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I’ve heard that you must take HGH by injection for it to work. If that’s true, how can your tablets be effective?

GenF20 Plus® doesn’t contain any real or synthetic HGH. Instead, you take a daily supplement that encourages your body to naturally produce and release more of your own HGH.

You’re absolutely right, foreign sources of HGH can’t be absorbed into the bloodstream by ingesting it in tablets or sprays. So, the only way to increase your HGH levels with an outside source of HGH is by getting injections straight into your bloodstream.

The problem is, injections are costly at $10,000 to $30,000+ per year and require doctor visits. Also, they can be quite painful, and you must get ongoing injections if you want to continue to see the anti-aging benefits. In addition, they are usually only suitable for persons with specific medical conditions.

GenF20 Plus® offers a safe, cost-effective, convenient way to naturally increase your HGH levels without injecting a foreign source of HGH into your body. The HGH comes straight from your pituitary gland, just like it did when you were in your 20s.

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