Youthful Aging: 7 Ways Men Can Trim Years, Not Hairs           

Youthful Aging: 7 Ways Men Can Trim Years, Not HairsThe urge to look and feel younger is not something solely belonging to women. Statistics are proving that men are also beginning to crave that magic anti-aging product that women are stereotypically always searching for nowadays.  There should be no shame in the anti-aging game. Naturally, we all want to look and feel our best. Society deems the youthful appearance, with its tightly taught skin and flawless physique, to be the ideal. Therefore, everyone wants to strive to look that way. So men, read up and have no shame in your search for the anti-aging miracle that we are all after. Here are seven ways that men can look and feel younger, regardless of their actual age. Some of these tips might be so simple that you’ll kick yourself for notthinking of them.

1. Take Care Of The Skin You Are In

skin carePreventative skin care is the best way to ensure that your skin does not look like an old raggedly football by the age of 40. We all know the different ways to take care of our skin, but perhaps now knowing that these different tips will help your skin look younger will encourage you to fit them into your daily routine. It is important to note, too, that you can pick up these skin care habits anytime. It is never too late to take care of your skin. So, start fitting these different skin care routines into your beauty, ah hem, we mean masculine, macho skin regimen. Reduce Sun Exposure The sun can literally beat the daylight out of your skin, and who wants that? Dermatologists are warning everyone to limit their sun exposure, and wear sunscreen if it is an absolute unavoidable circumstance. Over exposure to the sun can cause wrinkles and age spots, both of which can make you look much older than your actual age. Sun exposure is a factor in skin cancer, too, so avoid it as much as you can. Lather Up Properly moisturized skin is not prone to get aging marks later in life. The experts claim that using a daily moisturizer will help to improve the skin’s appearance. This is because dry skin tends to exaggerate and increase the signs of aging. So, fight the signs of aging by finding a great daily moisturizer for men. Chug It We’re not talking about beer here. Another way to make sure that your skin is moisturized is to stay hydrated with water. Drinking the regular six to eight cups of water everyday will help to keep your skin looking youthful.

2. Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Evaluating your lifestyle is pivotal when trying to look and feel younger. We all know about the particularly detrimental lifestyle habits that many people have and their negative side effects. But, habits such as excessive drinking and smoking can affect your body’s aging process. Ditch Your Cigarettes Smoking especially makes people looks well beyond their age, as it tends to dry out and wrinkle the skin. Cigarette smoke also dulls the skin and causes it to look rather lackluster. In addition, as if this was all not bad enough, smoking also causes your teeth to stain and appear older. Ultimately, smoking really wrecks your appearance. So, do your best to cut back or ideally, quit. Sleep Better Sleeping patterns are also a habitual practice that could be wreaking havoc on your body’s aging process. Adults typically require seven to nine hours of sleep per night. If you are not receiving the adequate amount of sleep, then you can end up with bags under your eyes, which definitely make you look older.
Take The Right Bite Diet is another lifestyle habit that can help you look and feel younger. We all know to eat healthier foods, but add the anti-aging properties of healthy foods to your list of reasons why you should put down that salty, fatty fast food. Eating healthy fats and a colorful diet will help to keep you healthy, both mentally and physically. In fact, once you change your eating habits, then this next tip might become easier, as well.

3. Shake It Off

keep your body physically fitLike Taylor Swift says, you might need to just shake it off. Your aging, that is. Exercise helps to keep your body physically fit, but it also can improve mental capabilities as well. Those who exercise regularly benefit from the inside out. Inside of your body, your heart, lungs, and immune system will thrive. Your brain on exercise can work wonders, and you are likely to feel younger once you start working out more. Of course you will look better, too. Unwanted weight gain can cause someone to appear older and more haggard, so shake it off and appear more youthful. You do not need to go running any marathons, per say. Simply increasing your exercise, regardless where you are in your physical ability, can help to slow down the aging process. Try going for daily walks, take a hike, or go for a bike ride. Stick to activities that you enjoy, and you are sure to find a new routine that will help your physical and mental abilities.

4. Workout Your Brain, Too

It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but mentally stimulating your brain can help your youthful appearance and attitude. Studies have shown that frequent mentally stimulating activities can lower the development of Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases associated with the elderly. Participating in a hobby can challenge the brain and improve your social life. Chess, Mahjong and various card games help to stimulate the brain. Volunteer work can also do the trick, or even a book club. Whatever tickles your fancy, get busy having fun doing it.

5. There Is A Dress Code

dress can greatly affect how old you appearBelieve it or not, how you dress can greatly affect how old you appear. There are a few fashion faux pas that you should really avoid, such as: Say No To Any Trends Just do it. Stick to the classics, and never try to dress like your 18-year-old cousin. Even if you think it looks good, it does not. In addition to new trends, so no to old ones, too. Just because bell bottom jeans and tie dye T shirts were cool in your adolescence, it does not mean that you can pull it off now. Don’t Set Off The Metal Detector Limit the jewelry. In this case, more is not better. Stick to a few classic pieces, maybe a watch and a ring or some cuff links and call it a day. Watch The Hair Just is with clothing, you have to watch your body hair, as well. Ensure that you have your eyebrows well groomed, and keep the body hair trimmed down. Body hair does not just mean your chest, guys. Also keep an eye on any nose or ear hairs. If you like having a little hair, then look into growing a beard. No, not a Paul Bunyan beard, but a nice flattering and tame beard can hide a less than flattering neckline. There are a few more conscious changes you should make if you are looking to fight your body’s aging.

6. Stop Being A Negative Nancy

Positive thinkingIt sounds a little bizarre, but your frame of mind can affect how you look and feel. Positive thinking can cut stress, which in turn helps you look and feel younger. Positivity affects the body in more ways than one. In fact, a recent study looked into this phenomenon. Elderly participants were encouraged to think of themselves as being physically capable, even if they did not originally think they were in decent shape. The study found that men who thought positively and believed in their physical ability were able to improve the speed of their movements, their memories and their dexterity. This positive thinking also soothed arthritis, lowered blood pressure, and improved eyesight and hearing.

7. Look For Trouble

Too often we want to avoid any warning signs of aging. We shrug them off and assume that we have to deal with them, but in actuality we can help to prevent or lessen their appearance if we only sought them out. Find your trouble areas and become proactive in lessening their cumbersome effects. Moisturize your neck whenever you moisturize your face, since you will do that now, right? Remember our previous tip. Also give your hands an overnight treatment or thorough massage with essential oils. This can help prevent any wearing on your hands before it even occurs. One area that all men should target is the eye area. The eyes have the tendency to reveal our age, so check that yours are not giving you away. Since the skin around the eyes is so sensitive and delicate, provide extra care at night to that area. Apply an eyelift or cream to the area, and leave it on. This will help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, puffiness and wrinkles. If none of these are tickling your fancy, then have no fear. There is one more alternative for you gentlemen out there. Scientists are beginning to research the health benefits of human growth hormone. While many are scared at the mere uttering of those three letters in combination, others are coming to accept the supplement. GenF20Studies are proving that HGH supplements, such as those purchased from, help to improve appearance and ability. Reportedly, those who have purchased and tried supplements from Genf20 report to have better skin, fewer wrinkles, better athletic ability, improved sex drive, less insomnia, and improved cholesterol and blood pressure. Surely, there are too many benefits to HGH to risk missing out. Do not let your age define you. Find what makes you feel and look young today, and get to working on it. Preventing or decreasing your aging process might not happen overnight, but it is certainly possible.
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