twice as much protein as regular yogurt, making it a perfect nutrition to shape muscle and lift your protein consumption. Consuming small meals such as Greek yogurt within an hour after your workout helps restore your glycogen reserves and provide protein to repair the small muscle damage incurred during the session. You can eat plain Greek yogurt or accompanies it with nutritious fruits to add some flavor. It is worth noting that Greek yogurt on its own has a tart flavor.

14. Gain Mass With Wheat Germ

Wheat germ helps to stimulate your immune system and provide preventive measures against heart disorders and cancer. Its therapeutic properties help muscle development, increase stamina, enhance mental agility and enhance healing rate of wounds. The nutrients in wheat germs help with digestion, prevent arterial damage and cause weight loss. wheat kernelWheat germ is the tiny center of a wheat kernel, which is full of nourishment. It comprises approximately 2.5 percent of the total weight of kernel. It has magnesium, calcium, zinc, and riboflavin along with essential vitamins such as vitamin B1, B3 and A. Wheat germ also has large quantities of vitamin E, which provides a source of antioxidants the body needs to prevent diseases. Body builders and athletes consume wheat germ because it helps improve their levels of endurance and blood flow and cardiac abilities. Those who lift weights and want huge muscles should use the wheat germ to bulk up and maintain highest performance levels.

How to Use Wheat Germ

Adding wheat germ to your foods will add calories, but they are healthy calories. You can eat smaller serving of wheat germ in order to reap the benefits.
  • If you bake your own bread, use the germ instead of a small amount of the flour. It is pleasant and has a rather nutty and sweet flavor.
  • Numerous food items such as a certain kinds of flour, breads and cereals contain minor amounts of the germ. Thus, read your labels carefully.
  • You can simply add wheat germ to foods like smoothies, vegetables, eggs, yogurt and casseroles. The flavor is a pleasant addition so you can get creative and experiment with ways to add wheat germ to your usual food.

15. Salmon Fish: An Excellent Source Of Protein

Salmon FishBesides boosting your metabolism, protein is an effective food to fill you up. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fats, which help to fight inflammation, regulates insulin levels and even lower the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Knowing what to eat to build muscle is vital. Many bodybuilders dampen their results by eating the wrong foods. In order to gain real muscles, you need to train and eat properly. Take the effort to incorporate them into your daily life. Do not give up too easily and you will be on the way to getting the body you have always wanted.
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